Friday, August 10, 2012

the anti-PowerNoggin

Some people get offended on behalf of others, to make themselves feel enlightened and superior, and to have reasons to divide themselves and others, in which division they put themselves above the others.  They exercise great passion and indignation in writing comments, essays, even whole books to the idea that we should be offended about ideas involving others.  They are the masters of triangulation, these ineffective vacuum-skulls.  But they have big followings, and they are growing in number every day.  I guess that's a way to feel safe and secure in a collapsing society -- declare yourself superior because on Issue A, you are among the Winning Team who feel XYZ about Issue A, rather than that horrible, hated Losing Team who feel and think JKL about Issue A.

Case in point:  Chick-Fil-A.

At the other end of things is a different class of human, one who respects all living beings not by essays or comments on the internet, arguments in a drunken policy debate with fellow wonks, or taught curricula at the academies of higher quality parchment issuance.  These latter humans show their humanity by caring for other living beings that the dominant group of humans treat as creatures needing extermination, as mere watchdogs whose animal needs are ignored, as lifestyle bioaccessories or, worst of all, as something to kick when feeling put-upon or powerless.

Nearly every human alive is born with the propensity to be in this latter class.  But most have the inclination bred out of them by the way their parents raise them, or how other adults treat them or teach them things.

I think that the PowerNoggin might be aware that he or she has lost that innate sensitivity toward the well-being of other living creatures, and I think that awareness is what propels the Moral Superiority displays in those triangulated arguments. 

"No, I'm not really a callous asshole who would promote Being Morally Righteous On An Ethereal Issue over a human's well-being, or an animal's safety, or an ecosystem's health or viability.  And I'll prove it by being a douchebaggy male "feminist" who accuses others of misogyny.  Or I'll prove it by being a scathing haggard "keep your laws off my body" female advocate of Abortion Rights Sanctity who ignores feticide in favor of post-fuck "birth control."  Or I'll prove it by pointing fingers at the Evil Rethuglicans and saying My Guy is 0.0124% less evil than That Repuke."


Good on ye, PowerNoggin.

But when was the last time you showed your human compassion with something like this:

Mmmm hmmm.

Thought so.

At least you respect the work of Karl Marx and admire Noam Chomsky.  Right?

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