Saturday, June 30, 2012

I laugh at you.

I sure do.  Do you fit the "you" that I'm thinking of here?

You's been busy dismissing all perspectives that aren't offered in a dry, pseudo-scholarly fashion.  Yinz was demanding footnotes, citations and precedent when the thing being discussed is thematic and not statistic.FN 

Y'all want to imagine that every decision made by people in power was, is and will be made based on precedent that's been well-documented, premised upon well-researched policy papers that have copious endnontes.  Ye's been gollywhompered, hornswoggled, pig-in-poke'd.

That's not how the world works, You.  That's just the way You will imagine the world working because in You's mind, it's a meritocratic technocratic world run by overcompetent hyperachievers who have been dotting Ts and crossing Is since 3 years of age. 

Youse guys -- listen.  Arguments are themes.  Rhetoric is about persuasion in the use of themes, using logical flow and modulation.  A good rhetorician doesn't require footnotes or Vaunted Elder references.

Usually the facts and proof yinz been seeking, they're right here.  In front of you.  Examples of them are on display throughout your day.  You're just not looking for them, or when looking just not seeing. 

Y'all got a blind spot or two.  Due to blinders.  Which ye installed yerself.

Am I laughing at you?


FNThough it might be statist.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Beware the enticement of latent donkey tattoos worn by "leftists" and "independents" when they tell you Obamacare is nothing but Romneycare and/or A GOP Think Tank Production.

It is as much HillaryCare (from Slick Willie's tenure) as it is Romneycare, no matter what Your Favorite Pundit has assured you.

Health and life insurers spend a lot of money keeping their fingers on the pulse of Mother's Brother Samuel's lawmaking wrist.  Whether a surgical-strike proposal comes from the Donkeys or the Elephants, rest assured it already has Big I approval.  Big I was behind HillaryCare and it was behind Romneycare and it is behind Obamacare.

All you need to do is see the structure's most basic points.  I've already spent plenty of time detailing the obvious ways in which they are taking a huge windfall here.  Go down one post.  See that reminder about your homework?  Click it.

The problem with Obamacare isn't that it's secretly a GOP product and thus Obama's true Reaganite GOP persona has been shown. 

The problem remains what it's been in my entire adult, working lifetime:  the Donkey vs Elephant contest is a charade, and the longer you allow yourself to think it's about choosing the right team, or even the lesser evil, you are doing the slow suicide.

At least you should play a dirge while holding to such destructive views.  Shouldn't you?

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just a reminder:

This is not a triumph.  It could be funded by the saved marketing expenses health benefits providers will see from having a guaranteed, no-marketing-expenses-required clientele as large as each provider's cut of the American populace pool of insureds.

Of course that won't ever get discussed because PwogAmerica will be busying itself puffing up its chest and thumping it in a superiority display.  We have National Health Care now!  Who cares which Americans are pinched, and which got a windfall, in this boondoggle!  We won!

Such glee over the suffering of others.  And their serious generosity -- "now, they'll have coverage."

Yes.  At what cost.  At whose costs.  And to whose benefit.

We don't ask.

We preen.


do your homework