Monday, October 31, 2011

...and speaking of kitty poo

Yesterday's boskey and cobbled journey brought us across two territorial shits that looked to be large mountain cat products.  Possibly wolf though.

proportion and scale:

wrong tool for the job

Are you going to use a hammer to crack the shell on your hard-boiled egg?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

beats a Gucci bag full of kitty poo

nonny's gift in the Joe Walsh/Roy Buchanan thread:


 yes, that would indeed suggest why some would call Clapton a "God." yes it would.

 I'd like to hear the song's recording fleshed out with something more than treble ranges.

I'll take the donuts, thanks.

Asking the Govt for "fiscal responsibility" is like asking a child to stop preferring dessert over brussels sprouts.

kaw tawk

The system needs complete overhaul, not an oil change. The radiator's shot, the water pump's bearings are making noise, the engine's about to blow, the transmission slips in every gear, the u-joints are knocking, the rear end is clunking and grinding.

But let's just change the oil. And maybe the air filter.

circus maximus

...from a comment I posted at ICH:


The JOO HATERS are like little boys, first time using a hammer.

Everything looks like a nail! Smash everything! Watch the hammer's destructive force at work!

Everything looks like a nail!

If you are a JOO HATER every problem looks like it was done by EVIL JOOS. You find a way to see a Jew, or a crypto-Zionist, in everything. In another comment under this very essay, someone says Dick Cheney is a fundamentalist Christian who loves Zion! How absurd is that? Dick Cheney couldn't care less about Jesus Christ! Most politicians and business leaders who talk about Zion, or about Christianity, or Judeo-Christians ruling the world, or about the evils of Islam -- they're posing! They're saying what they think will rile up people who listen to and believe Jerry Falwell. Or Klansmen. Or Birchers. Or anyone who likes to blame those evil ____________s. (pick your favorite demon to fill in the blank)

The people who post here with their Zionism fears, their EVIL JOOS theories -- they are sad. They created a Boogeyman and now they fear the Boogeyman.

When they get thrown in jail by a hispanic National Guardsman who's never entered a church, mosque or temple, nor read the Bible or Qu'ran or Torah, nor ever had a religious thought in his life -- they'll be calling him a Zionist Jew, calling him Hymie, while being dragged off to a detention center run by a guy named Symington Winthorpe, a 4th generation Yale legacy with a clean WASP lineage going back to the Mayflower, who hates Jews.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

cuz I'm a muthafuckin redneck

...and only a redneck would like this stupid, simple guitar playing.

PowerNoggins will insist on Clapton or some such shit.  Fuck them and outside the confines of Cream, fuck Clapton.

The occasional PowerNoggin -- whose PowerNoggin-ness relates only to music -- may favor this:

Be sure to put a lace doily under your can of Rainier!

the pit viper

watt thee phoque?

As long as Americans convince themselves that air travel is a "luxury" that boosts their "image" in society, they will put up with TSA molestation and loss of privacy and restrictions on freedom to travel.

But will fear of terrrrisssssss sustain this snakepit construction?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wee Glennie, ever-shrinking.

OCL has a new essay in which he laments the loss of the Rule of Law and implies it's only recently been corrupted.

He sounds surprisingly (or not) like Betty Warren in his appeals to Our Noble System of Laws.

Blah blah blah goes the argument, with legalese-ish-ness adding fake gravitas for the non-legally-trained to be gulled and rendered self-impressed.

I offer here my comments from ICH:

Comment 1:
No, Glennie.

The legal system was not "deep sixed." It was always thus.

Greenwald wants to return to Rule of Law -- because he assumes The Law was always just and fair, and only recently has been corrupted.

Allegedly he's a lawyer, Mr Greenwald.

If he went to law school as his CV suggests, then he surely had 3 years of opportunity to learn how The Law has always been inequitable in the USA.

Dred Scott, anyone?

Buck v Bell, anyone?

Buckley v Valeo, anyone?

Citizens United v FEC, anyone?

It's not been "deep sixed," and Mr Greenwald needs to fix his mistaken fantasies about the justice and rectitude of the Rule of Law.

Like a good gatekeeper, he tells 85% of the truth in areas where his assertions are unassailable.

Then omits the 15% where the analysis leads inescapably to the same conclusion in all settings analyzing American law: that the law has always been corrupt, has always been a tool of the powerful for oppressing the poor and powerless.

Mr Greenwald needs to wake up.
And, Comment 2:
If Mr Greenwald actually understood how our Constitution was created, he would not prattle on about how "the Founders" did anything... right or wrong... good or bad.

The Founders were landed aristocrats -- well-heeled elites of the Colonies, grown rich on tobacco plantation slavery, banking, and "business."

The Founders were Federalists. They won the 12-year debate concerning how the American government should be created.

Compare the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution.

I'd like to see Mr Greenwald make that comparison, and continue defending the Constitution as he has been since he began his role-playing at Political Pundit.

I'd like to see him excuse the creation of a 2-house Congress with nearly full control vested in the Senate -- where the Articles suggested a single house, a house of commons, with no aristocratic Senate.

I'd like to see him excuse the watering-down of state sovereignty in the interest of the Federalist approach to powerful centralized Fed Govt.

Actually... I've seen him make those excuses, time and again, in his many poorly-reasoned and weakly-argued Political Pundit essays.

If more Americans were trained in the law, Greenwald would not be popular as a "legal expert." His supposed "expertise" is in self-promotion, and writing bafflegarb.

He's a pretender.

Friday, October 21, 2011

apparently elephant season is closed

I notice that OCL's essays are more empty and useless now that he can't just focus on Evil Rethuglicans.

Maybe his heart's Donkey Tattoo will actually be removed by the disappearance of difference between Elephant and Donkey.

Meanwhile he should put his elephant gun in its case, and check his eyeglass Rx.  I think it needs more power.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wimpy weasel ferret-faced flopper

Lardies and grumps,

As a lifelong practitioner of sarcasm, I am familiar with the pretentious pedant who feigns frightened fainting at the path-crossing of sarcasm and serious treatment of serious issues.

And therefore, when I post something such as:
buttered toast is a Democrat-loving statist who pretends at Marxism because it pulls chicks at freshman parties

lotta notches in BT's bedpost thanks to Glossy Karl!
I'm nearly always expecting that some "feminist" will take Unprecedented Umbrage at my use of "chicks" and the suggestion that men and women actually have sex and that certain men will consider the act a conquest of some kind. That is pretty much the reason why I used the term "chick" and talked about the notched bedpost.

Only a whacked-out feminist would read my quoted remark as disparaging women, instead of understanding it as disparaging the man who treats women that way... who plays at the Deep Sage in order to gain access to yet another sexual conquest. Inevitably, a "feminist" will have to lecture me with snide disdain, as does one of my regular Toobz enemies, the Saintly and Noble "Brian M" --
Karl: I imagine being an all-purpose dour fundamentalist curmudgeon who hates everyone for not being pure enough attracts a certain kind of "chick" as well, right?
Instead of getting the point of my remark about "buttered toast", the Heroic Uber-Feminist "Brian M" thinks he's claiming a victory over Yrs Trly on behalf of Feminists Everywhere. Nice work, Briney-o'-the-Sea. Excellent work. Keep things salty, bro!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

whistling over the goalie's shoulder

I still remember my first lacrosse goal.  It was more impressive than my first soccer goal at age 8.  Loose ball about 15 yards out in front of the crease, I scooped it quickly and fired it just past the goalie's off-side shoulder before he could even react.  The deflection of the net behind him was a slow-motion display of congratulation.

Not-so-irrelevant point:  the opposing team was Carnegie-Mellon University, technodweebs seeking to become their generation's Jobs or Gates.

This I raise to reiterate my end zone dance post, and to re-emphasize the bullshit purveyor status of the "savior" that is Betty Warren.  Justin Raimondo gives the latest update on Superstepford Superwife here.

You STUPID motherfucking pwoggies, libbies, feminists!  Get a fucking clue already.

more on Get Smart

The comedy of Buck Henry pretty much ruled my early youth.  I still remember the first time I saw Get Smart in its original prime-time evening slot, and how much my brother and I howled at the opening segment's closing scene, Max dropping through the floor of a phone booth to enter CONTROL's HQ.

I remember the different cars driven by Max in that opening segment.  "Look!  He got a new car!" I said to my brother the first time I saw it change from a Sunbeam Tiger to an Opel GT.

Last night I got together with some old friends.  A couple I knew back in my corporate lawyer days recently moved out here, and visiting them was a classmate from ancient papyrus school whom I hadn't seen for 20 years.  She talked about living in NY state near the Gunks, but commuting to NYC and what effect that had on her willingness to socialize.  She used a Get Smart metaphor -- she said that after dealing with so many humans between home and work (or vice versa) she just wanted a Cone of Silence.

But this post isn't about YLT or the Cone of Silence.

Instead, it's about CONTROL.

And I don't mean the agency Max worked for.  I mean the impulse to be the boss of another, or group of others.


What I am noticing in the Occupy:_________ events that are popping up everywhere is the Armchair QBing practiced by so many people who seem to fancy themselves "organizers" of things like "movements."

Their urge to control others strikes me as authoritarian in impulse and mental-construct-origin.  They need to direct others, command them, orchestrate them.

But only from a blogging chair with a keyboard and computer at the ready, in service of the Field General's motives.

What I am noticing, in other words, is how much disorganization is a bugaboo for these little pretenders at poltroon-of-the-putsch.

What I am noticing is the reason why anarchism is frightening for so many.


For as long as I can remember, I've been keen on wingin' it in as many dimensions of life as possible.  The Boy Scout motto of "be prepared" used to always cause me to say, "prepared for what?"  So many things to prepare for, conceivably... the energies get diverted, most of them wasted, in paranoid defense of what if?

When I was a litigator, I would prepare in a unique way compared to most fellow lawyers in my firm. I didn't script my arguments at all. What I did was learn the landscape of the issues, learn it well, and then accept the fact that I couldn't anticipate every Q by the judge, or every argument by my adversary, with enough precision to actually write a responsive argument in preparation-script.

What I did was rely on my ability to wing it from a substantively prepared stance. Procedurally I would wing it. I didn't need to memorize a script. I only had to understand the landscape. It served me pretty well, I guess. Lots of happy clients in my archives. Lots of happy employers. A good number of defeated adversaries, a fine count on the deposition witnesses who gave up more than they probably should've.


When the self-appointed Master Strategists of Revolution write harangues on their blogs, armchair-directing (or so they think) the participants of Occupy:_________, I see only a bunch of wannabes.

I see them as I used to see the Poindexters who never played a sport, but wanted to argue sports statistics to "prove" who was (for example) the best Third Baseman in the American League during Brooks Robinson's time.



Quibbling little quislings.

ms peebles

No message intended, no real losses felt at my end of the world.  I just woke up with this song knockin' around in my noggin.  I think it's because we've had a fair amount of rain here lately, especially Sunday when I was kinda itchin' to ride.  Strange that I remember this song from my childhood, remember it well enough to have it haunt me when I wake up to rain when preferring to ride.

Not raining this AM, shaping up to be an un-seasonal day in the 60s with blue sky and sun.  The bike will see some trail time today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

regarding Sibel Edmonds

I think if she wants Boiling Frogs to do well, she needs to get off her idea of charging people money.

Not everyone's a "professional" like she and her husband. The people who need information usually don't have spare coin.

Isn't she paying attention to what's going on in America?

Or is she just ignoring that?

Isn't her husband making income right now?

Seems to me she's pulling an Arianna Huffington. I'd like to be wrong about that, though.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

of course

One of my favorite Python skits.

Which of Idle and Cleese is funnier here?

And why?


This one's another favorite.

Especially the end bit with Cleese.

like watching an old episode of Get Smart

...when Dick Gautier was Hymie and usually found in a trash can or airport locker.

tales from the Grand Guignol

Perhaps the Occupy:_________ impulse could follow this, rather than Frat Boy Taibbi's "suggestions".



In honor of my return to trail riding last weekend, I offer this video of Cesar Rojo following Fabien Barel:

Barel retired from UCI World Cup Men's Elite DH racing at the end of this year's season. Rojo is the designer of the Mondraker line of bikes, who sponsored Barel in 2011 and 2010. Both of them are on Mondrakers here.

Barel's riding is controlled and explosively fast! I'd wager he has this trail memorized -- and if he doesn't, I'm even more amazed at his skills than already... and I was damned amazed already.


Either one of these guys is more impressive than a upper-class poseur-at-poverty who posts preaching harangues on his PowerNoggin blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the Marxist scholar/professor

ever angling for the position of Pocket Dictator, the Marxist professor busily writes a historical syllogism on the blackwhiteboard:

They call me Louis.  Louis Proyect.

"...and so, class (snicker snicker), you can see the Hegelian dialectic of historicity confronting religion and resulting in a need to blame the Evil Rethuglicans while seeking a position in the Coordinating Class from which we can direct the outcome of the Workers' Revolution without having to dirty our own hands and clothes.  Truly, an epicurian can be a revolutionary while drinking fine wines and eating exquisite meals made from rare ingredients.  He only has to do three things: (1) stop buying items with conspicuous logos, (2) operate a blog where he condescends to anyone who doesn't love Karl Marx like we do, and (3) blame everything he doesn't like on Republicans, reactionaries, and misogynists.  Viva la revolucion!"

be a slave to history

...and do it because "Marxists" say historicity and facticity are your liberators.


I'd like to hear at least one semi-conscious person say why "history" is important to the "Occupy Wall Street" activity.

When someone's about to get pepper-sprayed by a copper, how will "history" protect him/her from the capsids irritating the tear ducts, nasal mucosae, etc?

When someone's tent is ruined and sleeping bag torn apart by coppers on a rampage, how will "history" shelter the victim from the weather, and how will "history" keep the victim warm against the cooler night temps?


The over-emphasis of "history" and its supposed importance/relevance is offered by those who call themselves "scholars" or "teachers" in the field of "history."  They want to interpose their own view, to make themselves relevant and important as the battleground shifts, as the social fabric tears.

They want to be the Directors.

They want to be the Dictators.

They want to tell YOU how to live.

They aren't very good at living, these fans of "history."  What they are good at doing:  avoiding reality in favor of studying the past; projecting the past into the future without imagination or grounding in reality; idolizing figures from "history" as if there are no options other than to replicate what the "historian" says was, is, and always shall be.

I suggest you "Marxists" and fans of "history" should just stay home and feed your pet chinchillas.  You're not cut out for action.  You're better off staying as sedentary, lame, and old-before-your-time.

legends, fables, and trinkets

Whenever the Lord of the PowerNoggins tells us "he walked the youngest to school today," here's what I read:

I walked my youngest to school today.


I walked my youngest of 5 pet chinchillas to the Primrose Pet Obedience School today, where Flossy (the chinchilla in question) is learning how to eat a Vegan Diet and love it.  We've been feeding our chinchillas an exclusively vegan diet, using rare herbs flown in from Paraguay at $100/oz.

Those crazy PowerNoggins and their Upscale Consumerist Lifestyles really do show the rest of us what "anarchism" is all about, don't they?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

our Black Savior POTUS is a brownshirt

Nikk just posted a video about Our Glorious Post-Racism First Articulate Black POTUS jumping onto a hard-line stance about cannabis.

A couple years ago, my town started in on the medical MJ business gig.  Around the same time, First Black POTUS announced a position which waffled on the status of med MJ around the country.  My friends who enjoy MJ asked me if I intended to get a Card.  I said that I would not because from First Black POTUS's perspective, he's playing the see-saw pivot position so that he can later use Med MJ to identify evil Americans as criminals, and MJ growers and suppliers as doubly-evil -- even if in their states Med MJ was sanctified.

Watch as our noble Black POTUS and AG use Med MJ to ferret and snuff MJ growers, distributors and users.

Brownshirt Blacks are so fucking cool.

don't pay it forward

Friday, October 7, 2011

Crackie's petty dictatorship of minute differences

Crackie continues to try to "defeat" me wherever he sees my comments.  He immediately drops "technical distinctions" after my comments, either because he's too fucking stupid to think broadly, or because he's so damned petty that his only move is to pot-shot at me, rather than address broader issues.

He's about as petty as a pseudo-intellectual gets.  It's gotta be Crackie's way, or no way.  That's his schtick, Pocket Dictator.

Grow up, Crackie.  Grow the fuck up.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

dunkin' 'em, with Monopoly

I think the various OWS groups should start giving donuts to the big-bellied coppers who "stand guard" over the OWS participants. Lots of donuts.

The method of delivery should be up to those doing the giving.

Me, I think there should be a game... like the quoits games from the old boardwalk vendors I remember as a kid. Toss the donut onto the copper's baton, win a prize... a Get Out of Jail Free card.

hey Leftist!

If you want to put me in my place, come on a bike ride with me... and out-ride me.

Come ski with me, and out-ski me.

Or write something that's original.

But don't call me a "reactionary," and think that you've humbled me or taken me down a few pegs.

I don't give a hoot about the label "reactionary." It doesn't influence me one way or another. Doesn't make me question my outlook. Doesn't reduce the quality of my insights. Doesn't make me dumber than you.

What it really does, Leftist, is expose you for what you are: a childish dreamer with a religious faith in "progress," in technology, in centralized power and authority.

You are no different from those who presently hold power. There is but a technical, formal distinction between you and them. And it is this:

you simply aren't in power right now.

If you were in power, it would be a lot like what we have now. Only you'd be punishing those you consider "right wing" or "reactionary."

And you'd be murdering fetuses by the score, for their stem cells in their fetal tissue... to "save lives."

You're as bloodthirsty and power-lusting as those now in power.

So don't think you're humbling me.

You can't even compete with me.

You're not even in the game.

Oh... and PS:

Don't call yourself a "cynic" if you can't even be the tiniest bit cynical about your own absurd goals and agenda. And if the best you can do to disparage me is suggest that I'm a "racist" who "defends whitey," you're doing a bang-up job of straw-man building and burning-down... so congratulations on that!

it has to die.

Technophiles are so because they love imagining that humans have conquered nature, improved upon it, made it a utopian human dream.

They fear death, so they love "modern medicine" and all the ways people can have their lives prolonged.

They'll murder baby humans to get fetal tissue for stem cell experimentation, claiming "it saves human lives."

Now isn't that a massive fucking irony?

Especially when it's uttered by someone who bitches, keens and wails about the US military "destroying a village to save it."


What's that, Ochstradt?

Are you calling me a hypocrite?

...uh... yes. Yes indeed. I surely am. If the shoe fits.


Capitalism is dead. The signs are all around.

It's not dead because Glossy Karl said it would die.

It's not dead because Marxists say Glossy Karl said it would die.

It's not dead because post-Marxists say the only thing Marxists got right is that Glossy Karl said it would die.

It's dead because it's a self-cannibalizing system.

It is to societies what AIDS and other auto-immune diseases are to the human body.


My dog is an amazing creature. More feral than tamed and domesticated, she has her own mind. Treating her as a dumb animal who must obey the Superior Human simply yields resistance or outright defiance.

The only way to get along with her is to understand her -- what motivates her, what makes her do anything.

This was a challenge that I welcomed. I voluntarily took it on.

The first two years with her were a frustrating experience. She would leap the fence of my yard and wander. I'd take her on hikes or bike rides and she'd disappear.

One time, very early on, I took her to play folf in a remote area. Midway through the round she spied a spotted fawn barely bigger than she is, and went into predator mode. The fawn made an ungodly sound of fear. Luckily for the fawn I was reasonably close by and could catch the dog and stop her. No blood was shed. No skin was pierced.

Yet she is not aggressive with me, nor with other dogs, nor with children... as long as they treat her gently.


She is pretty old now. The black hairs around her face are turning white. Arthritis in her right hip is slowing her down. She can't really run any more, not for very long. Not like the full sprints she used to do while chasing down a frisbee or thrown ball. Nothing like that.

I realize that if she were not my animal companion and were living in the wild, it's possible she'd be dead already, unable to catch any prey for sustenance because of her hobbled hip. She might have been killed by a pack of other dogs, and become the prey herself.

I recognize this.

I have no plans to prolong her life. I've watched others sustain their dogs well past The Time. The dog has a glazed look in the eyes, an emptiness not really betrayed by the wobbly, shaky movements it makes while trying to live to please its human companion.

I won't put her in that place. I won't keep her alive just because I want her to live forever, or because I can't bear the idea of confronting her mortality.


Our consumerist society must die. Right now it's been on life-support, artificially sustained, for at least 2 decades and probably more like 4 decades.

People rush out to buy a Kindle, get in line for the iPhone4, hurry to the Gadget Dealer to get a new TV. They think that this cornucopia of electronic devices is "proof" that America is vital and thriving, that their consumerist ways are THE ways to live.

They put a child in a competitive college, and tell themselves they are preparing for the future.

While ignoring the unemployed all around them.

Many of whom are well-educated with degrees from fancy institutions.

The parchment isn't a security blanket. It won't keep you warm when the nights grow cold. It surely won't do much when BOTH days and nights are cold. And you can only burn it once for fire warmth.

The electronic gadgets don't give off much heat and they aren't edible.

That swanky new Flexi-Fuel Vehicle you just bought, thinking you were prepared for the high fuel prices that you think might happen just in case that "peak oil nonsense" is true -- it's not doing you any good, really. It was a last-ditch effort, a last Big Ticket Item bought in hopes that consumerism really is The Way.

It all has to die. It has to die because it's destroying the planet we live on.

It has to die because it's killing us.

Make the choice.

Step away.

your favorite band sucks

...and mine doesn't.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

nice move, hipster

Earlier this evening, nyctaper posted a recording of Explosions in the Sky from this past Monday night. In the descriptive paragraph is this great bit of it's all about me and my needs hipsterism:

An Explosions In The Sky concert can be an emotional experience simply because of the depth and breadth of the music created on stage. At Wellmont Theatre on Monday night, EITS performed a ninety-minute set of their post-rock mini-symphonies to a rapt audience. There were a few hoots and some random clapping, but for the most part the 2000 capacity crowd were mesmerized. Inexplicably, there was a toddler in the balcony and at the most quiet moments of the music, she could be heard throughout the theatre.

In the context of public entertainment, there's pretty much nothing worse than an arrogant person/couple who brings WonderBaby to a movie, or concert, or play, or other place where there's an audience and a performance and the audience could benefit greatly from silence to catch the subtler, quieter moments of the performance.

It's really really really really really really really really really fucking easy to choose the right thing in this situation: you either don't go to the show because WonderBaby is too young to be left with a sitter, or because you can't find a sitter, etc... or... you find someone to watch WonderBaby while you go to the show.

Just because you are AMAZED by the INCREDIBLE BRILLIANCE AND CUTENESS of your WonderBaby doesn't mean that everyone else is, or will be.

Especially when WonderBaby is being noisy during quiet moments of a performance on-stage or on-screen.

Especially then.

The world doesn't revolve around you, Hipster. Try thinking of others for a change. I realize that Parenthood is a Noble Profession and all that... and that you're Changing the World by bringing WonderBaby into it... and that Tomorrow's Hope is in Today's Children... but really... do you have to fuck up everyone else's enjoyment of a show just so you can attend... or in the weirdest sort of Hipster Arrogance... just so WonderBaby can be immersed in "the experience"?

Have a little thoughtfulness for someone other than yourself, Hipster.

end zone dance

Fuckin' told you so, you eedjit merit-baby worshiping "leftists" and "progressives" and "Coffee Party Members" and "cracker"-haters and "Christer"-haters.

I told you Bettybitch Warren was a fucking poseur bureaucrat, a Play-By-The-Rules-and-Respect-the-Rules-Even-When-Oppressive sort of Stepford Wife on Steroids.

You fucking morons! You idiotic, clusterfucking, Goo-Goo droolers!

Fucking lower your standards, 'cuz you're a "Feminist" 'n' shit. And praise her 'cuz she's a woman. Like women can't be raving lunatics, murderers, or sycophantic apologists for torture and oppression. Like women are above and beyond criticism. Like her tepid promise to "protect the middle class" means ANYTHING at all!

You fucking eedjits!

I fucking told you so!

Christ, even this pwogmaster gets it!

my favorite thing about "intellectuals"

It's the way their competitive urges are displayed through "withering putdowns" that only they understand and appreciate, because they are from some absurdly obscure niche of data within an exceedingly narrow field of study read and understood by perhaps 28 human beings.

From an early age, they feared all physical activity and avoided athleticism because it revealed them for what they were: spindly, pale creatures whose only connection to sports was the memorization of statistics from their chosen Big Sport, in which they had a Favorite Team about which they knew all minutiae about every single player, coach, manager, farm team, and home field(s).

They'd "compete" with the actual players of sports by debating statistics-based "issues" like who was the best 1st baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Their arguments would be about batting averages, earned run averages, bases on balls. Not the actual athleticism of any player. Not the stuff you can watch, the things that make each player unique. Nope. It's about statistics.

When they grow up, these Poindexters become such things as economists, or sociology professors teaching Marx-based curricula. And they get into blog wars with people like me, where they issue what they consider conclusive put-downs like calling me a "treyf."

I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone use the term "treyf," but I'll guess it's Yiddish and spoken regularly among those who followed the Brooklyn Dodgers right up until they moved to Los Angeles where all the former Brooklynese children of fetlock-sporters gravitated to make money in the movies. The Hollywood titans of the first half of the 20th C stole their childhood heroes (Dodgers) right out from under the asses of their fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers, nephews. Just to have a little piece of Brooklyn in SoCal.

I suppose I should feel hurt, wounded, diminished by knowing that in some circles, a "treyf" somehow is a minimized human.

Like Crackie Blowbar calling me a "little man" or a "reactionary," and thinking that would hurt me.

I think I'd actually have to care at least one smidgen about being a "big man" or a "non-reactionary" or whatever isn't a "treyf," before any of those terms could possibly sting in any way.

Instead, they just cause me to pity the poor Poindexters who think that they're insulting me.

They may as well reference some bad character from Dungeons and Dragons, or one of the "bad guys" from the Harry Potter legend.

Do I care that it goes whooshing over my head?

Uh... nope.

But at least it gives me something to write about while I continue my present bout of writer's block.

celebrating a stalker

A little poof is stalking me again. 

here little poofy pomeranian!  I have a surprise for you!

I'm gonna punt your poofy little lapdog self right through the goal posts!  3 points with a poofy pomeranian!

"You can't kick me very far, Ochstradt.  I weigh only 4 pounds."

cobwebs and must

A few years ago I used to pass idle time by reading entries like these at SWPL, mainly because I assumed Christian Lander knew me (meaning: my online persona) and was stealing my publicly stated sarcastic rips on eedjit pwoggies, lib-wools and other isomers of the merit-baby human form:

#101 Being Offended "As a rule, white people strongly prefer to get offended on behalf of other people."

#88 Having Gay Friends "Gay friends are an essential part of a white person’s all-star diversity roster. But they are always on the lookout for the ultimate friend; a gay minority."

#73 Gentrification "In general, white people love situations where they can’t lose. [P]erhaps the safest bet a white person can make is to buy a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood."

#62 Knowing What's Best for Poor People "It is a poorly guarded secret that, deep down, white people believe if given money and education that all poor people would be EXACTLY like them."

#60 Toyota Prius "The Prius might be the most perfect white product ever. It’s expensive, gives the idea that you are helping the environment, and requires no commitment/changes other than money."

I'm a little surprised Lander didn't find a spot for Feminism or Marxism.  Were I writing such a list, they'd have been in the first 20 or so things I listed.

Bell and Howell

Lewie Projectionproblem needs to shut his fucking yap about Occupy Wall Street (or Boston, or wherever).

Fucking Lewie, get a fucking clue: Glossy Karl is dead, we don't give a fuck about his pretentious prose, we don't give a fuck about YOUR pretentious prose, and your complaints that this isn't going Per Marxist Managerial Dictates are just a bunch of fucking static in the airwaves.

Shut your pretentious, Prison Pussy yap, you clusterfuckingly obtuse and irrelevant idiot.

six strings, pure power, exemplary emotion

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


time to nap, Raul

Ralph Nader needs to retire from public opinion-spouting.

Masters of the repeated lying sound byte, the craven Congressional Republicans are feasting on the health and safety of the American people with gleeful greed while making the corporate and trade association media swoon. “Job-killing regulations,” exudes daily from the mouths of Speak John Boehner, his Wall Street-licking side-kick Eric Candor[sic] and Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell.

* * *

Wake up Democrats. Learn the political art of truthful repetition to counter the cruelest Republicans who ever crawled up Capitol Hill. You’ve got massive, documented materials to put the Lie to the Republicans.

President Obama should set an example. For instance, on September 2, 2011 President Obama fell for the regulation costs jobs lie. He said: “[I] have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover.”

Ralphie sometimes strikes me as a fairly intelligent man. Sometimes. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

Obama can't "set an example" of the type Ralphie wants because Ralphie has made some fundamental mistakes here: he has assumed that the Repubs are bad and the Dems are good -- good, but flawed by cowardice or intimidation from the Repubs.

This is bullshit.

There's no evidence that the Dems want things other than as they are going. No evidence at all.

There's no evidence that the Dems are being cowed and intimidated. None at all.

There's no evidence that the Repubs are the only ones responsible for the present drift.

And there's no evidence that Obama wants to do things differently, but is being convinced otherwise by a "lie," or is being intimidated by some awesome force wielded only by Repubs.

Like quite a few other pundits, Ralphie is working the angle to try to help the Dems for the 2012 elections. That's the only possible avenue for him, because he's not stupid enough to believe the Dems are noble but misled, nor that the Repubs are the only bad guys here, nor that Obama has been bullied or deceived.

What Ralphie's suggesting is that Obama and the Dems would do differently if it weren't for those dastardly Repubs.

And unfortunately there's no evidence to support Ralphie's theories.

Ralphie needs to be put out to pasture. He can't run with the thoroughbreds any more.

con / verse

X:  Say, Ochstradt... why are you such a misogynist?

O:  You know, X, that the accusatory slant of your "question" is a very old lawyer's trick that really doesn't work that well.  But could you answer for me, when did you stop sodomizing the parakeet you keep in that fine gilded cage in your living room?

X:  I don't fuck birds!

O:  Sure, you say that now.  It's the obvious denial.  Anyone would deny it.  Especially the guilty.

X:  You can ask the bird!

O:  I doubt you speak bird, X. 

X:  You don't either! 

O:  I don't know about that.  I've never studied birds very closely.  I do understand canine communication, and I assume I'd understand avian communication if I studied it with the same focus and discipline.

X:  But you don't understand Marx.  And I do.

O:  He's dead, and he's irrelevant.  Why would I want to study him?

X:  Because he holds the secrets of the universe in his writing.

O:  You're quite a projector!  Do you ever talk without implicitly inflating yourself in the bargain?

X:  You're just jealous!

O:  Oh this is keen, this line of conversation.  I think the audience would appreciate it if you stopped being "subtle" and started being more direct.  But then, it would cease being a conversation.  I'd say something and then you'd reply, consistently, "I'm better than you!"  The conversation quickly becomes pointless.

X:  I'm still better than you.

O:  And I still don't care.  At all. 

X:  So... you admit I'm better than you?

O:  Yes.  Certainly.  Absolutely.  You're the best, the best ever.  At everything.  You're so good, so superior, that everyone wants to commit suicide when entertaining comparisons against you.  Your skills and wisdom are so exemplary that all eyes and ears are turned toward you, always.  You are, in short, a God.  Or at least a Gulliver among Lilliputians.  But honestly, I prefer the "God" idea over the "Gulliver" one.  Mainly because I think worshiping you would be quite uplifting for humanity.

X:  Thank you for recognizing my superiority.

O:  Of course.  I'm not fit to shine your shoes.

X:  Now we're getting somewhere!

O:  Please don't hold the destination from our audience.  Keep it a secret from me, but to advance the plot you should tell them.  Then you build tension around the stupidity of my character.  When will he see what's happening?

X:  Probably never.

O:  That's the spirit!

X:  I'd hate to be as naive and simple as you.

O:  Of course you would. 

X:  You don't know anything worth knowing.

O:  No, I don't.  That's true. 

X:  So why do you blog?  Every post of yours is an indictment of your ignorance.  Most are mean-spirited and bigoted.  The others are just stupid.  And you talk about athletics as if they are important to adults.

O:  I'm sorry.  Yes, I realize that athletic participation is reserved for childhood, and that adults are supposed to do "mature" things like compete with each other over who has the finest parchments, whose SUV cost more, whose political views are superior, whose cultural tastes are more refined, who reads the best works of fiction.  It's obvious that I'm a child whose presence in this adult world is straining the world's collective tolerance.  In fact, I'm lucky to still be alive.

X:  But it's your misogyny that is most embarrassing and pitiful.  You are just a dumb teenage cave-man.  It's obvious you hate women.  Hate them, and fear them.

O:  Yes.  Obviously.  Mainly because you say so, and you're a God.

X:  And you take every opportunity to degrade them.  Look at what you've been saying about Elizabeth Warren.  I'm surprised you haven't called for her murder.

O:  Are you?

X:  Am I what?

O:  Are you surprised?

X:  Yes.  Very.

O:  Why is that?

X:  Your posts suggest you want to kill all women.

O:  Really?  I didn't... hmmmm... well... obviously I've got a blind spot, being the writer and all.  So could you give me one example?

X:  Well... there's that one post... the one where you... wait, let me go find it.

O:  Take your time.  I'm not going anywhere.

X:  It's that one where you were talking about... hold on... I think I... no, that's not it.  SHIT!  Where did it go?  You must have deleted it!

O:  No, I don't think so.  I've never deleted any posts.  I've deleted drafts, and I've deleted comments.

X:  THAT's what it was!  It was a comment!  A comment by you, responding to a comment by a woman.

O:  And you know I was responding to a comment by a woman... how, exactly?  How do you know the comment was written by a woman?

X:  The commenter's name was a female name.

O:  I see.

X:  And therefore it was by a woman.

O:  I'm wondering if you have ever thought about the possibility that a man can post using a woman's name as a comment "handle."  But then, you're the God, and since that makes you... well... you know... omniscient and all... I'll have to defer to your portrayal.  Okay, let's assume there was a comment by woman, and... what next?

X:  You made fun of her.  Dismissed her.

O:  Yes.  I probably did.  I do that a lot.

X:  SEE!  That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about!  You are mean to women!

O:  But I'm "mean" to men as well.  I don't really distinguish.

X:  Stop weaseling out of your guilt!  You clearly hate women! 

O:  What are you suggesting I do?

X:  Show them some respect.  Show them some deference.

O:  I respect plenty of people, X.  Usually, though, the respect is based on knowing them personally and knowing their values, and how their behavior squares with their values.

X:  So you don't respect everyone?  You don't treat everyone with respect?

O:  No, I don't.  And I'm willing to go out on a limb and suggest that maybe you don't either.

X:  What do you mean?  I respect everyone!

O:  Except those "crackers."  And those "Christers."  What are those two labels about, anyway?

X:  Oh you know.  You know very well what they are.  Don't play ignorant.

O:  But you spent the first 5 minutes of this conversation establishing my ignorance... and now you want to reverse course?  That's ...uh... strange.  Inconsistent. 

X:  I'm just saying that it's so obvious even an idiot like you would know it.

O:  Look at you!  Still patting yourself on the back!

X:  What do you mean?  I'm giving you the credit of knowing what I'm talking about.

O:  By calling me an idiot.

X:  Well, that's what you are.  You even admitted it earlier.

O:  Yes.

X:  So you are an idiot, aren't you?

O:  If you say so.

X:  I do say so.  Anyone who hates women like you must be an idiot.

just another day

I woke at 6:30 this morning.  By 7:30 I'd translated into Portuguese the whole of Dante Alighieri's written output, and that's by doing it the long way around:  reading the original Italian, translating into American English, then from the AE into Portuguese.  Between 7:30 and 9:00 I performed surgery on a neighborhood raven whose right wing had been broken, and on a neighborhood dog who needed 3 teeth extracted. Then between 9:00 and 10:00 I wrote 4 novels.  With my left hand.  Longhand.  Using lemon juice.  Later today I'll hold the pages over a mild flame to expose the writing.

Between 10:00 and now, I was building a couple of houses, one on each side of my own abode.  The left side house is a 3-story thing built from corncobs and old bicycle tires.  The right house is a rambler made from recycled PVC plumbing.  Each one already has won 17 design awards.

This afternoon I'm going to serve as a stunt-man in a Hollywood summer movie blockbuster scheduled to be screened in 2013.  Can't tell you any more about it, but I can say my stunts are first-rate and the centerpiece of the action scenes. 

Between 4pm and dinner time, I'm going to grow some soybeans in my new accelerated-growth air-garden.  You've heard of hydroponics?  Well, I condense and concentrate airborne nutrients and direct them toward the seeds' first root-sprouts.  The growth rate is 250,000,000 times that of the most efficient soil or water medium.  Oh, and it doesn't need any light.

For dinner I'll be preparing soy-burgers that taste better than the finest grass-fed beef.  And I'll do it without cooking utensils or fire or other heat. 

After dinner I'll be lecturing to a group of 30,000 people on the implications of establishing various internet personae.  They each paid $2,395.00 to attend.  I'm donating the money to a local food bank for the homeless.

Between the lecture and bed-time, I'll be researching the next big Energy Source that can power people's SUVs, plasma TVs, iPhones, and home computers.  It will be a flexible source of energy -- no matter what the climate, what the geography, what the elevation of the locus, the energy will be found, harnessed and delivered for under 1/100th of the "cost" of wind, water or solar power.

It's a tough life, but someone has to live it.  Be thankful it's me and not you.

Monday, October 3, 2011

not mine

The fact that America is fascist police state (and has been for many years now) is coming out on the world wide web. Also the realization that the traditional "fourth estate" was bought and taken over by the power mongers who continue to operate them as a propaganda tool ever increasingly since 11/22/1963. The revolution WILL be televised but the images will not reflect any 'reality' that the powerful don't approve. There is no longer a 'rule of law' and an ARMY of police will ever increasingly face off with young citizens who realize they have nothing more to lose and stand up to "lawful authority" in the Streets. These are 'Political arrests' and the pepper spray in the faces of young girls are 'Political attacks'. The goverment and especially the 'Judiciary' are fascist monsters who are unoriginal Hitler copycats. The kids are alright because they realize the most dangerous terrorists are Americans wearing robes and badges hellbent on protecting the banks that have become the secret wizzard leaders of oue so called transparent democracy. Expect many to be shot with 'probable cause' as defined in the 'second set of books' they have replaced the Constitution with.

from Prof Crispy's, this is a comment by Rik Little

okay, gwamps

if someone calls you "chappy," you can bet he is at least 70 years old and at least upper-middle class.

(that's the cultural timing and locus of that word)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

a one-dimensional mind sees only one-dimensional solutions

...that is all.

Crackie Blowbar = movie star!

Jack Crow sports a ponytail:


The idea that "feminism" is needed holds one glaring flaw: it assumes that everyone who needs to adopt "feminism" presently denigrates women -- demeans them, rapes them, beats them, diminishes their stature below what it naturally would be.

I don't like it much when someone misunderstands the point of this blog, and comes in here, verbal pea-shooters firing as rapidly as possible, projecting "MISOGYNIST!" as if the pot-shotter knows me, knows how I interact with humans in actual life, knows how I've behaved in girlfriend relationships, knows how I've behaved in social settings involving women and girls.

Words on a blog page are just that: words on a blog page. They aren't a map to the conscience and psyche of the person who posts them. Norman Lear wrote the character of Archie Bunker and did it with zest and zeal. Does that mean Lear was a narrow-minded, bigoted white man who made excuses for The Patriarchy? Or could it be that Lear simply had observed enough from other humans to be able to write such a character?


Blog readers habitually seem (at least among the drive-by pot-shotters who visit here, that is) to think that MY BLOG has to suit THEIR wishes and has to be written as THEY would write it.

I have an invitation to those assholes: go write your own blog, where you can attack me and my posts, and the imagined psyche that you have projected onto me.

When you do your ring-and-run, dropping a Gucci bag full of dainty little kitty poo on my front stoop, lighting it aflame, and running away to cower behind your anonymity or made-up comment persona, you're not "proving" that I'm a "misogynist" or "homophobe" or "bigot." All you're doing is telling me that such negative personae are what you imagine me to harbor... and that you lack the imagination, perceptiveness, cleverness and insight to consider that your first impression is wrong.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is the best online version I could find. Not quite as good as the version on Semi-Detached Mock Tudor -- but I say that only because the acoustics here are pretty inferior; in this mix Michael Jerome is drowning out RT, Pete Zorn and Danny Thompson. The quality of both solos here is musically better, but the sonics of the video are 3d rate because it's so drum-dominant with inaudible bass and rhythm guitar.

Semi-Detached Mock Tudor is the best live RT album I have, and I have five of them, two of which are old bootleg cassettes, the other 3 I got from RT's own e-store.


This song reminds me much more of the present.

Richard Thompson, Gethsemane

Among the headstones you played as boys
Crypts and tombs like a roomful of toys
Just up the river from a smoke and the noise

And there's war-whoops and secret signs in the trees
Estuary smells coming up on the breeze
Oh, perfect endless days like these
Oh, Gethsemane, Gethsemane

Sailboat on the cadie, push bike on the quay
In your eyes there's fire, in your hand destiny

Oh, be something, be something fine, fine

Down the river, into the noise and the smoke
Being daring with the staring, uncaring folk
Laugh with you, laugh at you, you'll never get the joke

And they broke your spirit there in the marines
And flushed your head down inside the latrines
Frozen in the sacrament, derailed in your teens
Never saw the enemy, oh, Gethsemane

And those bosses betrayed, soon let you go
The fire in your eyes, how could they know?

Oh, be something, be something fine, fine

Now you got your own boys hell bent for leather
Dead before they're 18, or bitter old men forever
They never saw the halo moon rise over the river
Of Gethsemane

Now there's a pain in your head, puts lead in your shoes
Better get it seen to, it's gonna be bad news
How did the perfect world get so confused?
Oh, Gethsemane, oh, Gethsemane

Who sucked out the freedom days without end?
Under the weight of it all you must bend

Oh, be something, be something fine
Be something, be something fine, fine, fine


And this one, I dedicate to you fucktards who worship "economics," Marx, Chomsky, Lenin, communism, Marxism, capitalism with a crazed fundamentalist's blind defense and advocacy:

dedicated to all you "professionals" out there... OCL, Eve's Myth, "lambert strether," ouchy pain, Lewie "coolest Glossy Karl worshiper on the Toobz" Projectionproblem, and all the rest of you consumerist clusterfucking cowards who just want to paint a happy face on America and get back to eating caviar and drinking pinot grigio while debating whether the bolsheviks or the mensheviks should control the commentariat...

with a longer arm I can reach back a little further

and grab me some fried chicken, biscuits and gravy

cynical girls

mythological wisdom


Eve's Myth thinks she's brilliant for pot-shotting at an obvious fool (Matt Stoller) -- and ironically, Eve's Myth was not far off Stoller's perspective as recently as 6 months ago.

Like Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges, Eve's Myth thinks she can fool people into believing she saw this coming all along, knew this was where it was going. Like Greenwald and Hedges, Myth has apologized for the very entities she pretends now to disdain.

Like Greenwald and Hedges, Myth refuses to admit to her 15 or 20 readers that she was wrong before, and also similarly, refuses to address her readers, hat-in-hand, with an apology for leading them astray in prior essays.

When ego drives the bus, admission of error and apology are never allowed to speak up. Instead, the driver will pretend eternal sagacity, to keep the driver's reputation sterling and shiny.

There is no "enlightened" self-interest; and capitalism wasn't ruined by "unenlightened" self-interest. Instead, what is happening right now is the obvious and logical end stage of capitalism, playing out as capitalism always will and always has.

Eve's Myth is a clownette.

And her readers are fools for thinking she's a sage.

another moronic Crackie Blowbar mistake

In a comment thread elsewhere recently, I remarked that cancers are an industrial disease. 

Crackie Blowbar, a/k/a Lord of the PowerNoggins, a/k/a Huckster Joe, a/k/a Blogworld Buckaroo Banzai... he imagined to refute my observation by stating that ancient cultures recognized the existence of "cancers."  Thus, argued the smallminded self-impressed pseudo-scholar, I was wrong about the possibility of cancers being industrial diseases.

The issue that Crackhead Blowjob misses and most likely intentionally does, is whether cancers are much more common in an industrial society than previously.

As I'm sure Huckster Joe realizes, human mortality -- death -- also preceded industrial society.  Therefore, assumedly in Crack Blow's world, it matters not that an atomic weapon can incinerate many more people than a bow-and-arrow.  Death already existed.

The magnitude and frequency of cancer is much higher in industrial society.  One would think a supposed Lord of the PowerNoggins, who fancies himself an erudite scholar of all variants of knowledge, would know the mechanisms of cancer.  One would think Crackie Blowbar also would know that many man-made chemicals are highly mutagenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic.  One would think Huckster Joe had, in his expansive knowledge-gleaning from his Google travels when trying to buttress Today's Harangue, learned about how cigarette manufacturers put additives into their tobacco and cigarettes, additives which increase the carcinogenicity of the cigarette's smoke for the smoker of that cigarette.

Instead, Lord of the PowerNoggins sweeps all this under his toupee with a palabric broom, and declares:  cancers existed in ancient Egypt, ergo they are not an industrial disease.

I love when Jack Crow fellates technology.  It's so amusing.

unlike Jabba, I am pleased

Pleased that a "feminist" has been researching** my posts that touch on abortion, and pleased that this "feminist" has taken it upon him/herself to pretend at a superior stance and "teach" me a lesson, not by rhetoric, reason, logic or other argument... but by bluntly stating I'm a "misogynist".

Wow. That sure hurts! A label has been applied to me! By someone who doesn't even know me personally! I'm...




...apathetic. This ersatz critic/teacher doesn't know a thing about me, but he/she believes he/she knows the whole story and can declare a "fact" via a label, angrily applied because he/she doesn't have a fucking clue about how to read this blog.

I don't have to write "feminist" crap. NOBODY has to write "feminist" crap. It's nobody's obligation. Nobody's.

"Feminism" is a cult, not a philosophy or worldview. It's a cult designed to help identity-wounded gay men and formerly woman-beating straight men feel better about their psychological quandaries... and to help spineless women feel as though the world owes them something.

The world doesn't owe you JACK SHIT!


**Search Keywords: abortion