Friday, September 30, 2011

still more stupid mama's boys

You idiotic prisses who think technology is the key to fixing America... you need a huge fucking clue.

What "technology" depends on energy sources that aren't controlled by those who own you already?

Of that "technology" how much of it can be harnessed without Uncle Sam's control or intervention, in a way that can be used to fix America?

Stupid motherfuckers. You look 2 moves into the game. Your opponent has the whole game covered already.

You think your two brilliant moves are winners.

You've walked into checkmate.

Fucking idiots.

Put your god-damned wishes in the basket of technology... and call yourself an "anarchist"...?

You spend too much time reading others. Not enough time doing for yourself. You lack practical experience and live in fantasy.

Heinlein didn't write this script, junior.

missed the spitoon

Sorry. Is that an expensive rug you got there?

Afraid my shoes are dirty too. I saw that pile of shoes by the door but I don't like walking around in my socks unless it's my own house. Don't like stepping on things with bare feet. Especially unfamiliar ground.

Lemme tell you why I stopped by. Seems you got some misunderstanding about how things run over at my house. You stopped by, left a flaming Gucci bag of cat shit on my front stoop, rang and ran.

Yeah I see the ...uh... joke in that. But I thought you were an adult, not an 8 year old child.

I just wanted you to know that the only "message" I get from your Gucci bag of catshit is that you are a fancy person who doesn't like an un-fancy person in your neighborhood.

Do I have that right, hoss?

Thought so.

Well, I don't really get bothered by little bags of shit -- no matter how fancy the bag or how precious and dainty the animal that took the shit. I sweep it off the front stoop and go about my day.

So you might want to reconsider this "lesson" you think you're teaching me, hoss.

Ya dig?

another stupid motherfucker

Al Cocky needs to climb aboard his walker and 6-leg it back to Ye Olde Bretaigne where he can be utterly senile and moronic in peace. He should leave his keyboard, EyePhoan, and all other writing/typing instruments in a Future Generations Capsule and bury them somewhere in van Cortlandt Park right before he goes back to bad-toothed Britannia.

Because clearly, he's lost his fucking marbles.

I guess there's nothing left for him except to imitate Polesmoker Sullivan and Dead-Liver Hitchens by being "outrageously provocative" in supporting pure bullshit.

Asshole. Go fucking die already, you buyer of catamites.

it's not the right time

About six weeks ago, a very well-educated professional woman and her vaporware economy professional boyfriend had an evening of chardonnay-fueled sex after watching Austin City Limits where The Hold Steady was rockin' the house.

This morning I had my first thoughts. I could make out some vibrations and eventually figured that the well-educated professional woman was making some sort of sound, or series of sounds. But I haven't learned language yet, so it was just a bunch of vibrations and tones.

Much closer, and a lot fainter, was a regular thump-thump that eventually I found to be my own self. If I were an adult human I'd probably understand it as the beating of a human heart. But I'm not that adult human, so to me it's just some regular thing that eventually I found comforting.

This place where I am, it seems odd. I don't sense any physical boundaries to myself or my surrounds. When I move it's in tiny increments, but the movements are relatively un-hindered.

If I were able to understand the language of humans, I'd have figured out by now that the professional woman was talking to her gynecologist, a "Doctor Curette." Or something like that. And the talk concerned an office visit.

I'd have understood the professional woman to be explaining to Doctor Curette that "now is just not the right time" and "I have a career to think about" and "besides, I'm not sure I want Tripp to be the father of my first child... although he is a pretty successful venture capitalist and could probably pay for my child to attend Harvard."

But I don't understand the human language. Not yet anyway.

So I'll go back to sleep.


Apparently it's been three weeks since the professional woman called and talked to Doctor Curette because it seems we're going to Doctor Curette's office today. In the meantime I've figured out that the regular rhythmic pulse near me is actually coming from within me, and I've noticed that I'm different than I was three weeks ago. There's more distinct shape to me.

Now we're inside Doctor Curette's office and the professional woman is saying something about a "seahorse." Then she says "it doesn't even look like a human!"

And that's the very last memory I have.


"Thank you, Doctor Curette. I can now continue in my career without anxiety and I won't have to buy new clothes or start budgeting for new furniture and other things that I'm just not ready for right now. I'm on the verge of making partner, and this just wasn't the time."

"It's all right, Penelope. Here's a prescription for Xanax. Go get it filled right now, because I think you might need them -- maybe not right now, but some time during the next few days, I think you'll need them."

"I don't have time to fill this. I'm already late for a deposition. I thought this would be a quicker procedure. I'll get my secretary to handle the prescription. Thanks again!"

more fucking poseurs wearing tutus and ballet slippers

Over at The House of Crystal Chandeliers and Stiff Little Fingers, another fucking eedjit rambles on in a technophilic orgasm of uselessness.

"lizpolaris" tries to suggest that Obama's big problem is that he doesn't fund "research" and that's why America isn't "competitive."

Exactly what kind of "competition" is America engaged in, lizard?

Exactly what kind of "research" are we needing right now?


The problems most Americans (aside from "lizpolaris," who is exempt) face right now are pretty simple:

* lack of affordable health care

* lack of reasonable employment in a job that is both personally and financially rewarding enough to want to do it most of the time, and to have it be enough to live in some way other than a paycheck-to-paycheck, fighting-off-the-dunning-notices-and-calls type of existence

* lack of meaningful civil rights (cough cough Obama assassinations cough cough)

* lack of input into the running of the country funded by taxpayer assessments

Not a single one of these problems needs "research" right now.

Not a single one of these problems implicates "competitiveness."

So what the fuck is "lizpolaris" on about, exactly?

What fucking planet does she live on?

In what fucking country?

With her ostrich-head buried in what fucking sandpile?

Holy fucking idiotic jerkwater meritocratic technophilic ignorance. Holiest of holies!

If I didn't know better, I'd say Crackie Blowbar in his clusterfuckingly surreal technophilia was the role model for "lizpolaris".

Yeah, we need more "merit" and more "competence" and more "technology" and more "research."


Oh, and we need to murder more fetuses.

Just 'cause we can.


Lemme tell you something, you moronic motherfucker: "lambert strether" and the crew at Crystal Chandeliers are a bunch of poseur "cultural elitists" of the type who want opera on every radio/TV station, bok choy on every dinner plate, and Cartier jewelry on every body. Their ideal America is one where everyone is fairly rich, dines on exquisite "well-presented" meals made with rare ingredients, watches Fellini and Bergman movies every night, reads books on Kindles, shops on eBay for rare Barcelona chairs, travels to Gstaad and Turks/Caicos annually, belongs to the Junior League, attended an Ivy college, and knows all the best upper-class social habits and manners.

When they pretend to be interested in changing America, what they want to do is annihilate the philistines -- murder them, or sequester them in prison complexes, or house them in zoos -- so that America can get back to its rightful place as the Cultural Leader of Planet Earth and Someday the Galaxy.

And it will be done, all of it, with "economics." And "research."

By "professionals."

What a bunch of pretentious jagoffs!

chomping on glossy candy

People who praise Chomsky and Marx...

...are people who can't imagine having their own original thoughts...

...or people who have experienced original thoughts that embarrassed them.

If you think Noam Chomsky and Karl Marx are needed to understand the world, or America, or capitalism... you're an idiot, an intellectual coward, and a sad pretender at wise-man/-woman.

And if you think highly of Chomsky or Marx while denigrating religion, I say it's time to remove that log from your own eye before talking about the splinter in the eye of the Christian. Each of Chomsky and Marx has a following of worshipers far more bizarrely disconnected from reality than that supposedly braindead worldview of a "Christer" or "cracker."

If you can't see Capitalism's problems without reading Glossy Karl, you're pathetic. And if you think you understand Capitalism better after reading the nonsensical, convoluted and tortured "reasoning" of Glossy Karl... you're a fucking poseur who just wants the cachet of "I understand Marx and you don't."

As to The Noam... what the fuck. Dude spent decades employed by one of America's leading weapons research labs, while "criticizing empire." Did he ever criticize himself? Like Glenn Greenwald, he elevates himself above critical examination, puts himself in the deity class, the caste of sages who dispense out-of-reach "wisdom" to their adoringly unctuous rent-boy readership.

People assume The Noam is modest because he uses the William Kristol "soft-pedal" presentation. If he were truly modest, he'd talk openly about the corrupting influence of working for MIT. Instead, he offers dodges and distractions which rationalize that work for MIT. His Rumsfeldian "go to war with the army you have, not what you wish you had" attitude in which he defends working for MIT as a necessity... pure bullshit.

The Noam could easily have offered criticism of Empire without holding tenure at one of the world's great weapons research universities. Easily. Pathetically easy.

Just 'cause a fella uses a soft-sell doesn't mean he's not a devil.

And w/r/t Glossy Karl... just 'cause a Kraut uses convoluted prose which is nearly impenetrable, it doesn't mean he's an irreplaceable genius who must be followed and obeyed.

Sometimes, the "difficult" concepts offered by a "thinker" are nothing but naked emperor bullshit. You can tell yourself you're a genius for "understanding" that "difficult" stuff.

But in the end, it's like thinking Mr Bungle is the pinnacle of rock innovation, a serious advancement in aesthetic merit -- rather than an ugly melange of sonic stew that's just a fucking joke on the listener.

Recommended to those who praise Chomsky and Marx:

Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Thursday, September 29, 2011

didja ever notice...

...that when a "feminist" decides it's time to denigrate Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, all "feminism" bets are off, and it's fair game to disparage Palin or Bachmann...

...yet if a "feminist" finds a "misogynist" denigrating Naomi Klein or Amy Goodman or... no, really, I swear this has happened... the miraculous saviour Elizabeth Warren...

...the "misogynist" is showing "hatred of women" and there's no convincing the "feminist" that his/her parallel denigration of Palin or Bachmann was somehow "misogynist"?

NB:  Go here for better understanding of the euphemized terms "misogynist" and "feminist."

pair o' lells

Murdering a fetus because the pregnancy is unwanted,

that's like

destroying your workplace (blowing it up, pulverizing it) because you can't handle the tasks assigned to you, even though you voluntarily chose to work there.

the difference

I'm not talking about mathematics and the product of subtraction.

I'm talking about distinctions.

Among the people I've known in my life, there have been two categories of auto-didacts.  The first category reads broadly in order to expand her horizons, to learn more about the world around her, or to tackle some spot of ignorance in her present perspective.  The reading yields some knowledge that has practical purpose.

The second category is made up of people who want new citations they can wield in discussions or writings of a polemical or quasi-academic ramble sort.  They seek authorities to cite, to bolster their opinions.  They are looking for the upper hand.  The pragmatic urge they have is conquest, not self-improvement or raw implementation (i.e. problem-solving).

When you encounter one of these latter category auto-didacts, you'll know it.  He will frequently use citation to "historic precedents" that he believes control the outcome of his own present musings.  He uses the gained knowledge to bolster his own stature in the eyes of others.  He can't explain something simply and with broad appeal -- no, he must pontificate, as would a priest or politician, with numerous references to those vaunted authorities or historical events that preceded him.

I find common cause with those of the former group.

I find discord and disgust with those of the latter group.

If you can't make your argument without citation to higher or former authority or historic example, your argument is worthless.  As is your rhetorical skill underlying that argument.

But I'm sure you'll impress a few PowerNoggins with your facticity and appeals to authority.  PowerNoggins love nothing more than greatness-by-intellectual-affiliation.  It's their reason for living, this curious brand of tribalist word- and thought-wankery.

advice for unsolicited children

Get ready to be killed.

There's a whole clusterfuck of people out here in America who would love to extinguish your life just after it has begun, because they think you'd rather be dead.  They have decided, for you and by using their own selfish perspectives, that you need to die.  And so they will kill you.

Don't get to used to this existence thing.  A lot of people happily snuff out people like you.  And they're fucking proud of it, imagine themselves more humane for the act.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

if I were...

...the head of the Republican Party and I wanted the public's opinion of my truly preferred POTUS candidate to be positive, I'd ensure there was a group of self-claiming "Republicans" who appeared nearly utterly insane, policy-rhetoric-presentation-wise, as compared to my preferred candidate, so that my man/woman would seem quite moderate and reasonable in that comparison.

...the head of the Democratic Party, I'd be doing pretty much the same, though I'd spend more time disparaging that extremist group of self-claiming "Republicans" not so much by slighting them with smaller amounts of attention (or fewer signs of a serious attention-paying)... but rather, by saying that these extremists were examples of all Republicans.

And if I were interested in putting forward a status-quo protector in some federal office right now, while public attitudes toward Uncle Sam's Cash-Cow-for-the-Well-Connected are distinctly negative, I'd offer a "ground-breaking" minority candidate -- a woman, or a gay Asian, or a former US Attorney who did porn on the side -- and have that candidate be mildly critical of a few of Uncle Sam's programs or policies that the public is obviously criticizing.

I'd emphasize the "heroic truth-telling" of this minority candidate, and be sure to paint him/her as a hero of the middle class -- with signals suggesting he/she will help those who secretly long to be upper-middle class.

Members of my party would surely act in concert with the gambit.  They'd alternatively criticize or support this radical minority's views and credentials... furthering the bread and circus, fostering more Us vs Them to keep the public thinking there's something radical and revolutionary about this patsy/gunsel we're installing.

If it were me, I'd make her look something like Elizabeth Warren.

soopah frawed

Elizabeth "Stepford Super-Wife" Warren.

She's to Naomi "Shopping is my LIFE" Klein what Miller Lite is to a good IPA.

Oh boy!  Women with opinions that offend nobody!  Let's praise them endlessly!

Listen, dumbass.  I had smarter classmate female friends in law school -- more astute, better-grounded, less spoiled by greed (Klein) or American Mythology (Warren).  Any of those women friends would be better at describing America and Americans' problems than either of Klein or Warren.

Any of them.

So why aren't they?

Because being a "public intellectual" is a con game for greedy people, egomaniacs, sycophantic bootlickers, insecure douchenozzles seeking tribal affinity and identity, and dull-witted apologists for the American Myth.

That's why.

Go on and sing your Hallelujahs for Betty Warren's Big Wank.  Imagine yourself a great promoter of feminism through that singing.  Construe your public posture as that of an enlightened foe of gender inequality.

You know... like you thought praising Obama was suggesting your post-racist status, your open-mindedness, your progressive perspective.

Betty Warren is nothing but a clown who wants to protect the status quo.  She's a little miffed right now, but she'd never really work in a system where things were much different.  It would alienate her, wrong-footing her attempt to adapt nimbly to its random movements.

She's a bureaucrat.

And therefore, she's a fucking loser.

But go on, dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back for your brave support for a courageous "truth-teller."

Do it.

And be proud of yourself.

crock o' tears

While the Fed Govt under Democratic rule has solidified the fascism created and advanced by Republicans during Bush-Cheney, and in some cases has expanded that fascism...

...certain self-impressed intellectuals are trying to convince their readers that the real fascist threat is from the "Tea Party" -- a group who hold no power except what power is given them by self-impressed intellectuals who can't stop talking about their personal fears of "Tea Party" personnel.

Yellow Kid Weil is foremost in this cadre of self-satisfied "experts" on what is happening in America today.  YKW tells us that the biggest threat of fascism comes from the Teap Artiers (as he calls them) and sadly, he's dead fucking serious when he says this.  He's not joking.  He's not doing subtle satire.  He's dead serious!

Apparently, if YKW were a Vietnamese native during the mid-50s through the mid-70s, he'd be palling it up with the nice Americans who are here to help, and worrying most of all about the Red Menace.  Because really, why would YKW want to talk about real threats, when he can fabricate threats out of whole cloth, make a suit of finery from that milliner's delight, and parade his PowerNoggin Pontifications while wearing that set of Emperor's Robes.

Yes, it is true:  the worst fascists are out-of-power nobodies... and the in-power politicos, they are your friends.

Your friendly neighborhood PowerNoggin "anarchist" assures you, this is true.

And his baby-killing wife agrees with him, and will criticize you if you negate him!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

de doo doo doo

"Do?  What do I do?"

"Yes.  What are your achievements."

"Well I can spin a good yarn."

"Yes, but what have you done to improve life on Earth?"

"Why should I have to answer that?  What have YOU done in that area?"

"I don't have a blog where I pretend to be the world's wisest man dispensing advice on how to reform society to make it more egalitarian.  You, on the other hand, are that man."

"I still don't understand my obligation to show how I'm improving things."

"No, of course you don't.  You just want to appear wise.  You don't actually want to have to BE wise."

"I am afraid I am not following you."

"Common problem of solipsists you're having there.  Very common.  Why not go stare into a mirror for an hour or two, maybe inspiration will strike that fabled super-powerful brain of yours."

"You're a small man.  And a liar."

"Clever deflection from yourself there, Yellow Kid.  Very clever."

"You're still small, and still a liar.  You spend your time promoting the views of smallholders.  Fitting for a small, lying man."

"Whatever you say, Solipsism King.  Whatever you say.  Meanwhile... what, exactly, have you done over the course of your life that you believe has helped people?"

"Well, I'm Mr Mom and I raise the kids while Mrs Dad murders fetuses 9-5."

"So, you're helping humanity by helping your wife kill humans?"

"Something like that.  Better to not bring unwanted humans into the world.  Their lives would be worse if we didn't abort them."

"Abort, huh?  So, what if someone "aborted" one of your kids?  You know, with a foot to the head."

bullshit artists

Jack Crow leads the pack.

Dude tells everyone he's killed someone with his foot, he's managed big capital pools, he's run a drug empire, he's gone to ivy schools on scholarship... what else has he done?  Pioneered brain transplant surgery?  Created gold from sewage?

There isn't a whit of truth in his legendary life.  It's a fucking fabrication.

And his life experience consists of this:  Google research + PowerNoggin posts... he's a derivative motherfucker who couldn't talk candidly on any subject but confidence scams, without consulting Google to research the key terms and plug them into a post.

Fucking con artist, just like Glenn Greenwald.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



The great thing about the Bread-and-Circus ramping up the 2012 POTUS race is that it reveals which bloggers are actually very partisan, despite their claims of being post-partisan and/or non-partisan.

Watch as the erstwhile Obama-critic spends most of his or her energy ripping into Evil Rethuglicans -- LOOK! Michelle Bachmann said _______ and then Rick Perry said _______! How INSANE are they?!! They must be STOPPED!!

Ever circling their wagons inside their barely-functioning brains, always looking for a scapegoat to blame when Their Team again reveals itself to not give a flying fuck about its supporters... they exist in a perpetual cycle of Abused Spouse Behavior.

Love the Party, it has done so many great things!

Hate the Party, it appears to be just like the Evil Other Party today!

Love the Party, it was just a temporary digression! The truly bad party remains the Evil Other Party!

Hate the Party, they just voted for another war and I'm anti-war.

...well, as long as it's the Evil Other Party demanding the war. If My Party and My Team are into the war, it's a good war, for good reasons. Who am I to question?


Despite their PhDs and years of auto-didactic reading, most PowerNoggins are really total tribalist simpletons when you boil away all the impurities and evaporatives that make up the post-partisan pose.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

we have run out of candy

The founders have decreed it, if you'd only read your Articles of Confectionary Confederation!
When comes a time that the national politics are so self-regarding and self-referential as to be less nutritious, intellectually speaking, than a bunch of pink cotton floss on a magic wand, it is the duty of all right-thinking men and women to stop contributing to the effusion of sugary substances.
Article 4, Section 2.

With this time having come into being, constructive destruction is stopping its practice of building truth by destroying lies.  The pez dispenser has run out of candy.  The talking head now effuses only air.

Move along.  No more candy here.

Comments are disabled from here forward.

On behalf of Charles F. Oxtrot, Esq. and his OIL corporate interests, I thank you for reading this blog and urge you to continue assuming everyone is lying to you, all the time.

I believe you'll find life a lot easier with that assumption in place, as we hurtle toward American Collapse.

Thanks, and... hasta luego!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

acorn... meet blind squirrel!

It does happen now and then -- though mostly then, and the appearances of those times even less frequent than a few would like.

But it happens.

CBS News criticizes conspicuous consumption and predatory corporate behavior.

(please note the date of Meyer's column)

Friday, September 2, 2011

chomp chomp chomp

from John Robb's blog comes this on the Seneca Effect


I think it's time to put this place in mothballs, on the shelf next to ProgRepNow.

Next project, a legal blog.

Here's a view of the new blog title header:
Buck v. Bell
because 3 generations of imbeciles is enough!

I'm sorry... did that hurt?

You actually do us all a real disservice with your tiresome, tedious politics. For in fact, there is nothing more important than politics. NOT the politics of American "democracy" and law, of who is elected state legislator to sign the same bills and perpetuate the same system. Not the politics of the "I got involved with the radical left because I enjoy quibbling over trivial details and writing rhetorically about an unreachable utopia" anarchist. Not the politics of any leader or ideology that demands that you make sacrifices for "the cause." But the politics of our everyday lives. When you separate politics from the immediate, everyday experiences of individual men and women, it becomes completely irrelevant. Indeed, it becomes the private domain of wealthy, comfortable intellectuals, who can trouble themselves with such dreary, theoretical things. When you involve yourself in politics out of a sense of obligation, and make political action into a dull responsibility rather than an exciting game that is worthwhile for its own sake, you scare away people whose lives are already far too dull for any more tedium. When you make politics into a lifeless thing, a joyless thing, a dreadful responsibility, it becomes just another weight upon people, rather than a means to lift weight from people. And thus you ruin the idea of politics for the people to whom it should be most important. For everyone has a stake in considering their lives, in asking themselves what they want out of life and how they can get it. But you make politics look to them like a miserable, self-referential, pointless middle class/bohemian game, a game with no relevance to the real lives they are living out.
--nadia c., Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck

Thursday, September 1, 2011

more vacuum, more Power to the Noggin!

In the juvenile component (as per Chronos and his dictates) of my complete (meaning: overall, and not meaning fulfilled) human existential experience, I cautiously encountered a cornucopia of bristling variations on the human organism known to anthropologists as homo sapiens.  Not foregoing a reasoned approach, I deduced that more detailed study was apropos of everything at that time and in that place, and hence I undertook to initiate a comprehensive assessment, with a variety of thorough methodologies which had, individually and respectively, been subjected to a microscopic and yes, completely detached, appraisal of their utter and abject utility in the notional time/space loci of their existence.  Without reservation, I ambulated toward the south-facing cupboard wherein my familial grouping of like-specied mammals went forth and housed, for later use and against potential pestilent invasion, a smattering and, yea, a near-bonanza of foodstuffs, ingestibles, comestibles, victuals, and otherwise preparable nutrients and/or their substituent components.

As I articulated my brachial complex and allowed my manus to find its way into the microcosmic warehouse of human sustenance, my digits encountered a glassine jar with threaded bowl-shaped fastener atop it.  Within this wondrous vessel was contained a miraculous substance, created by the labor of humans with an ingenuity heretofore unrealized except in small, nigh-unto-invisible segments of the vast and varying human society.  A melange of Arachis hypogaea germ, including whole germ, fractured germ, and germ ground into a paste-like substance with a natural oily emulsion binding it all together, aromatic in the extremest sense and easily conveyed onto another substance with a flat, thin tool, was my reward for finding this particularly enchanting vessel.


The foregoing is meant to suggest how PowerNoggins would say this simple pair of ideas:

1) When I was a kid, I thought people were weird.

2) I went into the kitchen and found the jar of peanut butter.

I prefer my simple approach, but it's obvious from reading around the Toobz and in the print media that the PowerNoggin approach has more fans and customers.  The reason?  I think Thorstein Veblen wrote about it here.

true to kai-sar!

In the RPG Fallout: New Vegas, there are several factions vying for power in Nevada.  One faction is the NCR, or New California Republic.  The NCR is a post-nuke-apocalypse analog to the USA or, more accurately, analogous to the present US Government.  It's as absurdly jingoist as the present Fed Govt,  and like the present Fed Govt, it sees natural resources as things to conquer, subdue, and put to "progress" use -- to make riches for a narrow few, to pave and bring streetlights etc to every place within its purview.

Other than the NCR there are a several types of factions you encounter.

Under the big heading of "gangs" are a few gangs of nihilistic thugs roaming around, committing violence upon whomever they encounter, apparently for the sheer joy of being violent and because they think everyone sees every single encounter as Me vs You, To The Death!  Most of these thugs are small enough in number, even when roaming or camped in groups, that you can dispatch them.

The biggest threat outside the NCR is a group of disturbed, twisted humans who call themselves Caesar's Legion.  They wear clothes that resemble ancient Roman Gladiator armor, and prefer to use machetes to hack up their targeted human victims, or spears to puncture them.  They use guns also, but prefer the violence of hacking and piercing.  They enjoy setting people on fire and crucifying them too.  And they enslave people.

Like many before them who have sought power through violence, they are keen on male/male sex, but they are keener still on hiding that fact from everyone.  Their exalted masculinity extends to a certain point, but no further -- they talk openly of the "new slave girls" being attractive, but in their tents they're all man-on-man.

Over at is a new essay by Kelley B. Vlahos concerning SuperBarry and Erik Prince's Blackwater/Xe entity.  I'd categorize Prince as pretty equivalent to Caesar in Fallout: New Vegas, or to Ernst Rohm in early 1930s Germany.


Relevance of reference to Fallout: New Vegas's Caesar for other contexts not directly specific to Prince -- see this segment of the description of Caesar's outlook:
Surprisingly, Joshua Graham decided to join Sallow [(as Caesar was formerly known)] as his right-hand man, in time becoming known as the Malpais Legate. While Calhoun was sent back to the Followers to inform them of what he was doing, the other six members of the expedition were murdered on the self-proclaimed Emperor's orders. The newly-christened Caesar formed his Legion out of the tribes that had either been conquered or had chosen to capitulate to avoid total destruction. He used the Commentarii as a blueprint―after all, which illiterate tribal would know that he was not the original Caesar, and his "Rome" was merely a copy of a civilization long gone?[2] Caesar chose the concept of the Roman Empire as a model for the Legion because of its parallels to what he considered the "status-quo" of the post-apocalyptic world - he believed the concept of individualism to have no place facing the challenges of the wasteland. Ideologically, the Roman Empire also appealed to him for its ability to assimilate those it conquered; the destruction of "tribal" identities was a key part of the Legion's long-term strategy for unification. He intended to erase their individual identities and replace them all with a single, monolithic culture - the Legion - where individuals have no value outside of what they offer the greater whole.

canid slaughter

George Wuerthner talks about the problems (moral, ecological, rational, factual) in legal wolf-hunting.