Wednesday, November 30, 2011

go on, occupy your local town square

As much as I love seeing people get spunky, feisty, and peppy, I have to say that this Occupy:__________ game leaves me pretty unimpressed.  Thus far it looks like a bunch of naive fools who think "corporate" is the problem -- a classic Pwoggie construct, blaming "corporate" and imagining that getting rid of "corporate" will make it better.

The whole idea reminds me of how vegans will browbeat you with their superior ingestion habits, saying things like "it's the only way to eat that doesn't support Corporate" or the like.

The trick to life isn't finding the Best Team to Support or the Worst Enemy to Demonize.

The trick to life isn't about finding a single scapegoat ("corporate") and blaming that for everything in some bizarre hyper-extrapolation of culpability where it's not even marginally implied.


How, exactly, does the demonizing of "corporate" explain THIS BULLSHIT...?
The US Senate has voted to keep a controversial provision which lets the military to detain terrorism suspects indefinitely without civilian trials, even if they are American citizens.
Or, how does blaming "corporate" address this clusterfuckingly ridiculous Totalitarian gambit...?


Also, please let me remind you that while this is ongoing, OCL and Amy "Donkeys and Stars of David Forever!" Goodman are busy analyzing "neocons" and talking about events of the Bush-Cheney Administration's tenure. Way to go, Glennie! Point fingers backward at the Evil Rethuglicans! Help those Donkeys for the 2012 "elections"!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

you smell those coffee beans?


You self-impressed hater of Crackers, Christers, Rednecks and Evil Rethuglicans!


You who blame Republican Pressure Gambits and Intimidation Tactics for Obama's behavior!


I want you to read this Republican (paleoconservative; libertarian; pro-business) talking about Republicans giving Obama exactly what he wants, while they also are pretending to despise Obama and everything he stands for.

You smell that coffee?

It's time to wake up.  The Republicans are not making Obama do jack shit.

It's time to wake up.  There is no animosity between the Mighty Donkeys and their supposed hated, vicious and vile adversaries the Evil Rethuglican Elephants.

It's time to wake up.

This is how the world works.

This is how America works.

This is what you tolerate.

This is what you endorse.

This is what you advance.

Own up to it, you pompous and stupid motherfucker.

las ricas y los pobrecitos

The Onion - High Integrity, Moral Decency Has Cost Idiot Man Millions

randall and mark return with amber

Amber and Randall discuss health care reform
by: CharlieFO

Amber interviews Boy Genius, Mark Zuckerberg of facebook
by: CharlieFO

your parchment is flash paper, PowerNoggin

Whether your parchment is formal, hand-lettered and signed by Cathedral Stewards, or is merely the legend of all the books you've read auto-didactically, it's still just paper.  It's just words.  Some of them you may have committed to memory!  Maybe most, if you're a Sorcerer of the Eidetic Realm!

Still, they're just words.

It's understandable you'd cling to them as totemic, ideal and powerful.  In America circa 2011 the parchment stands in for intellectual prowess.  Rather than having the ability to understand, contextualize, parse and synthesize -- you have amassed grades which aimed toward the parchment.  The game is this:  you and the Cathedral jointly pretend that the grades resemble, in some significant way, the true intellectual talents only a small percentage of humans actually have.

You pay them a tidy sum for this game's maintenance.  They provide the "proof" of your PowerNoggin status -- a fine parchment.

And hey, that's a really nice job the framing shop did, putting that parchment inside that frame, behind glass. Someone could spit on your parchment and you could wipe it clean!  Someone could lay the framed document on the ground, piss and shit on it -- and yet, it would remain unsullied if the framer was careful with the silicon gel caulk!

A precious document in a powerful fortress!

If your document came from certain cathedrals, it carries almost as much power as a Grand Wizard's Doomstaff of Thunderbolts.  You won't be able to lean on it in your old age like the Wizard leans on his staff, but hopefully by then you've earned enough coin to buy yourself a fancier walking stick.  However, you can use it to lay waste to others laying in your path.  In job competitions, it functions bimetaphorically, also acting like Moses parting the Red Sea of applicants, giving you a high-and-dry path to the job in question.

No wonder it's mistaken for some kind of "proof" of your intellect.

I mean, it couldn't be a rigged game -- could it?

It's not like it benefits these various Cathedrals to build enduring myths about the noggin power of their products.

It's not like they want a share of the PowerNoggin Parchment market, or anything like that.

It's not like it's a cushy job, "teaching" at the university level -- working 15 hours a week, taking expensive trips for "research" which cost you nothing, having graduate assistants do all the actual work for you.

Nobody would want to hang onto such a job when others want it as much as you, if not more.  I'm sure "tenure" is pain, not smooth sailing.

Most of all, though, I'm sure the "tenured" professor never has to present his or her material in a way that pleases the Cathedral Stewards.  The role of money in university decision making is well overstated by anti-intellectuals who want to teach Jesus in elementary school.  You know.  Rednecks.  Crackers.

the endless mire and muddle

If you really think we're going to have a meaningful revolution in America, then I have some precautionary prefatory things for you to read.

Starting here --

The Ultimate Cage Fight between two super-heroic pro wrestlers.  In the lower left corner is the 26" wheel format, and in the upper right corner is the 29" wheel format.

As of right now, 409 comments weigh in on this momentous issue, and a read of the 409 posted thoughts shows immense ignorance of how logic and rationale proceed to make a reasoned argument toward a sensible conclusion.

OCL vs... you!

Even though Wee Glennie bills himself as a "constitutional litigator," he knows very little about the document he's supposedly covered in litigation repeatedly enough to be a "specialist" in that field.

Please never mind the fact that NO lawyer has enough "constitutional" issues to do them full time.


Meanwhile, take this quiz from the learned scholar site Buck v Bell, and see how you fare compared to Our Constitutional Lawyer, who can't even answer 2 of these questions!


1) What portion of the US Constitution is the source of authority for a branch of the Federal Government to be concerned with "national security"?

2) Which branch of the federal government is given Constitutional authority for oversight on "domestic terrorism"?

3) What part of the Constitution empowers or allows the Federal Government to hire outside contractors to perform military and "security" work on the Government's behalf?

4) Where in the Constitution can we find (a) the authority to create FISA courts, (b) the scope of those courts' jurisdiction, and (c) the rights and duties regarding persons falling with the FISA courts' jurisdiction?

5) What section in the Constitution contains the authority for the POTUS to unilaterally declare war, or conduct warring activity, without the consent of either the judicial or legislative branch?

6) What provision within the US Constitution requires or allows any or all of the legislative, judicial and executive branches (including the branches' respective constituent entities and their individual actors) to give special priority to the affairs, concerns, interests and hopes of the nation of Israel when compared to the affairs, etc., of the other nations on this planet?

7) Under what section of the Constitution are lobbyists authorized and empowered to outweigh the interests of individual citizens?

8) What language within the Constitution creates the authority for business entities to have greater input into the nation's operation than the individual private personal citizens who comprise the nation's populace?

9) When the US Congress is faced with an economic question regarding a select few businesses and their request for a federal subsidy, what section of the Constitution should guide the Congress's behavior in weighing the interests of those subsidy-seeking businesses against the interests of the taxpaying public?

10) What provision of the US Constitution allows the creation of the Department of Homeland Security? 

11) Where in the Constitution can we find authority for the Director of Homeland Security holding dual citizenship in the USA and another nation?

12) When foreign citizens commit a military assault against American governmental entities and American private businesses on American soil, what section of the Constitution authorizes the destruction of evidence pertaining to (a) the mechanism of the attack(s), (b) the identity(ies) of the attacker(s), or (c) the physical impact (structural damages) of the attack(s)?  EXTRA CREDIT: Please describe the relevant Constitutional authority for a "national security" argument defending such evidence destruction.

Monday, November 28, 2011

supposedly, overheard at yoga class

I don't know about you but I have a job and a career and a wife and kids and kids college educations and first car and two daughters that means two weddings and a mortgage and 3 car loans and a boat loan and a second mortgage on the ski house and a third mortgage on the lake house where I sail on the weekends in the summer really doesn't matter that I never use the boat or the ski house besides they're for the kids to use when they get older my parents never had a cool ski house when I was a kid so I want to give that to my kids because having a ski house is way more important than having a good sense of human social justice I mean what's human social justice anyway we're all just rats in a maze I'm just trying to make my way to the end and get home and get some food and some time in front of the TV before I start the maze all over again tomorrow...

besides..., seriously, I want you to think about this seriously...

...who said any of us had any time to think about this political stuff anyway?  I can't be bothered.  Two sides yelling at each other.  I heard enough yelling at each other from my parents when I was a kid.  I learned my lesson early:  avoid confrontation it's always ugly and will leave you shivering scared and alone.  I pick them like I picked my high school class president:  who has a trustworthy face or doesn't have a really really really embarrassing thing in his background.  The same guy you'd pick to be team captain.  One of those kinds of guys.  They like leadership.  They seem to be good at it.  They're better at it than me.  I just want to put in my time, provide for my family, maybe get to enjoy my last decade on Earth with some peace and quiet if my investments are okay and the economy doesn't go all tits-up.

...right?  So don't go asking me to take some time out of my day to think about this Occupy: Wall Street crap.  Bunch of nogoodniks / louts / layabouts / slackers / leeches / spoiled brats who think life owes them something.  Let me tell you kids, you have to grab life by the throat and make it give you what you want.  Life isn't some smiling benevolent Grandpa handing you keys to a new Porsche on your 16th birthday.  Life is that PE teacher or coach you hated, who made you go outside and run for a half-hour in the cold pouring rain.  Life puts you through the wringer to make you tougher, son. So don't go asking me to take time out of my day for those wastrels.  They ought to toughen up, get out there, get a good resume from a local career consultant professional, get a good $500 suit and $200 shoes, and go pound the pavement with some eagerness and pride!

I don't know man... I like the way things are going.  I have nothing to hide.  I trust my government and I feel it's doing a great job of protecting me.  The enhanced airport security makes me want to fly again.  There was a period where I didn't take any trips anywhere.  Seriously dude.  Shampoo bomb?  Anyone could be a suicidal terrorist at that rate!  Creepy as hell, I swear.  So I for one am glad we have some crack-down pat-downs happening, and if it means full-body scan machines then so be it.  I'll gladly take some extra gamma or other radiation if it means I can fly safely and comfortably again.

Yep.  The only people who have anything to fear right now are those who are criminals anyway.  They ought to just face up to that fact.  They're criminals, domestic terrorists -- and we're gonna trust our government to root them out and keep us safe!

this is what you get

...when you mess with us!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the set-up

The Citizens United opinion issued by the SCOTUS was a pin~ata for the disaffected.

It's going to be changed via legislation or via SCOTUS re-visiting, and that will be used to further disarm the ongoing Occupy:______ gig.

How'd I know this?

Because Citizens United wasn't a significant change in the law.  It was nothing new.  So to reverse it, overturn it, or see it invalidated by Congressional act... this would be nothing momentous.  We'd still have Buckley v. Valeo, a 35-year-old opinion which essentially gave formal approval to corporations being able to influence elections.

That it would be a tool for de-fusing the growing powder-keg of citizen pissed-offedness shouldn't be surprising.  See, e.g., the New Deal.

Here's Naomi Wolf throwing the first softball pitch:

The mainstream media was declaring continually "OWS has no message". Frustrated, I simply asked them. I began soliciting online "What is it you want?" answers from Occupy. In the first 15 minutes, I received 100 answers. These were truly eye-opening.

The No 1 agenda item: get the money out of politics. Most often cited was legislation to blunt the effect of the Citizens United ruling, which lets boundless sums enter the campaign process. No 2: reform the banking system to prevent fraud and manipulation, with the most frequent item being to restore the Glass-Steagall Act – the Depression-era law, done away with by President Clinton, that separates investment banks from commercial banks. This law would correct the conditions for the recent crisis, as investment banks could not take risks for profit that create kale derivatives out of thin air, and wipe out the commercial and savings banks.

No 3 was the most clarifying: draft laws against the little-known loophole that currently allows members of Congress to pass legislation affecting Delaware-based corporations in which they themselves are investors.

Well, that's fuckin' fantastic! **

They want to do a bunch of symbolic things.  They want to paint a happy face on things.

Who suggested these 3 items?  Who prioritized them?  Whom did Wolf talk to for this information?


** "Fantastic," as in... its opposite.  Example here.

you quack me up Herr Doktorr

You can't quantify psychopathy nor identify it concretely or discretely, no matter what Pop Science Hack Writers and Prison Psychologists suggest.

This is a vehicle for social control, not a method of scientific understanding of the human psyche.  If it were scientifically objective, it would recognize that most of the "psychopaths" are in positions of sociopolitical and socioeconomic power.

Instead it's used to identify the occasional serial killer or rapist, which is only one variant on the misanthropy impulse given free rein.

Psychopathy is in all of us.  Beware the use of it as an identifier.  It is a culling tool, designed to oppress the citizenry.

You don't need the label or category of "psychopath" in order to determine guilt for social wrongs.

Friday, November 25, 2011

the sociopolitical metaphors of The Elder Scrolls

Since I'm on my 3d game in the Elder Scrolls series and since the series has consistency among races, factions, and related lore I've drawn some metaphoric comparisons that may or may not have been within the thoughts of those who have designed and written the stories of the series.

Altmer - the high elves - Judaica (magic as religion) and Zionism (Thalmor)

Dunmer - the dark elves - Mediterranean / western European (olive skinned minorities), and la Cosa Nostra (Thieves Guild)

Imperials - the caucasians - Yuppies and affiliated strivers (commerce is king; slippery speechcraft)

Khajiit - the cat people - _______________ - here I'm not really sure yet but leaning toward Afghanis or other primitive people whose income is derived from illegal substances since the main export of Khajiit people's lands is "moon sugar," a narcotic, which runs parallel to opium poppies in Afghanistan etc.

Argonians - the lizard people - The naming of the individuals suggests Arabic analogy, but the watery amphibious angle leaves me guessing.

Redguard - dark-skinned natives of Hammerfell - Africans.  This one's corny as the game lore consistently describes them as "natural athletes" and "natural warriors."  I keep expecting to find the "extra muscle theory" somewhere, or an equivalent to the Mandingo myth.

In Skyrim, the ongoing civil war rumblings resemble those of the USA presently.  The Stormcloaks resemble those who would remake the USA to eliminate the essential rule of commerce and banking with militarized imperial ambition, and replace it with a more basic culture.  Not quite the "tea party" -- that would be the Forsworn, who are being used to make the "nativist" Nords of Skyrim look brutish, as the Tea Party is being used in America to undercut anti-Imperial sentiments growing on the "right."

Oblivion was all about the parallel planes of the Daedra, or evil/negative gods.  It resembled in many ways the Bush-Cheney Admin's outright criminality with a sociopathic bent.  Dagoth Ur was a good analog to Dick Cheney, or maybe Binny Netanyahu.

Morrowind was about the influx of the evils of the Daedra within the Empire and thereby resembled the crumbling former greatness of America and its industrial heyday (the first 2/3 of the 20th Century).

Last, the growing power of "the dragons" in Skyrim = a parallel to the rise of China on the present global political landscape.

There are other connections and parallels worth mentioning but I'm not eager to type more right now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you'll make a nice rug, cat!

Keel is a Level 30 Khajit thief.

He favors stealth, lockpicking, bow & arrow, one-handed edged melee weapons, and destructive magic.

Thus far he has passed 105 days in Skyrim, after narrowly escaping a beheading in the town of Helgen.  The beheading was interrupted by a dragon attacking the town.

He is also a werewolf.  This ability was earned by doing work for The Companions, a group of mercenaries based in Whiterun, during his first 20 days in Skyrim.

Also due to those jobs done for the Companions, the Jarl of Whiterun has named him as Thane of Whiterun.

It's not clear whether the Jarl knows the Companions are werewolves.  One of the Whiterun town guards has remarked to Keel, "you'd better quiet down those hounds you have over at Jarrvaskr (the Companions mead hall in Whiterun), I can hear them howling all the way over here some nights."

Vampire hunting is one of Keel's specialties.  Usually he takes them down by sniping with the bow.  Since vampires are vulnerable to fire, Keel's bow is enchanted with fire delivery magic.  Every arrow landed also burns the target.

Keel prefers light armor or no armor.  "No armor" = mage's robes that make magic ability replenish itself quickly.  This is is Keel's preferred pseudo-armor when the foes are known to prefer magic attacks rather than melee or ranged weapons or brute force.  He makes up for the lack of physical armor with illusion magic spells that give him magical armor that is nearly equivalent to the physical armor he would otherwise wear.  This allows him to move more quickly and quietly, all the better for stealth activities.

Ongoing in Skyrim is a nation-wide revolt that smells of civil war.  The ancient native culture is that of the Nords, but the Imperials are spreading their modernism, mandated religion, commercialized culture as quickly as their bullying will allow in the stubborn Nordic culture.

Some of the Nords side with The Empire, of course.  They tend to appreciate what is modern and, for lack of a better term, sterile (or perhaps, "safer") about the Imperialized towns and the Empire-favoring Jarls who run their Holds in the Imperial "sterilize and make-uniform" manner.

Justice is still meted out cruelly, violently, and whimsically.  Jarls maintain torture chambers where there may be a variety of types of torture to which a prisoner can be subjected.  Stretching racks and human-sized bird cages are frequently seen.  Lots of cutting tools are used by the torturer.  Sometimes the court mage adds some magical violence.

In the more Imperial towns bribery takes you far.  The more traditional Nord towns are the opposite.  There, a town guard will often say to you, "don't think you can barter with me like you do with those merchants" or, less commonly, "I've heard about you and your honeyed words."

As a stealthy race, the Khajit are normally accused by town guards, merchants and innkeepers with threats regarding the Khajit's likely impulse to steal.  You'll hear a town guard say, for example, "we don't like people who play with locks in this town," or "keep your light fingers to yourself, Khajit."

Foes in combat are keen on saying one of two racial slurs to try to rattle the Khajit skirmisher.  The commonest one is, "you'll make a nice rug, cat!" and a rarer one heard usually when they're chasing you down a hall or up a stairway, or stalking you after spying you somewhere, "my cousin had a cat and I'm gonna take care of you just like I took care of that cat.  I killed that cat."

Still, Keel has earned a decent reputation, with even Imperial soldiers urging him to "sign up" as part of the Imperial army.

The anti-Imperial sentiment among the Nords plays out in various ways, but the most overt is found in the Stormcloak Rebellion, and a second way or maybe just different aspect of the first, is the Forsworn, a gang of bandits who prey mostly on merchants, which is an indirect attack on the Empire.

Keel's loyalty is mostly to himself, but he will help Whiterun defend itself no matter which side tries to dominate or destroy it.  But presently he's leaning toward helping the Stormcloaks, even though the Forsworn always attack him when he's ranging the lands.

Keel's hunch is that the Forsworn are funded by Imperial interests, though they pretend to be trying to "save Skyrim for the Nords" (a common battle cry among the Forsworn).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The street cleaners refused to pick up my leaves this Fall.  The trash truck ignored my can.  The town's animal control center wants to take my dog from me. 

Worst of all is the fact that all these Occupy:_______ protesters, activists and rabble-rousers aren't coming to me for my expert PowerNoggin musings.  I've been trying to tell them what to do for months now, but for some reason they aren't giving me the respect that I'm used to.

They must be a bunch of reactionaries.

Solidarnosc, komrades.  Solidarnosc.

Monday, November 21, 2011

binders and minders

That's nice that you read all those books and have all those facts memorized and ready to use at convenient cocktail chatter moments or blog comment thread settings.  Very impressive, I must say.

But what matters is doing, having the experience and learning from it.

I'm sure we're all impressed with what you have on your bookshelf... or in your personal reading history.  Heck, some of you might even have a fancy parchment which proves your reading history and memory of the arcana within were adjudged acceptable to the Parchment Issuer -- and maybe you even got the Issuer to Upgrade your Parchment with a CL, MCL or SCL!

That's clear proof that you're a very superior mind ...of a certain type.

And doubtless that type is useful in certain domains of the human experience... to certain humans... mostly those who think that the act of pontification is superior to the deed's doing.

The talking ain't the walking, in other words.

So go ahead and talk, and tell us what you read here... or there... and from which sources.  Please.  We welcome your musings.

We just want to know... what do you want us to do with those things you keep telling us, or showing us?

our federalism

Back in Ancient Papyrus School, my favorite teacher was The Euge.  Euge taught me Federal Courts I and II (2 semesters) and US Supreme Court Practice. 

During Fed Cts the Euge taught us about "our federalism," the concept of federal government having more authority than the individual states -- the idea that the USA is not a collective, but rather a powerful central entity with client states that do its bidding.

The casebook we used was written by the Euge's buddy Charlie Wright and I can't recall what cases we read on the subject of federalism.  What I recall was the end result of a Win for the Feds in the first big American Super Bowl, the Feds vs the Anti-Feds, a/k/a the 12-year interim period between the signing of the Declaration of Independence (from Merry Olde England) and the Articles of Confederation (of independent states / territories / ex-colonies), and the signing of the Constitution.

What I recall more than anything was how clear was the end result of the Constitution's framework and the opinions of federal courts of all types among those arising from low-born (US Dist Cts) to middle-class (US Cts of Appeal) to manor-born lairds (SCOTUS)... the idea that the states are the serfs and the Fed Govt is the lord... The Lord... the governmental equivalent of Jesus Christ, Our Father and the Holy Spirit... or Yahweh or Yehuda or El or Dios or whatever.

Certain states are allowed a bit of freedom to play about within The Lord's Holdings.  Vermont is indulged while electing a US Senator who ostensibly claims Socialist perspectives on the role of the government in Americans' lives.  Let all the self-styled hippies and avowed malcontents (though short-leashed and pain-collared) move there and believe they actually can tell Sammy what to do... let them elect a fake-Socialist who is every bit a Chicago School stooge as Barack Obama... hey wait... what the... I never thought about that connection... oh gosh oh heck oh darn how will this affect my desire to get a flexi-fuel crossover for my Partner for Kwanzaa?

They gave us Ben and Jerry's, for Blank's Sake.

Let 'em talk secession.  Bernie's got 'em reined in.

Up there in Alaska they had a firebrand governor who actually ran as McCain's VP... she voiced some pretty inCorrect, politically speaking, things on the record and off and was obviously a ridiculous redneck who wished she could have attended one of Our Nation's Finest Schools like the great and noble His Eminence B.H.Obama or even that goofy Marxist from The Green Mountain State.  She's an embarrassment to the nation, sure... but they've got that great pipeline up there and they're nice and close to Russia and we still fear the Russians... well at least some of us do... those who matter anyway.

Let 'em be nut-bar.  Push comes to shove they're still 100% behind Sammy, at least those of them who matter anyway.

The allegiance always is with Sammy.  That's what Our Federalism is about.  Clients, not a collective of equals using a powerless mediator entity.

So when Oakland CA mayor Quan says she coordinated with other states to crack down on and break up the Occupy:________ in her town just as the other coordinating Underbosses were doing in their locales, well...

...that's just Our Federalism on display.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

my youth as a hockey puck

Recorded live in his natural habitat at the Sahara in Las Vegas, Hello Dummy! captures Don Rickles at the peak of his vicious powers -- even here in 1968, the most tumultuous flashpoint in the history of American racial relations, he steadfastly remains a true equal-opportunity offender, spitting out insults with the speed and force of a rivet gun and without regard to gender, race, creed, or sexuality. Opening with a surreal rant about wife Barbara's bedroom proclivities, Mr. Warmth proceeds to rip apart the audience, from Mexicans ("If it weren't for you people, we wouldn't have filth") to blacks ("What the hell do we need the Negroes for? Oh, yeah, to have cotton in the drugstore") to Arabs ("I hope you put on your turban tonight and a cobra bites you on the neck") and seemingly everyone in between. While certainly never a comedic revolutionary on par with Lenny Bruce, Rickles somehow transcends political correctness so completely that he whips the crowd into a communal fervor worthy of a preacher.
--Jason Ankeny @, describing Hello Dummy!

slingin' it

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'tain't no poh-LEEEEESE stait man, hoooyoookiddin?

From Professor Crispy's a comment by NPR's most hated former contractor Lisa Simeone provided a link to Oakland CA mayor Jean Quan admitting that cities around the USA coordinated a crackdown on / breakup of Occupy: ______.

If you occupy our public spaces
I cannot make the trains run on time

TSA theme song

it don't work like that

Papa don't preach, I beseech you man,
Your devilish deeds teach more than a teacher can.
What have we learned? Which lessons won't stick?
Tracing the edges of wisdom and shit.

Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.
Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.

You're tracing its movements, Predict its every turn;
You watch down from above and record what you learn.
You're graphing the data and tagging up our ears.
Complex simulations with graph paper gears.

Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.
Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.

Wistful in his widows peak, So to speak, He stands.
A son confronts his father with his hat in his hands.
All the things you never could do i never can
All the things i blamed on you i see i now do too.

Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.
Knowing how the world works is not knowing how to work the world.

A handful of stories, A house full of cards,
A mouthful of sorrys, And a heart full up of scars.
I take a handful of you and you take a handful of me,
I put it in my mouth and chew it up so throughly
I learnt just one thing when i was young,
Pretend that you hate everything you love


Mr Oxtrot contacted me recently to advise that he will be teaching skiing this winter at his home ski hill.  So, we can count on a lot of non-PowerNoggin ski instruction happening this winter.

Skiers looking to have alpine skiing related to Glossy Karl or Super-Noam or the wonders of having helped elect Our First Black President are sure to be disappointed, but those who want to become better skiers without the incidental pseudo-intellectual baggage handling would be well-served to seek out Mr Oxtrot.

Friday, November 11, 2011

we are Piggy Piggy and we will make Scrapple out of YOU!

From John Robb's links today comes this wonderful bit of news:

New digital fingerprint scanner also tests your finger-sweat for drug metabolites.

Warrantless search, anyone?

Naaaah.  There's no 4th or 5th Amendment "rights" any more!  No warrant needed, no protections against self-incrimination!  It's PIGGY's world and you're just the Scrapple, bro-heem!

I would like you Chomsky Acolytes to remember that The Noam argues that technology is inherently neutral.

Therefore, this new abolition of civil rights in a technological package, it's neutral too.

So the destruction of your 4th and 5th A rights, that's done by a neutral entity and therefore not a real violation.

Clever how The Noam and his Acolytes excuse state power abuses in their subtle, "genius" ways, isn't it?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


...that if you choose to make fun of something, it actually means you want to have sex with that thing?

My Favorite Nonny Mouse suggests that if I mock something, it means I want to fuck it, and need to come out of the "closet" where I am fantasy-world-fucking-that-thing.


if I should choose to mock Hillary Clinton's bellicose powerlust, it means I actually want to fuck Hillary Clinton.


if I should choose to mock Amy Goodman's ridiculous flat, nasal, boring delivery style, it means I actually want to fuck Amy Goodman


if I should choose to mock little bio-accessory lapdogs like chihuahuas, bichon whatevers, toy poodles... it means I actually want to fuck those little dogs.

That's the Infallible Equation good old Nonny is suggesting.

It's pretty interesting, this line of suggestion.  It's supposed (by Nonny, that is) to carry some sort of insult or discomfort-making.

My only question is, why isn't it working?

a cluster of coital events

Whenever a PowerNoggin beats or humiliates his female "partner" or "life partner," he is compelled to blog about it indirectly, by posting a new "essay" where he whines like a little proto-femme about the horrific treatment accorded women in This Awful Life.

Honesty would suggest he should instead post something like this:

This morning I called my wife a stupid bitch, right after smacking her and leaving a handprint on her face. 
I did that because I'm an asshole who has no self-control.  It was like when I kicked in the face of that person who mocked my "poverty." 
But I won't write such honesty, because lying about myself and what I am, what I know, what I do... that's the fuel for my pathetic copycat blog. 
Your hero, 
Lord of the PowerNoggins.

PS:  In ancient Sumer, people like me were treated as gods on earth.  They were called Dhzakro, which translates roughly to Water that Erodes Stone. 

l'homme eau

Men raping boys is still gay sex, the man raping the boy desires male connection, else he'd be raping girls.

It's not just about power.  It's about being gay too.

Gay men will try to say that it's just about power.

Tell that to the little boy raped by the Buggering Football Coach, or NAMBLAing priest.

headless chicken

Running around screaming through his open neck "CRACKERS!"  "CHRISTERS!"  "PIGS!" as if those utterances instantly elevate him above cowardly fowl status, and make him one of the Cultural Elite Who Should Be Running America.

"Look at me!  I drink tea with a stiff extended pinky!  I know cool authors' names and the titles of their works! And I HATE HATE HATE anyone who disagrees with me and I'll rush to call them a CRACKER or CHRISTER or PIG to prove, once and for all, that I am well above them.  Because really, it's about my insecurity here!  I am microscopic and know it, but at least I'm not a crackerpigchrister!"

The more you sprint away from the rural rube ancestry, the closer you get to its supposed closed-mindedness.

Howling irony!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

danke schoen

To all you people out there raising kids and teaching them to be striving proto-yuppies, I just want to say


for fucking up America for yet another generation of egocentric externalizing show-offs who are eager to grind another human under the boot.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


one shot, one trepanation

here's a comment at Club Orlov by "x" -

To those who do not come from a long established culture; a culture that springs from the intimate contact between the people and the land on some fundamental subsistence level, the idea of soul and connection may seem odd. The outward dress, language or music of such cultures only convey the connections superficially. They are merely manifestations of a deeper, inner connection. Such things as custom, law and the such are base abstractions obscuring the significance of human relationship to that particular place on earth.

Alas, I can confirm that the connections can quickly and irrevocably be servered. It took very little time (10-15 years) for the vast majority of Irish to lose the connections as every relationship becomes commodified - often through law and statute. The wealth of local lore and knowledge is brushed aside; considered to be barbaric. As the old people, now isolated by lack of money wealth and considered obsolete, die off, the web of connections die with them. The young only know commodity as the baseline of relationships.

Surely there are many who still connect with the culture and the land, but we know we are relics. What cannot be parcelled, documented, bought, sold or securitised has no value for those in the modern and progressive society. What cannot be rationalised cannot be transacted. Transaction trumps all.

Yet, I suspect when the madness dies off and little gadgets fail to amuse anymore many people will begin to reconnect. It will take generations. Culture cannot be bought nor sold, nor does it root itself in transience. I suspect it takes hard work, and many will fail at it.
clean kill, one shot, DOA

fakin' it HUGE, bro-heem!

...totally playin' you for the fool!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

when faced with nothing to say, we should say or write something that demonstrates we still have hairs to split and thereby suggest to our audience that the ability to split hairs into ever-thinner substrands, referencing ever-more-remote bits of arcane language, concept or theory is the pinnacle of written communication

this move will endear us to those pomps who imagine themselves the highest of brows, and whose imagination in that context is fed mostly by the concept of Brilliant-by-Affiliation

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

this wisdom I leave for you, annoyed and irritated reader who visits here only to feel more hatred and dismissal toward the Stupid Redneck Who Writes This Blog.

because clearly, if he can't relate something that just happened this morning to an event in Macedonia that happened Before Hey-Zeus!, and do so in 3 dead languages,

then obviously he's an ignorant redneck with nothing to say worth reading or treating with the remotest sense of seriousness -- not serious comedy, nor serious intellectual gravitas for sure.

die wrech torr

Ain't a fool big enough to ask me to be R. Key Tekt, BA, MA, PhD, MD, LLB, MBA, LLM, sanctified and noble command-shouter and megaphone-wielder for the Occupy:________ ...err... ...aaaahhh... movement, but if'n there were I'd surely tell the fool,

stop worrying about creating hierarchies of power and emulations of current structures

stop worrying about anything except a presence that stands in stark contrast to Wage Slavery in Expensive Clothes

stop worrying about the question of "but what next?" and just do more of this, right there in their faces, contrasted to Yuppie Striving and Merit Achieving:


it wasn't cheese then

...not to a 9 year old's ears.

Monday, November 7, 2011

finally... help arrives!

Saturday was my day off the bike and I spent part of the day going to book stores.  Mostly I was killing boredom, looking at what types of craptastic palabric effluvia was being pitched to brain-dead lookers-at-pages.

What I found at one small, independent bookseller was an amazing "how-to" guide describing how to help men succeed in their heterosexual relationships.  The author's name, if I remember correctly, was Caspar Bryan.

I plunked down my $7.95 (used, paperback) and left with eagerness to get home and learn all the things I've been doing wrong since puberty.

I finished the book in probably 25 minutes.  It wasn't very long, under 100 pp.  Here's my summary of the author's points.

1) Stop being a man. Women want you to be a woman psychologically, linguistically, in all ways except corporally.  Every mote of maleness you can evict from your person is a step toward sexual success.

2) Stop thinking you have any self-centered interests in the relationship. This is probably the toughest one for men.  Men like to protect their domains and they tend to be aware of when someone or something infringes on the domain.  Women, on the other hand, want men to shift their whole domain to The Woman.  Any trace of male domain will be met with dismissal.  You'll get to buy her dinner, drinks, a movie ticket, and if you're an urbanite you get to pay for cab fare home.  She may even invite you up for a "nightcap" -- the chance to meet her precious kitty and parakeet -- but there won't be any physical interplay for you tonight, Trog-Boy.  Until you make her the center of your world and forget completely about yourself, you'll only get physical contact if she's extremely horny and desperate.  And even then you'll be derided for daring to have your own orgasm.

3) Stop living in, supporting or advancing The Patriarchy.  What bugs women more than anything is The Patriarchy.  What bugs men --near as I can tell, that is-- is the amorphous and often illogical description offered by women when asked to describe The Patriarchy.  Concede victory on this one, fellas.  The Patriarchy is whatever is pissing her off at this very moment.  The Patriarchy is what pissed her off yesterday at 3:42pm.  The Patriarchy is what made her lose her first boyfriend (in 4th grade) to Jessica Blatnik whose natural blonde hair just stole him away!  The Patriarchy is whatever will piss her off tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after.  Concede that you'll never understand The Patriarchy and must in all settings defer to Her version of what it is and why it oppresses her, and you'll have gone a long way to using tonight's condom, bro-heem!

4) Your income is her income.  If you succeed in gaining a Third Date, you need to be prepared for this one.  At some point within the timespan between meeting Her and the conclusion of the second Coital Exchange, She will have determined whether she wants to continue requiring you to put Her at the center of your world.  If you get to have two Coital Exchanges, it's a virtual certainty that she's decided in favor of you putting Her at the center of your world.  And a typical surprise passenger in this fun-filled carnival ride is the idea that since you put Her at the center of your world, your income now has become hers.  How you spend your money now is subject to her review, and critical pains are taken in the subject of how much of your income is spent devoted to Her Happiness.  Most successful relationships navigate this crucial point by having the man simply ceding all control over his income-generation but maintaining some sense of male dignity by having a joint bank account, or his-and-hers credit cards.

5) There is no difference between men and women.  This is the crux of most men's bafflement in relationships.  Men talking among themselves frequently will express confusion over how a man is supposed to always successfully guess what a woman is thinking.  Men are so confused because they foolishly think that relationships are about communication.  They're correct to assume that communication is pivotal, but they're mistaken when they assume "communication" means talking like mature adults about what matters to each communicant.  No, gents -- this is not how it works.  "Communication" in a heterosexual relationship is about ignoring what men historically have done.  All memory of finding a difference between how you did things and how your sister did things... irrelevant!  All memory of watching your father and mother see things differently... irrelevant!  What matters here most of all is that maleness is bad... very bad.  The only viable maleness allowed in your heterosexual relationship is your possession of a penis, testes, and vas deferens.  These things are required for when She wants the penis inside Her, or when She wants not only the penis inside Her, but also the penis discharging semen so that She may fulfill Her biological destiny and become pregnant.  Remember, under point (2) above, your penis serves only Her wishes.  It's just lucky digs for you that it makes urination a bit more convenient for you than it is for Her.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

hurry back across the pond, old coot. hurry now!

Al Cocky, whose difficult life of extensive privilege, access and luxury has him baffled at whether any single American knows how to live a better life than what is common in November 2011, obviously can't imagine anyone having such a clue.


Because Al Cocky hangs with Hollywood people, Wall Street people, DC people, Cambridge MA people.

Because Al Cocky himself is part of the problem.

Naturally he won't see that, which means he won't write about it because he isn't seeing it and isn't thinking about it.

Washed up has-been that never really was, the pathetic old nosher and guzzler ought to tranq himself with a valium and doze off to slumberland....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

dozen'd it

Please see Slide 12.

and here come the clowns to pile into their tiny clown car!

Chris Hedges is pimping his "rebel" cred with a media-staged arrest of himself and Cornel West, another huckster who wants Change from Within (i.e. no real fundamental changes, just "jobs" and more consumerism).

If you are impressed by Chris Hedges, you may as well side with Wall Street, because ultimately that's what Hedges and West will do.

They just want a version of Wall Street run by THEIR friends.

And I don't think THEIR friends have MY best interests in mind... and I don't know why you would assume they have YOUR best interests in mind, either.

A seasoned media stooge gets himself arrested... and many consider him heroic?

Please... more skepticism, less idolatry.

head cheese

If you're the type of human who doesn't have much of an instinct for what works and what does not, who cannot on his or her own parse the likelihoods of success in various endeavors, who lacks the imagination required to envision eventualities of a present course of action, who needs better tools and gifts for tool-using before he or she can simply look at something and say "yeah I pretty much get how that works and no, it's not gonna work for very long" because he or she can extrapolate, connect, reason, deduce and induce things from all the ideas and experiences retained in the noggin,

...then maybe you need "proof" in the way of charts, graphs and statistics?

Maybe you're that kind of "skeptic" -- the fake kind, the kind who needs someone else to tell him/her what to believe, but wants to be "skeptical" regarding which "expert" to trust.

(hint: that's not skepticism at all... that's tribalism and/or idolatry)

Yeah, maybe you're that kind of person.

If you are, you should read this guest entry at Club Orlov.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Most of my pictures from Wednesday's ride were whitewashed badly.  The white balance adjustment the camera wanted... somehow it was outside my button-pushing abilities.  Maybe I should read the manual.  Other pictures were blurry because it was pretty cold everywhere except that 10% of the time when the trail was out in a meadow under the sun.  We started early so much of the canyon was still darkened by shadows cast at the lowest levels by tall trees, and at higher levels by the canyon's walls.

Some photographers are quite a bit more adept at managing light and setting.  Here's an example of my friend Scott's work, which is much better than any of mine.

Meanwhile here's my effort in the same scree field, only I'm up-canyon from where Scott's standing in the above shot.  After riding past him here I went into the shadowed part of the field and stopped, turned around, and took 5 shots of Scott.  4 of them were throwaway and one isn't too bad, though the scale and lighting makes it tough to pick out the rider among the rocks.

Whenever I was smart enough to get the light behind me or more oblique the shots turned out better.  Like this one from early in the ride where I was just trying to figure out the white balance for the day's shots.

Part of my photography weakness is that I don't really like composition of large scaled things.  I like close-ups of things at small scale much more than I like big composition.  Or, like the picture above, I like a big feature to be sort of accidentally in the background... like a "mistake" photo... get that handlebar out of there!  It's in the way!

I really do plan them that way.  I find it's a lot easier than planning a completely clear shot composing on a big scale, but forgetting to frame it properly.  I just build the framing mistake into it.

BTW... sidebar... this is the only use of "framing" as metaphor that I find useful.  You George Lakoff worshipers who think arguments need "framing" are some seriously stupidly lousy rhetoricians.

Back to the rocks.

This arrogant rivulet is the watery remnant of the once gigantic glacier that carved this canyon out of the formations we aggressively murderous palefaces have called the Bitterroot Mountains ever since we displaced the natives.  They probably had a different name for the mountains and this canyon.

Just a few moments before we were under the tree canopy -- this is about 30 yds downslope of where I'm standing in the picture above.

So I'd have to lighten the white balance for the dark spots and then completely reverse it for places where the sun was shining in.  And if I'm out on a ride I am not thinking like a photographer I'm thinking like a bike rider who hates having his ride interrupted by camera image composition.  Which means I'm not careful about noting where on the white balance scale it looks best in Lighting Condition X, versus Condition Y, versus Condition A or Condition B.  And I'm not removing my gloves to change camera settings so I may not actually be pushing the right buttons to get the settings where I think I need them.  Also my eyesight isn't very good at near distances so I'm not really clearly seeing the camera screen's display of where on the white balance scale I'm pushing things.

I could say it was easier with 35mm film but I'd be lying.  When I took 35mm pictures I was careful about composition (you know... where's the best light and don't get washed out!) right up until I dunked my FG in a stream while fishing with a camera around my neck... which event ruined the FG and pretty much ended my film photography.  Plus I lost a roll of great images of big trout from that day.

I'm also not sure the miniature handheld camera (Canon SD1200) is tool-wise the best choice for me.  It's so small that I tend to treat it like a toy rather than a tool and so I'm not careful about using the camera settings.  The viewfinder is so tiny it encourages you to use the display rather than the viewfinder for shot framing.  It's technologically sophisticated compared to my prior camera (Canon G3) and much smaller sized... my old G3 was about the same size body as my FG, the SD1200 is about 1/3 the overall sq cm3.

It reminds me more of using a cell phone to take a picture... which I prefer to not do.

Those are the logical excuses for my impatient image-taking resulting in lousy framing and poor whitewashing or overdarking.  And this closes my lone autobiographical post for 2011.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Long ride yesterday ...maybe some pics from the ride later today?....

Until then, here's 21 minutes of mostly World Cup DH with a couple hits of World Cup 4X thrown in.