Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fuck google

lewdies & skints, I'm leaving the Toobz. it's been a riot.

scratch your favorite dog behind the ears, bro. catch you on the flipper.


PS: Fuck Chomsky. Fuck Marx. Fuck Marxists. Fuck PowerNoggin pretentious fucksticks. Fuck "feminists." Fuck every single fucker among you out there who thinks the problem is SOMEONE ELSE and not yourself.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"old" is a perspective

from SkiRacing.com --

Cuche nips Guay for Garmisch win, Bode punished

The record for oldest man to win a World Cup race got another week added on when Didier Cuche outperformed the field in a fog shortened “sprint” at Garmisch Saturday (Jan 28) for his second straight downhill win, his third win of the season and 20th of his career.

The finish, with Erik Guay second, reversed the order of last season's World Championship race on an adjoining course. Historically Garmisch has been good to Canadian Guay and that trend held, getting his first podium of the season. Austria again missed the top spot but had Hannes Reichelt in third.

All three had to wait until the 46th skier came down to get comfortable as Bode Miller was dropped back from start 16 to that start position as punishment for being late for the public bib draw. The race start was moved to the super G start due to fog blanketing the top of the course, a move anticipated by weather forecasts and mentioned as a possibility at the Team Captain's meeting the previous night.

It was a tight line and the usual impeccable execution that brought Cuche, 37 years-five months, his first win at Garmisch since 2004. While others tried to attack the Kandahar 2 course, missing the line made for a bumpier, more difficult track. Cuche took over the lead of the downhill standings from teammate Beat Feuz, the 23rd finisher on the day.  *  *  *

Bode's iconoclastic approach does him harm sometimes.

Meanwhile, Cuche shows that age is a relative thing.  But maybe his success has something to do with his training:

Friday, January 27, 2012

his neck matched his pink tutu

...and was the result of a scant 90 seconds outside, the first long-term stay out-of-doors since he waited for a school bus on the last day of 12th grade, and even then it was in the shadows so no neck-pinking could occur, for he cherished a ghostly white look because he felt like a corpse most of the time, mostly because he hated The Godz for making him gay. "It's all your fault. All of you!" he would imagine himself screaming, if he were as big a drama queen as his idol Carrie in Stephen King's novel.

When he stumbled upon Charles Murray's latest, he found it necessary to "prove," with indirect implication-laden rhetorical puffery in big fluffy cumulus clouds of pretty adjectives and adverbs, just how elevated he was in comparison to Murray. He blathered on for paragraphs, congratulating himself with every keystroke, proud to be putting Murray in his place.

For any half-awake person with a passable level of processing power in his grey-matter CPU, this would be a dull horse-corpse-thumping exercise -- Murray's idiocy being well established long ago in the form of racist pandering; Murray's complete lack of present gravitas means Murray needs no vituperative vivisection right now.

But this bothered pink-neck well beyond the scope of what Murray's "rep" would have warranted. It was personal for pink-neck.

The other members of the High School Zombies crowd, "goths" and "witches" and the like themselves when in HS, lined up to help pink-neck throw nerf-bombs at Murray.

And as I stood on the sidelines, watching them get their long-festering revenge that had been brewing since puberty, I laughed.

What really bothered them, more than anything, was that Murray was correct this time. Murray pinged them dead-center-bullseye with his bubble accusation.

In their eyes, there were only two classes -- the brilliant, exalted class they occupied themselves, and the gaggle of reactionary Christers, Crackers and Rednecks whom they feared more than everything but the truth about American Class.


The self-congratulatory Frilly Blouse Brigadiers are a fine subset of PowerNoggin, and it's funny when they try awfully hard to distinguish themselves from cookie-cutter liberals and progressives, imagining themselves brighter, more self-aware, more elevated culturally or socially.

not a speck of mud

the unclean

I could tell you...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

blow away windbag!

M'aiq gets better with every iteration. I wish I could say the same for MondoWeiss, or the recent installment there from Bruce Wolman - The antiwar movement must rise again. Now

Wolman suggests that a genuine Anti-War candidate is within the "progressives" in the Democratic Party right now. I find this laughable, since the only candidate who dares question Mother's Brother Samuel's Plans for Eternal Empire is a nominal Republican named Ron Paul. And Ron Paul isn't "progressive," according to most Democrats, liberals, "progressives" and "leftists" that I know.

If the Democrats or their supposedly real subset known as the "progressives" have such a candidate, where is he? Or she?

The nearest thing they've had in my lifetime was Cynthia McKinney and they chased her out of the party! First they ran someone against her because she was too outspoken against MoBroSammy, and then they ignored her completely, causing her to quit the Donkey Brigade.

Has Wolman been pulling hash hits off the hookah?

Nobody anwhere on the landscape of 2012 POTUS candidates comes close to Ron Paul where anti-war and anti-imperialism are concerned. I don't know how those Donklebots persuade themselves that there is anyone else.

I don't mean to say that making Ron Paul our POTUS in Jan 2013 by virtue of rigged counts made in Nov 2012 is what will solve our imperial, bloodthirsty and destructive ambitions.

But if you believe in casting a vote for POTUS for whatever reason, why not choose Ron Paul? What are your best reasons for not choosing him?

I'll give you mine: voting doesn't matter; they don't care what I think; even the most noble POTUS (har har har) couldn't make headway against a Congress and SCOTUS dead set in opposition -- even with the Unified Executive nonsense that we have now (which is as much accession as it is legalized gameplaying) a solitary noble heroic POTUS won't fix things.

But if those points don't affect your view on the value of voting, how about you explain why you won't vote for Ron Paul?

And try to do a better job than M'aiq, eh?

Otherwise, I just wanted to have a few good laughs at Wolman's list of Influential and Important People.  These are the people that Wolman thinks are in charge of Anti-War sentiment in America.  It's a pretty laughable list.
Therefore, I strongly recommend that publishers, pundits and bloggers such as Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, Katha Pollitt, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Matt Stoller, Cenk Uygur, folks at this site, and whoever else you want to name, put aside their differences and call a meeting to initiate the organization of a single-focused "No More Middle East War" movement. Sirota can negotiate to bring along the Ron Paul people. If organized and positioned correctly, it should be again able to gain broad public support. Even significant support from our soldiers and their families should be possible. We need an American Spring.
What does David Sirota know about people who intend to vote for Ron Paul? How could he possibly know anything about them?

The other listed names are classic goat-roping lib/pwoggies and in Sully's case, Creators of Scandalous Gossip.

Well now that you're all rounded up, little goats, how about we get behind someone like Dennis Kucinich so we can watch him be The Punk of SuperMax again, like he was on Health Care Reform.

Hell yeah. That sounds productive and professional!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

phrenology re. MoBroSam

A leading phrenologist shaved Mother's Brother Samuel's noggin and proceeded to divine MoBroSam's future based upon the lumps, cranial sutures, etc palpated by the esteemed phrenologist.  These were his findings.

1) A national emergency will be declared.

2) As terms of the status requiring such declaration, Enemies of the State will be explicitly identified.  Current Vegas odds show the following as running favorites with very low odds:

* Muslims
* people who have criticized the US federal government, Israel or Zionism in any spoken conversation, presentation, speech, lecture or harangue
* people who have criticized the US federal government, Israel or Zionism in an email, text message, or internet communication (forum comment, blog post, blog comment, etc)

3) Persons identified as Enemies of the State under (2) either overtly (willingly; including self-description) or procedurally by declaration of MoBroSam through one of his many emissaries working through Fusion Centers or as Terrorism Tipsters will be rounded up for transportation to HomSec holding centers with no due process and in some cases without any notice to loved ones, employer(s), etc.FN

4) Persons held at such detention camps will receive no better treatment than Bradley Manning, who --it must be remembered-- was a member of MoBroSam's uniformed employees of the type who generally receive preferential treatment from good ol' Uncle.

5) Persons who have made blog, e-forum, etc. commentary of a satiric, comic, or in-character literary exercise variety will not be able to avoid culpability by pointing to their intent.  Words will be taken at face value and the witch hunts of Joe McCarthy looking for "communisssss" among the nation's writers will pale in comparison.

6) Bloggers who have appeared to be champions of civil rights like Glenn Greenwald or David Michael Green or "digby" or Jane Hamsher or Duncan Black will be seen as the toadies of the State that they really are, at their cores.  They will not be arrested, or if such arrests occur they will be brief "lessons" equivalent to the kinds of warnings po-po give to pretty women after they run 3 red lights and travel at 35mph over the limit.  They will be calling for people to hew closer to safety by watching their words, etc.  The corruption will be worse than the MoveOn/HowieDean/Kossie Zuniga fiasco.  We'll find out how money has bought pseudo-critical journalism's keyboards.

7) Your friends will fracture, fragment, and fizzle.  Some will behave strangely.  Those with whom you already seem to be at crossed paths sociopolitically might just turn you in to HomSec.  Or they might ask you for certain "favors" that end up causing you to need reporting to HomSec.  The range of responses will vary.  Some will just hand you right to the lynchman; others will do it through steps that hide responsibility.  MoBroSam will enable the latter group, natch.

8) As a token gesture, either (A) the SCOTUS will reverse Citizens United v. F.E.C.; or (B) the Congress will pass a law that essentially nullifies that decision.  In either case, legions of "liberals" and "progressives" will claim that there has been a real Sea Change in Governmental response to citizen protest. But the fact that Buckley v Valeo remains valid law will be lost on those who believe real changes were made.

9) If pressures regarding anti-"corporate" rhetoric should continue, Congress will pass legislation to create Public Financing of US House of Representatives and US Senate seats.  However, the next following election will prove that this formal change did nothing of substance because the winning candidates still receive assorted anonymous "gifts" from un-named sources, and the "public" financing gives nearly as much as the most expensive campaign spending for a US Senate seat in 2010.

10) Erik Prince's Academi employees take to the streets of America, murdering hundreds of Americans on suspicion of being Islamic or sympathetic to Islamists.  A big public blowup occurs, Congress empanels a Blue Ribbon Coalition of Its Most Powerful Noggins, who conclude that Academi did no wrong, but for PR purposes it should reform under a new name and uniform, etc.

11) Lady Gaga becomes Barack Hussein Obama's White House Chief of Staff for the 2013-2017 term, but some time during 2015 is replaced by a pixelated character from Avatar 2: Green Sky Mining.

12) Two justices of the SCOTUS vacate seats on that hallowed bench.  To fill the seats, Second Term Obama appoints the gay asian man who played SethFN2 Jeremy Piven's secretary on Entourage, and ani di franco.  Within a month the SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade and approves gay marriage over the complaints of those arguing 10th A federalism and states rights.  Gays, lesbians and feminists who are neither gay nor lesbian, millions in total, jump off the Dissatisfaction trip and claim All is Well.FN3

13) Obama creates a Department of Green Technology and Commerce and taps the CEO of Monsanto to be its Secretary.  By the hundred millions, "environmentalists" jump on board the All is Well train.

14) Obama attaches a signing statement onto a Congressional bill approving a 50% pay raise for all Congresscritters.  The statement requires a $1.75 kick upward in the Federal Minimum Wage.  "Labor activists" by the hundred-thousands climb aboard the All is Well train.


FN - No notice of duration of detention will be given and, under present Federal law, none is required.  So at least that won't be unConstitutional, or anything!

FN2 - The "Seth" error was a short-circuit due to Seth Tiven from Dumptruck and Tiven/Piven.

FN3 - In a surprise Twofer, the group Friends of Abortion comes out in favor of HomSec's treatment as "domestic terrorists" of a group of "pro-life" advocates who are picketing FoA's headquarters in the Adams-Morgan section of DC.  The picketers are TASERed, cuffed, sedated, and carried off to HomSec detention centers across the nation, keeping the picketers as separated as possible.  Feminists of all genders, sexual identities and stripes gather on the Ellipse 9 months later to give birth to A New Movement Keeping Laws Off Women's Bodies.

frazier vs ali

Dear Krawling Fraud O'archingandstrident,

Your blog sickens me. I have never encountered such an egomaniacal intellectual tyrant as yourself! The very fact that your blog exists is a testament to the vileness of the Internet and why we need SOPA and PIPA to protect us from undesirable and unwanted influences. You also appear to despise women, which is a definite black mark against you in my social register. Forget about being invited to any of the Cool Kids functions in 2012. You're off the list, you troglodyte!


Guccibag Kittypu Ringandrun, Esq.
Notable Media Critic and Attorney-in-Fact
Peoples Universal Rainbow Republic (PURR)

Dear GK Ringandrun, Esq,

I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy professional day to humble me. Every man needs a humbler in his life to keep him honest. Hopefully some day I can return the favor. Meanwhile, please go see your optometrist, I believe he has news for you. Etc., and whatever else applies here.


Karl Franz Ochstradt
Internet Savant and Provocateur
The Great Nothingness of Dystopia

fyoo shin

...is not a long-lost Chinese dynasty.

It's one of HomSec's most hallowed features!

Here's some stuff you may find interesting:

US Department of Homeland Security - National Network of Fusion Centers

ACLU - What's Wrong with Fusion Centers?

US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs - Fusion Centers and Intelligence Sharing

Electronic Privacy Information Center - Information Fusion Centers and Privacy

TIME Magazine - Fusion Centers: Giving Cops Too Much Information?

Council on Foreign Relations - Fusion Centers

National Lawyers Guild - Canaries in the Data Mines – Civil libertarians raise alarm over America’s national surveillance network

one of the rare occasions that Dave Lindorff hit his target... National Lawyers Guild Files FOIA Requests Seeking Evidence of Federal Role in Occupy Crackdown

okay, now that you've got some context, how about this?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LA Military Exercises

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Joint military training exercises will be held evenings in downtown Los Angeles through Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD will be providing support for the exercises, which will also be held in other portions of the greater Los Angeles area, police said.

Training sites ``have been carefully selected to ensure the event does not negatively impact the citizens of Los Angeles and their daily routine,'' a department official said.

The training, which a department official said would involve helicopters, has been coordinated with local authorities and owners of the training sites, police said.

Police said safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and military personnel involved.

The exercises are closed to the public, police said.

The exercises are designed to ensure the military's ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements, police said.

Posted by David Perez, KFI News


or this:

Helicopters Buzzing Downtown Part of Joint Military Exercises Supported by LAPD

By Dennis Romero Tue., Jan. 24 2012 at 12:56 PM

​As if the downtown area isn't already alive with the sound of ghetto birds, the LAPD announced this week that it will be conducting exercises with U.S. Armed Forces.

And those nighttime exercises will include buzzing, ominous helicopters.

So don't trip out, crackhead at Fourth and Hill streets:

This is only a test.

The "joint military training exercises" being supported by our fine po-pos are being staged, in part, "to ensure the military's ability to operate in urban environments," according to an LAPD statement.

They're happening tonight through Thursday.

And, just in case you planned to reach out and grab one of those Apaches, the LAPD warns:

... Safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and the military personnel involved. As such, this training is not open to the public.



Well, the whole thing surely reeks of this:


...and I think there's quite a few people who would like to see such a thing happen, because they're already being told to fear everyone who's not exactly like them.

And of course the po-po are being told to hate any suspected Muslim, hate to the point of aggressively defending one's self against the mere presence of suspected Islamic affiliation.

fucking memes

"trust horizons" and "trust spaces"?

from Kunstlerville:

Your formulation makes sense, but it's not true that we've 'never before experienced' a world of low vertical and high horizontal trust. This was exactly the formulation of the socialist movements, which emphasized international solidarity even as they sought either to overthrow or transform national governments.

Where socialist movements stayed on the path of low vertical trust, the result was totalitarian Communism. On the other hand, where they sought to restore high vertical trust, the result was the welfare state on either the European or New Deal models, and the familiar middle-class world of widely-shared prosperity which is now unfortunately beginning to crumble. The lesson is that trying to smash the state works out worse for everyone than working to fashion it into something that is worth trusting.


dressing up your arrogant notions of Ultimate Truth with new "memes" about trust horizons doesn't make your pseudo-Truth any less mendacious.

You're still arguing change from within, change of a system that has long past proving utility to, or reshaping by, the vast majority who are not its beneficiaries.

Sure, you're frightened by the prospect of wiping the slate clean. Who will remove your 55gal can of weekly trash? Where will you get energy to power your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Kindle?

You can't fathom being responsible for yourself FIRST, can you?

You can't imagine how being so responsible is the only way to build a solid, quasi-interdependent society of meaningful and practical size-scope-scale, can you?

Did you raise or are you raising children? You didn't have a roadmap for child-rearing. Yet you did it, didn't you?

Do you remember your first big exam in school, one that comprised a good portion of your mark in that grading period? Did you whinge and keen and wail like a banshee about the inequity of so much responsibility for your own grade? Or did you buckle down and do what was required?

Did you ever have a flat tire on your gasoline-powered vehicle? How did you manage that one?

Are you really so incompatible with self-sufficiency that you will require others to suffer, so that you may be coddled?


I'm gonna suggest you go drink some hemlock, bro.

useless labels

(in over-achiever 110% effort free-association mode here)

By virtue of repeated existential dilemmas I became interested in human psychology and the field of "medicine" which calls itself "psychiatry."  I took this curiosity down several paths.  I spent time reading theories of Freud and Jung and Horney and Adler and many others.  I read Skinner, Kierkegaard, Castaneda, Pearce, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and learned about existentialism, stoicism, mysticism, determinism, holism, essentialism, dislocation, disembodiment, fugue states.  I read The Varieities of Religious Experience and tried out a Presbyterian church for two years which led me to Lewis, Kreeft, Niebuhr, St Augustine.  The religion didn't take but it gave a nice corrective lens through which to see certain human impulses (tribalism, exclusion/-ivity, secret handshakes, re-ordered "reality", resignation to "fate" or "God's will," original sin, chosen-ness).  I got into Walker Percy's modern existentialist/moralist novels -- really into them, in fact!  Percy sometimes seemed like he was writing from my own thoughts.

The digging was much deeper and broader than just said.  I can't remember everything I did; I don't take notes when reading for curiosity (rather than academic obligation); I take books from libraries and never add them to my collection, and I don't always keep my books after reading them.  I've gone through several poverty waves where I've sold books and sometimes books I'd rather were kept.  Also as an introspective person who really prefers his own mind's company to the company of actual fellow humans, I spent a lot of time thinking and interrelating all those things I read.  My natural tendency is to find connections between the various points I've gathered in my cranial infovault.  I don't read in order to memorize passages that I can eidetically recite in a cocktail party or e-forum to sound impressive.  That idea seems childish, way too much "look at ME!" going on there.  I'd rather make use of the information, cross-breed it like Gregor Mendel and his pea plants, find some new perspective that nobody else is sharing.  Or, conversely, notice that some Hero or other is actually a stooge but worshiped by many regardless, out of naivete or confidence racket patsy status.

In the fields of human psychology proper, what I gathered was that each major "scholar" or "expert" or recognized "thinker" generally was conveying how he/she experienced the world, and not really writing laws that will predict human behavior.  But most of the fellow students I had in HS and collegiate psychology classes (and their analogues in philosophy, sociology, anthropology, historyFN) seemed to misunderstand those fields' experts as trying to establish Ultimate Truths.

This is a common problem among Americans.  They are tribalist by nature, most of them (I'd say probably 95% of them), and their tendency is to see things in reductionist binary (us vs them, our truths vs their truths).  We see it in religious wars.  Jews and Christians believe that their variants are superior to the Islamic variant or that of any other major world religion.  Loyal Democrats think their world-view is far superior to that of their adversaries the Republicans.  And these tribal preferences extend into "ultimate truths."

Freud's emphasis on ego/superego/id, on sex drive primacy, and on shit-piss obsessions reflected his experiences as a self-observant human child growing into adulthood, and his observations as a parent raising children.  They didn't establish a core essentialism about humans.  They portrayed the world seen by Freud, and derivatively by those who saw as he did, or experienced what he experienced, or pondered on those sights and experiences as he did.  Or by those who read him and were convinced that they, too, saw things that way.

Just because someone rings a few truth-bells for you doesn't mean an Ultimate Truth has been established, however.  Lots of humans on the planet; lots of varieties of human experiences, in the presence of parents and guardians and nannies and babysitters and school teachers whose own views and experiences are widely varied. 

That's a pretty expansive set of influences we each have.  From this we can divine Ultimate Truths that apply to everyone as predictors of human behavior?

Sounds pretty wobbly to me.

I know people who insist that stockpiling money is the surest way to existential security.  They have told themselves this, and they try to emphasize its "truth" when observing my polar opposite view.  They think it "naive" or "childish" or "irresponsible" to de-emphasize The Dollar or to allow one's exalted Credit Rating to be anything less than stellar.  These people will take a degraded quality of life -- more traffic, more anxiety on the roads/streets, more danger to pedestrians, playing children, pets, more smog, more pavement, more lights-at-night, more competition in absurd settings like grocery store parking lots -- in exchange for Improved Housing Values, because they want to make Big Bucks on their house purchase.

Their "truth" surely doesn't apply to me.  I'd prefer to only break even on a house at sale point, in exchange for none of those obnoxious indicia of "growth".  I might even be willing to take a loss on a house, if the community gave me back other qualities that maybe weren't paid in The Dollar.  Shouldn't one's decision to buy a house be a decision that relates to a desire to join a community of people, to put down roots in that community because it has a certain set of qualities you seek and want to reinforce jointly?

What explains the "house flipping" craze that has been going on during my adult lifetime? 

What explains people who move to an uncrowded state to "slow down" but bring their citified attitudes of HURRY HURRY ALWAYS HURRY IT'S YOU AGAINST ME PAL AND I AIN'T GONNA LOSE! with them to the new place?  How in hell do they expect to "slow down" when behaving that way?  It always seems that such people don't really want to "slow down."  What they want, really, is to be the Big Fish in the Small Pond, to be able to say "here's how we city folk do things, we're sophisticated and we do things the RIGHT WAY and you stupid hicks and rednecks do things the WRONG WAY and so we're going to "progress" your backward ways with more asphalt more streetlights more sidewalks more people driving 15+ mph over the limit more people texting while driving more people cocooning themselves with iPhone iPod iPad despite pretending to be out with others in their "community" more demands for urban lifestyle accessories and entitlements more fancy facilities for paddleboard input more extrawide oversimple trails for MTBs more easy for the weekend warrior because the dirtbags don't count don't rate don't earn because the moneymen run the town you STUPID REDNECK!"

You live through this shit for 3 cycles in 3 locales in your life and you start to wonder just why your fellow humans are so god-damned stupid and arrogant.  And you wonder why they adhere to "progressive" and "liberal" causes within a party framework that delivers NOTHING of what they seem to think it intends to bring to the people of America.  This hollow entity is supposed to be the "opposition" to the batshit insane neocons of the GOP!


Is it any wonder that I blast holes in the armor of the pwogs, libbies, and Donkeys?

to maybe be continued... or maybe not.


FN - I'd include "economics" here but I never took any classes in that bogus field, preferring to spend my money in other places.  I didn't need to read much in that field independently to understand that its only academic sincerity is in being sociology from the perspective of money's importance (and to a lesser extent, the importance of "stuff" as Carlin would have called it) in the human realm.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

that's what I've seen too

All of this, I mean.  That's what I've seen too.

At points in the past I've written essays and comments about the shift that runs:

peace officer ---> constable on patrol ---> policeman ---> law enforcement officer

and how those terms reflected the role at that point in American history.  The implications of each label are pretty different -- obvious to me, though I don't know whether anyone else sees them or cares to.

There's also the addition of S.W.A.T. teams, which got a nice kick from Hollywood with this prime-time drama, which itself followed on the heels of a prime time drama hero-izing firemen and EMTs.  They're definitely an aggressive form of "law enforcement" -- and definitely not indicative of people who aim to keep the peace.  People who aim to keep the peace don't treat every situation as needing a military, materiel-heavy response.

But of course the Vietnam protests sure got MoBroSam worried, worried enough that Kent State was a conscious response to citizen dissatisfaction, even more worried that Kent State didn't slow things down.

With a plan to ready for crackdowns of a SWAT-team nature, it was only prudent business that the proper PR be done up front, to hero-ize the thuggish just-got-back-from-'Nam goons that went into SWAT positions, who were in a mindset of them hippies prolonged our mission and made us lose... I saw a buddy cut in half thanks to them fuckin hippies protesting back home and weakening morale and strengthening the enemy.


We jump forward 30 years and here's our Uncle Sam's pal Erik Prince ready to show what whole platoons of uber-SWAT mercs can do for profit and pleasure.  When the ugliness of their games becomes public, they rename themselves and gain new Ks from MoBroSam under a new disguise.  They can repeat this cycle endlessly, it seems.

With all this happening, are you seriously going to take issue with Pete Kofod's essay just because you don't like the taint of Lew Rockwell or Ron Paul?

Yes, some of you are.  You've got to hold onto your PowerNoggin status, eh?  Besides, they just might be there to protect you from those Christers, Crackers and Rednecks you're absolutely certain intend to do you violence.  It wouldn't be the refined, Ivy League alum, nice-suit-and-tie-wearing Top Businessmen and Captains of Industry, nor could it possibly be related to those 2d gen SiliVal entrepreneurs' agendas.  No way selling more iStuff depends on Piggy control of a frightened, intimidated, cowed populace.  No way, bro!

Monday, January 23, 2012


The Supreme Court came to a landmark decision Monday morning, voting unanimously that police agencies must obtain search warrants before they can install GPS tracking devices on the vehicles of suspects.

Had the justices voted otherwise, local law enforcement agencies would have been legally protected to affix small devices on the cars of suspects, without their knowing, in order to monitor their every move on public roads.

Reality Times, Jan 23 2012

There's nothing "landmark" about this decision. Nothing at all.

Reality Times would have us believe that the police cannot and do not track people in ways other than bugging them or planting trackers on them.

Every cell phone sold now has GPS location. No warrant is required to use this "feature" against the cell phone holder/owner/user.

Police can follow any driver. Police can put radio transmitters on vehicles, but not GPS devices. If the driver or a passenger has a cell phone, why duplicate the GPS tracking?

The police have always sought ways to track "criminals" and have always excused their violations of any supposed "civil right" by claiming exigency, threat of flight, or similar "justifications" for their chicanery.

The police have always been thugs who protect the moneyed. If ever you suffer the foolish assumption that the police are here to protect you and serve you, you should try pushing your luck on whatever chosen "civil right" you think is most important, and see how The PoPo treat you in that luck-pushing.

eedjit o'crazy

hah hah ho ho heh heh ...retch!

from Lew Rockwell:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

if there wasn't snow

Fullscreen is mandatory.

broken record

Unfortunately I stumbled across a vein of Chomsky worship just a few minutes ago and here's what happened:

Corporatist Shills at Prison Planet Deride Keystone Pipeline Rejection in Support of Big Government Eminent Domain Seizures of Private Property caught my eye because of the "corporatist" accusation and the ground(s) for making it (suggesting soft fascism in Prison Planet's blatherings).

I read the entry and wasn't moved either way on the question of whether Alex Jones and Prison Planet are "corporatist."  Whatever that means. I once had a corporation of my own, for the purpose of selling bicycle frames. Did that make me a "corporatist"? Does it now? I spent many years serving big corporations and small ones, mostly financial services entities. Did that make me a "corporatist" then? Does it now? Can it really be reduced to a single point in a person's working life? Can a person work for a corporation and not be a "corporatist"?

Ultimately it's a quarrel over the accuracy of a label or, more honestly, over the utility of that label.

I was also curious about the eminent domain tag.

Down in the discussion thread a person named "Greenmon" posted this:
Those guys don’t give a damn about freedom or justice. The only thing they care about is their damn property and ability to have a “free market” aka an excuse to make as much money as possible and exploit other people

Everyone, speaking of shills, please check out this unfettered bullshit from Alternet: http://www.alternet.org/story/153766/how_the_drug_war_spread_across_the_entire_world/?page=entire

Normally, I kinda like Alternet, but this is just pure revisionist history and a disservice to the people of Colombia (and the neighboring countries). It also highlights more of the establishment’s and their apologists’ hypocrisy: regardless of how ruthless rebels are, they are only bad when globalists say they are.

I hope I’m not overreacting, this just REALLY pissed me off…
and this:
Oh, and here is a great rebuttal:
Which prompted me to post this:
Citing Chomsky as a “rebuttal” of factual points is hilarious. He’s a master of cherry-picking and then restating rhetorically with a politically correct spin that protects Empire.

Don’t expect Chomsky’s self-description of “anti-Imperialist” to be accurate. Of all the places he could have chosen for a pulpit from which to issue his screeds, why did he choose MIT, the world’s largest weapons technology research university? MIT’s mission is to serve Empire.

Which would explain why he’s a multi-millionaire.

His eidetic memory gulls a lot of people. His facticity impresses those who can’t rattle off irrelevant facts themselves. His dry Talmudic scholar presentation lends false gravitas.

Yet many people who consider themselves intelligent fall for these various rhetorical and image-related tricks Chomsky plays on them.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.
and this:
Despite what I said just above — I would agree with Greenmon’s assessment of AlterNet, which is a “progressive” goat-roping outlet. They rope Judas Goat “progressives” into a soft imperialist, apologist perspective by focusing mainly on the Evil Rethuglicans and playing on partisan urges and alignments held by Democrats — especially “progressives”.

Chomsky would be good compared to anyone I’ve read at AlterNet, but Chomsky pulls back the reins on a lot of relevant discussion, by distracting with rhetorical tricks –soft-pedaling mainly, while remaining critical of obvious flaws/errors etc in fed govt policy. Where he is critical is just enough to keep “progressives” and other “leftists” impressed with his acumen.

But he doesn’t go very far on many relevant global and domestic issues, and he does this by minimizing their relative importance. Usually he does this by conceding there are other issues or approaches to fixing issues, but then he minimizes them. In this regard, damning with faint praise is a regular trick of Chomsky’s.
and this:
When you read Greenmon’s linked ‘rebuttal’ — observe these points:

1) it’s an indirect appeal to Chomsky’s authority made by Doug Stokes

2) it assumes “international policy scholars” are the wisest people to consult when you think about any point of international policy

3) which suggests you, reader, are too stupid or ill-informed to hold a “serious” or “legitimate” position opinion of your own, and ought to be deferring to “IP scholars” instead

4) and because Doug Stokes implies Chomsky’s a genius and thanks him personally in his first footnote, we should assume Chomsky’s discussion of the issue(s) is all we need to consider

5) but what other points of view are legitimate? if they part from Chomsky in any way, are they automatically ILlegitimate? that’s what Stokes is suggesting!

Here's an easy way to think about the role Chomsky serves.

If I were in a position of federal governmental profiteering and employed politicians as my puppets and wanted to do a package of things, I would expect the political public spectacle to yield some criticism of the various things I wanted to do. I would factor this into the menu of things I wanted to achieve, and I would treat my goals as bargainable within certain limits.

I could treat it like buying a new motor vehicle with a small spending range in mind. I would set up my dream vehicle at my max price, and then bargain away various add-ons or options. Instead of getting a GPS system installed by the manufacturer for $1,875 as an option (which isn't that much on a 60-month note nut) I could maybe buy one as an aftermarket and install it myself saving $1,500 in the process. I could skip power door locks and power windows and power sunroof. I could skip the in-dash DVD player.

The dealer doesn't mind if I do this, not really. He makes a nice chunk on the base vehicle as it is. Don't let anyone tell you differently -- especially not the salesman who's pitching the vehicle, nor his "manager" or whatever they call the upstream upseller.

Wow, it's getting confusing now isn't it? Who's bargaining things away here? Who's losing what?

See, your head's spinning with all the facticity I threw at you, confusing you with pseudo-analysis.

This is the way people like Chomsky operate. Let's look at a paragraph from Doug Stokes' Chomsky-worship "scholarly article" and see if we can figure out what they're arguing about in this deeply important Policy Debate:
In this article, I seek to test both the prevailing discontinuity thesis within IR and Chomsky’s alternative continuity thesis on post-Cold War US foreign policy using a case study of contemporary US foreign policy in Colombia. Colombia is the third largest recipient of US military aid. This aid is said to be for a war on drugs and, after 11 September, for a war on terror. Concomitantly, these orientations purport to demonstrate a major discontinuity from the US’s Cold War concerns of anticommunist counter-insurgency warfare in Colombia. The levels of US military aid, combined with the stated justifications for this aid, thus represent a good test for the competing discontinuity and continuity positions. Also, the continued abuse of human rights in Colombia and the role that US policy has played in either stemming or exacerbating these abuses also allows a testing of the allegedly benign or malign images of US foreign policy that sit at the heart of the two competing positions. If the discontinuity thesis is correct, we can expect to see US policy aimed at the primary narco-traffickers and terrorists in Colombia. US policy should also be helping to strengthen democracy and human rights. Conversely, if Chomsky’s continuity thesis is correct we can expect to see a continued counter-insurgency war against groups and sectors of Colombian society that threaten the interests of US capital. In my empirical examination of US policy in Colombia, I use primary source documentation from US government agencies, human rights reports, and declassified information. I conclude that US policy is indeed characterised by continuities with its earlier Cold War concerns. This then raises the question of why such continuity exists. I explain this in terms of the significant US oil interests in the South American region, combined with the desire to support a pro-US government. Moreover, US policy in Colombia continues to lead to significant and widespread human rights abuses. US objectives and policy in contemporary Colombia thus demonstrate significant continuity with the US’s Cold War preoccupations, confirming Chomsky’s continuity thesis.
Dude, are you serious?

Why the fuck are we even TALKING ABOUT Colombia? We shouldn't even have a position on that country. It shouldn't even be up for debate. It's THEIR country. The only sound point is full withdrawal of all activity in Colombia, full cessation of all discussion of Colombia-related "policy" or "programs" in every single corner of the Federal government. It should not be on our agenda ANYWHERE.

It isn't, as Chomsky likes to suggest, "a question of degree" or whatever his chosen obfuscatory phrase might be for distracting by analyzing what is essentially a moot point.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


One of my past blogs was called cancer logic as a jape on the pro-growth, and I'm scared when it's not crowded mindset I find common among Americans. For as long as I've been aware of my own thinking and pondering on my position relative to the communities or societies in which I've lived, I've really hated crowds. I hated them in school ("assemblies", "field trips," sports events in gymnasiums or stadiums, etc), hated them in other settings as well. I've always wanted to be out in wide-open, unpopulated places.

This morning my ski hill reported 6" new at the base, 11" new at the top. In the decade I've been skiing there I've watched a trend develop over the past 5 years, maybe 6, regarding crowds on a weekday.

If the new snow reported is 6" or more, it gets crowded. And by crowded I mean 45 minute lift lines.

45 minutes.

That's longer than the longest holiday weekend lift line I waited in at any of the hyper-crowded ski hills I frequented as a kid or teenager back on the East Coast. And I used to hate skiing on those crowded weekends or holidays -- would intentionally avoid them after tasting the 20 minute regular wait for a chair ride up the hill.

This morning I reported to my station at 9:00 AM. Chairs start loading at 9:30 AM. Already at 9:00 AM there were at least 50 people waiting to load onto the chairs. By the 9:30 opening, the number had swelled to probably 100 or more. I skipped trying to make a run in hopes a walk-in lesson request would arrive and I truly hoped it would be a beginner so I could use the rope tow and avoid that stupid clusterfuck of gapers who take a sick day to ski "pow" (as gapers call it) badly, sloppily and exhaustingly.

As recently as 7 years ago a big lift line on a 12" new snow day would be 35 people, 10 minutes of waiting max. Usually the people gathered were regulars, familiar faces, not competing with each other for FIRST CHAIR! bragging rights on Facebook or Twitter. But nowadays it's a flock of dipshit gapers, stress-junkie Type A fucktards who are anxious and pushy. And of course they're decked out in $2000 worth of clothing and another $2000 worth of boutique ski gear, and they drove up the hill in a $60,000 vehicle that they can't really handle very well.

The whole scene makes me grumpy.

After dealing with this shit all day long I'm forced to reckon with the fancyboy gapers driving their expensive SUVs haplessly down the road at 5mph because they heard on the news that this is THE BIGGEST SNOWSTORM EVER! and they're used to driving on perfect asphalt everywhere. I'm not really sure why people whose recreation revolves around sliding on snow can't manage to drive well on a snow-covered road -- my only conclusion is that they are scenesters, rather than serious skiers or snowboarders.

Tomorrow is likely to have another huge dump of new snow at the start of the day. I have the day off -- I could free-ski the entire day. But I'll probably stay home because GaperFest will be ON! if there's more than 6" new reported, and I'm sure there will be.

Yeah, growth is great.


By serendipity -- the same Baby Jesus whose Dandruff has been falling at a high rate for the past 36 hours must have smiled on me personally while I waited in lodgistan near the ski school desk, because an Irish girl who's at Griz U on exchange this year came in for a 1-hour lesson.  She had one yesterday too (but not with me -- I was busy with school PE program groups in the AM and PM yesterday), today was her 2d day on skis.  I got her turning smoothly and navigating a mini-GS course of cones in the snow.  I taught her a little reach move that causes acceleration in the belly of the turn, so that she'd be ready for moving beyond the rope tow to the steeper terrain for which our hill is famous.  She had good athleticism and when I saw her use the reach move in the first turn and saw it cause her to miss the 2d cone I wondered how she'd react.  When I met her at the bottom of the slope she was smiling and said the reach move's acceleration was a welcome challenge.  I got her to practice the cone course a few times and then our time was up.  I quickly shot down to lodgistan and got my helmet and regular gloves for a quick run on the lower chair terrain before my 1pm school PE group lesson.  When I got back from the run, I got waved over to the ski school desk where I was handed a $20 bill as tip for the lesson.  Now that's good karma.

It's too bad the end of the day was riddled with charlie foxtrots on the roads between the hill and my house.  But it's not too bad that I was able to get home and put it behind me, shovel my front walk and front stoop, and walk the dog with a good mood brewing.

Monday, January 16, 2012

a rebound

Chris Hedges bounces nicely back from his media stunt with Cornel West related to Occupy: Wall Street, filing a lawsuit against SuperBarry Post-Racist Miracle POTUS Obama.

I think I just might be slightly impressed.

It's definitely high time for someone with such a national or international profile, familial wealth and connections, and a stable personal financial picture to actually do something.

Because FSM knows, people such as yours truly -- totally broke, constantly on the verge of bankruptcy, and without a high media profile and familial connections to carry one's intellectual water beyond a blog page -- aren't going to be making any inroads on The American Clusterfuck.

We sure as hell can't count on such fraudulent disinformation specialist fucktards as The Noam to do it. After all, he's got Israel to protect and millions of dollars to hoard.

Bonus observation: I like the fact that it wasn't Greenwald making this move, which further proves Greenwald to be an empty suit (pun intended).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

the anti-PowerNoggin

Instead of debating variants of Glossy Karlism, or pretending at deep knowledge of electoral politics in an essay that references Imhotep and Assyrian apocrypha -- which are the most obnoxious types of showoff bullshit I encounter, utterly useless and done merely to project one's ego into the ether -- I'd like to see some PowerNoggin try one or two of these exercises. I'm sure it would be good for many laughs.  I'd expect to see someone's drink blown through their nostrils, or a person falling off a chair with a side-stitch from too much explosive chuckling. That sort of thing. I'm positive I'd be howling with laughter as Poindexter PowerNoggin asked "is there an iPhone app that will let me do it in simulation?"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

treading water

Hopefully Google/Blogger will reach the same conclusion that WordPress reached.  But given Google's heavy investment in partnership with Mother's Brother Samuel, I'm wagering the two large blog hosting entities will be splitting on this issue.

If that happens I'll be off Blogger.


"means eight," said Kevin Kline.

Intrepid followers who have weathered scraped knees and elbows while climbing up the glass mountainFN in search of what resides atop are going to be either pleased or pissed at the next bit of gnus.

After some 18 years of playing on the Toobz with the voice of ruminating misanthropy and barely conscious socio-not-quite-pathy most often in 5th gear flat out, I see a sharp hairpin curve ahead, the kind that requires a big punchy braking effort, a downshift to 2d with a big pedal flood to ready the engine for the bark-back of the rear wheels (it's an old school car, let's make it a 911 with a swap-happy manner), and a quick snap of the wheel to initiate the turn.

Not sure which direction the turn goes. Right or left isn't clear. Not exactly a control-freak's race track, this one. I just know it bends sharply and heads back mostly in the direction of origin. So maybe right or left isn't important. I know it isn't to me. It shouldn't be to you.

That's the message of this track: if you're like a noob who can only turn right or left in the same radius every time, you're not really much of a driver!

I had a girlfriend when I last lived in The Garden State, she was a true City Girl, Upper East Side of Madhatter, prep school in Suisse. Her little brother wanted to be a race car driver. We had discussions about the relative driving skill of F1 vs NASCAR drivers -- same turn every time, versus a wide variety of turn types and directions. Which do you think would make for a better driver? GF said her little bro said "NASCAR gets a bad rap" and I said "that's because it's as high as he expects to go and he's aiming low to achieve easily."

(I didn't allege that I'd mastered tact in all situations, because I dislike hypocrisy.)

I would never aim for NASCAR if I wanted to race cars. What's the fun in door-to-door, bumper-to-bumper herd driving on the same oval with 2 identical turns linking 2 identical straightaways? It just ain't there.

You could follow my life's path and see that point shown obviously. My younger bro would be like old GF MP's little bro, seeking familiarity and perfecting the routine over 40 years... maybe 50. Me, I like a new routine much more frequently, new challenges, new ideas to wrassle with, new skills to learn, new "experts" to debunk and dethrone, new myths to explode.

Pull on the Nomex and buckle up your 5-point harness, bro. We're about to pull some high g-forces.


FN - Note that's not a very accurate translation of Barthelme's story -- in fact it's really not much like the story at all.  It's so far off the story that I'd say it's fraudulent to suggest accuracy in translation.  The point here, intrepid follower, is that a story told is only as good as the teller's sense of the story itself, and that many things are very well lost -- lost, gone forever -- in translation.  Or, maybe, that there's no point at all, other than human absurdity, a pretense at seriousness being lost among incompetence, ineptness, and folly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

up go the grains

...from the bottom of the hourglass to the top, to the best era for guitar rock in my adult lifetime (thus far at least) and to Laurel with Sheila O'B and DC with Lisa W and Bmore with Sally C and working at CP REI and MWCOG and a shitty bakery in pwogtown TakkyPak and casual clothes every day at the office and getting in trouble for my letters to the editor and opinion essays published in the Post and Moonie Times and local pols wailing and keening like banshees about the perversion of the process and me laughing at them and Top Boss Even Topper Eedjit Stuie Frigidtown (dopes dolts always working for clowns and morons) but at least the lutes were loud and Conan impossibly babyfaced still too young to be ridiculously Crimsonsmug (how exactly did that work?):

polly's best band, fuck you highbrow critics who thought highly of that nembutal louse point and sominex to bring:

fuzzy and sneering and fall-aping and in my head on my MTB in Robt E Lee Park:

ever wonder...

...why a guy would refuse the Career Track PLUS Family PLUS Country Club Lifestyle in the hallowed region surrounding Our Nation's Capital?

...why a guy would sprint quickly away from that town as well as every other town or city where Yupsters dominate the landscape of social interaction, work interaction, and that rarest of the rare, recreational interaction?

Stop wondering.

The answer is found in the comments here.

Monday, January 9, 2012

don't taze me bro

...I'm just a really bad satirist.

promoting my misogyny

Don't remember how I was nudged toward Geek the Girl but was glad to have been directed that way, I got the CD the year it came out and listened to it quite a bit. Gave me the chills, though. Calling it spooky doesn't really do it justice.

I've always been puzzled by diFranco's self-effacing remarks and lyrics about her non-beauty. They seem about opposite how she really is -- I think she's well beyond magnetic.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

before black boxes and baader-meinhof

the judge speaks

Andrew Napolitano was a well-respected judge when I was a litigator in Gnu Joizey.

He's far better to listen to or read than Ego-Boy Greenwald.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

weimar, weimar, weimar

Political Psychology 101:

When an American political body or politician talks about a "problem" you can rest assured the "problem" actually is with the governmental body itself or political clown him/herself, rather than the thing being scapegoated.

This has been a pattern for a good while in America. And I've talked about it before, citing such things as "No Child Left Behind" being a scheme to make public education utterly worthless; "Healthy Forests Initiative" being a scheme to clear-cut forests and leave them very ecologically UNhealthy; "Transportation Security Administration" being a scheme to make transportation less secure and more akin to another bit of police-state citizen oppression machinery.

You get the drift?

So when Dan Benjamin goes up to his podium and tells the fawning Mainstream Imperial Apologist Press that the US State Department is creating a Bureau of Counterterrorism, I'm left wondering why, again, we are expected to believe that the "terrorists" who need to be countered are people or entities other than Mother's Brother Samuel and his officers, contractors and bag-men.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


knocked down a few pegs, or a few dozen...

grits for dinner

then step lively:

and pour me a sour mash:

this is so SWEEEEET!

...said Jon Corzine... "clearly, you fuckers have no clue, and obviously, you can't touch me."

Added Chief Justice John Roberts, "I'm just like MC Hammer!"

However, when reached for his comment, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas said, "it's a shame there are some low-down hound dog members of the US Congress who use esteemed members of the SCOTUS as partisan fire hydrants."

But noted Donkeyville Society Page columnist and dog training paper publisher Arianna Huffington quickly responded to Mr Justice Thomas's criticisms. "We'll do what we can to convince our readers that this is not a bipartisan criminal gang in control, but instead, the wrongdoings of our Federal Government are strictly Republican in nature and party. The Democrats are saintly, noble and above all, ethically pristine."

...but call me!

nobody made you. go elsewhere.

Douchey McDouchebag complains that a Black Diamond/Most Difficult run at my home ski hill is "too dangerous" for him and others, and beefs it at the mgt.

Mgt listens to Douchey, decides Douchey is being disruptive, denies him a Season Pass.

Douchey takes it up a notch, contacts US Forest Service (which gives a leasehold to the ski hill for seasonal use as a ski area) to try to force ski hill to issue season pass.

When this doesn't succeed, Douchey contacts the liability insurer for the ski hill and complains about the "unsafe conditions" in an additional blackmail attempt.

Now, I'm employed by the ski hill this season after 10 years as merely a skier with a season pass. But I wouldn't have sought employment if I had any beefs with the hill operation. So what I'm about to say isn't colored by my employee status. It is colored solely by my skiing at the hill, and my lifetime on skis.


Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport. Just ask the friends and families of Sonny Bono or Michael Kennedy.

I have lost two acquaintances to avalanche deaths skiing in the backcountry.

I have torn my right ACL while skiing, cracked a tooth, and popped open my chin too.

I know others who have been injured while skiing.

It's inherently risky.

A big part of the risk is the combination of terrain type, and snow coverage. The snow conditions can render very mild terrain as dangerous. I've skied on slopes that in normal conditions I can do on auto-pilot, but after a warm day & overnight re-freeze they became what some of us call "coral reef" -- nasty, irregular frozen white concrete that will literally take your skis and direct them where IT wants them, rather than where you are trying to go.

These are inherent risks.


The run in question that Mr Sylvester is complaining about is well-known as one of the scariest, sketchiest, hairiest, most heinous parts of the hill's terrain. People in the bar at the end of the day will talk about how it was that day. Many are intimidated by it.

Anyone who's skied there at least once, and traversed that run, knows that it's a place to take care, to be in the present, paying attention, on your game.

Someone who's been skiing there 31 years as a season pass holder surely knows this.

If the run scares you enough, there are other ways to the bottom. It's not the only way down.


I skied 45 days up there last year. I didn't go as long as 2 weeks without skiing, so I'm sure I skied there during the 2 weeks that caused Sylvester to be such a puckering poodle of a pissing puppydog. Sylvester didn't have to ski that run -- then, or ever. Nor did anyone else. If it initimdates you badly enough, you can remove your skis and walk down. You can hike back up, traverse right or left, and take a different route down. Or you could sit down, shit in your drawers, whine and bitch, and call for Ski Patrol to give you a toboggan ride down, so that you may change your soiled undies.

Motherfucker, if you can't ski the condition, it's down to YOU. So cowboy up, hoss, and admit that it's nobody's fault but yours that you got bucked physically or psychologically, and either quit riding the horse, or get back on 'er.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

we must pwaise pwogwess fow it is pwogwess that wiww sayv uss!

The knitting machines which provoked the first Luddite disturbances had been putting people out of work for well over two centuries. Everybody saw this happening -- it became part of daily life. They also saw the machines coming more and more to be the property of men who did not work, only owned and hired. It took no German philosopher, then or later, to point out what this did, had been doing, to wages and jobs.

* * *

The word "Luddite" continues to be applied with contempt to anyone with doubts about technology, especially the nuclear kind. Luddites today are no longer faced with human factory owners and vulnerable machines. As well-known President and unintentional Luddite D.D. Eisenhower prophesied when he left office, there is now a permanent power establishment of admirals, generals and corporate CEO's, up against whom us average poor bastards are completely outclassed, although Ike didn't put it quite that way. We are all supposed to keep tranquil and allow it to go on, even though, because of the data revolution, it becomes every day less possible to fool any of the people any of the time.
Pynchon, Is it O.K. to be a Luddite?

a nation of cretins

I have to hand it to Rahm Emanuel and the sellers of Brand Obama.  They did such a bang-up job creating an image out of nothing, and making sure the image was as fully bogus as that of Dubya Bush being a Texan, that you simply cannot escape the Obamabot Legions no matter how heinous an act is committed by The Noblest Mandingo Ever.

Witness the thread at Tubby the Mendicant's Employer, ThinkProgress, covering SuperBarry's signing of the NADA America Is A Battlefield legislation, where we find statements such as the following:

"Dallas Gard" says:
I detested signing statements when President Bush used them and I detest that President Obama is now doing this, though on a much, much smaller scale. I also detest a Congress that is so dysfunctional that it can't serve the American people, only the corporate interests that fund their election. Only a public financing option on all federal elections can stop this outright madness so let's get started.
To which we have the ever-noble "Wally O'Brien" responding:
Bush averaged about 20/year. 160 total over 8 years. Obama has been averaging about 5.
I don't think I'd worry a lot.
As easy as that!  Bush did it more frequently according to "Wally," therefore there's nothing to worry about at all from SuperBarry!  It's just about total numbers, and not at all about the legislation itself!

Not far down the thread we have "Evelyn McHugh" observing:
Reservations aside, he still signed it and made it law. As much as he claims to detest it, at some point in the future, someone is going to use it against American citizens to destroy the rights we all had under the Constitution - rights that were so important they were often used as ample justification to cede from England. When the future leadership decides to detain citizens because of their political leanings or party affiliation, or because some big corporate donors don't like them, it will be too late. He has done the damage and done it on a day deliberately chosen to get the least media coverage to contain the backlash against it. If you find this repellent, spread the word that he has signed his into law. And sold out each and every one of us.
But fear not, Obamanation!  Your Hero will be defended!  "John Burger" quickly responds with:
He didn't write the law, remember?
Holy clusterfucking idiocy!  So SuperBarry is in the clear because even though he signed this obnoxious Treblinka Act, he "didn't write it"?

How exactly does this exoneration work?

Is that like me murdering someone with a handgun, but being let off without guilt because I didn't make the handgun nor the bullets it shot?

Of course this legislation takes us another step closer to the Third Reich, but don't worry O-bots!  Someone will excuse the legislation by saying any comparison to the Third Reich is merely Godwin's Law proving the comparison inapplicable!  Here's "Noah Kilian" --
Ha ha ha ha! If you actually think the Barack Obama is a Fascist Totalitarian dictator who's going to order the army to suppress the people, then my hat is off to your stupid rambling conspiracy ability.
Well, I guess this leaves no question as to how the Third Reich got away with its tactics.  We have plenty of Good Germans here in America.

What a bunch of unbelievably ignorant, naive, clusterfuckingly over-optimstic head-in-sand ostriches.

The really sad thing is, I'm pretty sure those O-bots aren't CIA/NSA stooges and plants.  Why do I say this? Because I know a lot of people who say the same shit.  They simply cannot believe Obama would do such a thing, even if they'd be shitting their tighty-whities if Bush had done this.