Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pull back the curtain

from the home of IOZ, where I posted this sentiment:

I watched a person "teach" a young dog how to behave by using violence. Now an adult dog, the poor hound merely hates every human it sees.

Lesson learned.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


In keeping with my misogynistic, stereotypical "tough guy male" character that everyone's eager to box me into (jeers! spite!), I am offering a few links related to yet another Man's Track on the UCI Elite DH race circuit, Champery in the Swiss Alps. 

First up is this pre-race chatter vid with key thoughts from Rachel Atherton and Tracy Moseley on the Man's Track at Champery:

Next up is a pictorial at pinkbike -- which clearly is a misogynistically-named, patriarchy-enforcing label for a website, because it was named ...uh... ironically... I guess... given the way its roots are in "freeride" mountain biking and "pink bikes" are supposedly "girl's bikes."  And please don't laugh at that. You'll oppress some female human somewhere if you laugh -- either to yourself or out loud, doesn't matter. The sexism police of the human conscience --our finest precogs-- will catch you and arrest you on the spot. You'll be put in a stockade and pilloried, rotten fruits and vegetables will be given to any who wish to hurl them at you, or walk or run up to you and grind them into your face. The purpose of this, of course, is to rid you of any impulse toward humor, which somehow (I'm told) will remedy your latent or patent sexism.

Third place goes to this slideshow at vitalmtb, which I guess I'll have to admit... is part of the patriarchy.  It's run by men, and a large part of its audience is men.  There's no "NO LADIES ALLOWED" sign found anywhere, but I'm sure any healthy female human would object forcefully to the lack of explicit praise for females in at least 50% of cases of photography, video, or writing at vitalmtb. 

regarding the smallpox champion, glossy karl, and the european legacy

Russell Means, July 1980 speech at the Black Hills International Survival Gathering

ridin' a lie, ridin' it high!

Over at "Alter Net" Adele Stan spews invective about Ron Paul because... well, near as I can guess, it's because she's terrified that the The Magnificently Meritocratic Bi-Racial Constitutional Law Scholar and Murder Contractor, Barack Hussein Obama, might not get re-elected.

Ms Stan's article suggests these bad things about Ron Paul:


...but instead of proving her points, she uses implication and insinuation, a passive-aggressive drive-by approach that should be familiar to anyone who has read the Stalker Human's comments here over the past 4 days.

If she were a litigator arguing in a bench trial, the judge would dismiss her case before she got a chance to make a closing argument.

If she were a litigator arguing in a jury trial, she'd be so poked full of holes in her reasoning and her lack of evidence connected to her arguments that her adversary could receive a directed verdict, and the jury would be denied the fun of deliberation.

Assuming the 5 listed points are what Stan really is concerned with, I'd like her to explain why the Donkeys --whom she supports implicitly by always attacking the GOP-- have done any better for women, Blacks, homosexuals under Obama's tenure.

I'd like her to explain how "equality" has been advanced by Obama.

I'd like her to explain how "education" has been improved by Obama.

The last time I checked... no, make that every time I've checked... Obama has followed Bush/Cheney on all of these issues, and where "equality" is concerned (civil rights generally for all), he's been worse than Bush/Cheney. He's extending the attack on education which Bush/Cheney started with "No Child Left Behind," by giving schemer and profiteer Arne Duncan a lot of leeway on what to do with education spending in America.

The primary problems faced by all people in America are attributable to a fascist drift (corporate ownership of the federal bank/purse; "homeland security" creating bugi-men; serious erosion of civil rights for everyone) and imperial adventure abroad.

If Miss Addie Stan thinks that can be stopped by re-electing Obama, or one of the other Mighty Donkeys, she's mistaken.

She's offering another variation on the 3-ring circus where everything devolves to gay marriage, abortion rights, and SCOTUS nomination. And she's using scare tactics to make that 3-ring circus seem more relevant than the actual pressing issues.

Me, I'd like to see her devote her energies to things that would help all Americans, regardless of race or sexual activity.

Instead, she's just smearing shit from the "feminist" perspective.

I'm not saying Ron Paul is our best hope. But compared to mighty Donkey players Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or any of the "big" GOP horses in the rigged horse race, at least he knows where the spending needs to stop and where the bleeding needs to be clotted.

I'd be more impressed if Stan spent more time on what will help everyone, rather than playing to those ...wait... what are they called again? Smallholders?

Yeah, that's the ticket! Smallholders!

Hey... Addie... if your plan is to show how bad Ron Paul is, at least try proving it with something other than innuendo.

And at least do your readers the honor of explaining why your favorite Donkey is any form of improvement over what Ron Paul has done or would do.

(if you're curious about Addie Stan's grounding and perspective, maybe take a look over here -- "Look at me hobnobbing with all these famous media personalities of the 21st Century!")

the reverb in the big empty room

mindless fucks

I'm speaking of fancyboy Lewis Project and manhater DeeAnn and Her... showing us Ubervictim Eternal "Feminism" Blaming Everything But What Has Culpability.

Apparently, according to the Penis-Haters, the whole point of Cormac McCarthy is to apologize for "the powers that be," and to get us only to "despair" and therefore not want to change anything.

I have missed a couple of McCarthy's novelsFN but have read all the rest, and I've never assumed he was trying to get me to lay down and take my beatings like a good serf.  In fact, I'm convinced more by his writing to want to do something about the situation, rather than giving into its futility or languishing in despair.

Penis-Haters like DeeAnn and Her, they look so hard for reasons to blame men and hate men, they don't even see what's happening clearly.  It's no wonder Dee is good buddies with Stan Goff, whose "feminism" is the kind of knee jerk response to his own life of atrocity-commission that renders it bullshit blamecasting, rather than any kind of assistance to the feminine gender.

Dee:  go play with your vibrator.

Stan:  admit to your readers that you used to be a murderer for hire, that the US Military are contract killers-torturers-etc., and that your "feminism" is your weak-sauce attempt to make up for your military life.

Louis:  keep doing that PowerNoggin thing you do, buddy.  You're so impressive!


FN - Cities of the Plain, and No Country for Old Men

palm, meet face

In brain-dead Chris Hedges' world, "liberals" are the best humans, and the Koch Bros et alia exist to rile up Republicans -- not Democrats.

Holy frickin' cannoli, what an idiot Hedges is!

Hedges still thinks there's a meaningful difference between Repub and Dem, liberal and conservative, where partisan politics are concerned. Repeatedly, he goes 85% of the way toward the truth, and holds back the essential 15% where it's all bread and circus.

I can hear the SMACK! of a palm hitting a face.

gee, it only took you 8 years, OCL

What seems like aeons ago, I tried to engage OCL on the Q of the real purpose of The Patriot Act. He was convinced that it was political gamesmanship and evil deeds of the Evil Rethuglicans. I tried to tell him it was our Enabling Act, our Article 48. I said the purpose was to create a "security" spending bonanza.

Well, it's only taken him 8 years, but he's finally grasping that fact.

But, as usual, he's not telling his readers how he was gulled by the need for "security" himself. He's not admitting that he used to think "terrorism" from crazed foreign nationals was a legitimate threat to Americans. He's not admitting that in his early blogging days, he was afraid of "radical Muslims" just like every other eedjit stooge who supported Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

Congratulations on yet another limited hangout, OCL!

another lying sack of manure

Bruce Fein.

In some circles he's considered a legal scholar. In other circles, an effective lobbyist. In still others, he's a Washington Insider who knows how to get things done.

If you are in those circles, you're in the small (and shrinking) larger circle of Those Who Presently Benefit... as opposed to the much bigger, and completely separate circle of Those Who Are Presently Suffering.

In this separate circle are people who see Bruce Fein for what he is: a liar, a shill, a man who'd say anything --and cleverly and convincingly so-- for a buck.

To that end I would agree with Sibel Edmonds' take on Fein.


The fact that Fein has been lauded by many as a "legal scholar" suggests something to you, or should do that: it should suggest that sanctioned "legal scholars" who are paid to offer "legal analysis" to the "news media" are actually nothing more than liars.

Lawyers are trained in advocacy for a perspective. Those who take their legal education into the world of litigation, and who work for large business entities with significant economic and political power, they learn how to craft clever lies that sound completely plausible and thus often are understood by the lawyer's audience to be very likely the truth. The better the lawyer, the more likely the lie is heard or read as the truth. The richer and more powerful the client, the better the lawyer. Thus, the richer and more powerful the client, the more deceptive the task.

Bruce Fein's expertise -- like that of other shills such as Cass Sunstein or Alan Dershowitz -- is the expertise of a refined confidence trickster.

Such a trickster tells you just enough truth to keep you hooked, and enough lie to keep his own interest lively and viable.

I'd suggest to you, reader, that if you want to know the legal analysis -- the practical effects upon you and yours, I mean -- related to any football punted about by Uncle Sam or his lackeys, then you need only ask me.

You don't need to wait for OCL or some other "expert" previously sanctioned by your favorite media source.

You can ask me.

I guarantee my analysis will be more honest than any offered by OCL, or by the stooges listed above.

I'm not getting a penny for this. Not even any indirect payment of an in-kind sort, no barter, no favors done or exchanged.

My only interest is the truth. I'm not trying to earn a fat salary to fly to Brazil to spend time with my lover. Therefore I'm not at risk for compromising the truth in order to keep a nice income flowing.

But go ahead and keep believing people like OCL, or Cass Sunstein, or Bruce Fein, or Alan Dershowitz... if that's your chosen way to ignore reality.

you don't have to take my word for it any longer

I've been saying for several years that Juan Cole is a lying sack of shit, a shill for empire, a limited hangout master. Some people have responded that Cole helped them learn Fact A, or Perspective G, or whatever. My generic response: that's nice, and all, but you could have learned the same without Cole, and without his biases influencing your understanding.

Since the good and courageous Jim Beaver has informed me that I'm quickly becoming "irrelevant" (whatever that means), I won't expect you to believe me on Cole.

You can read John Walsh instead.

Monday, August 29, 2011

new definition

Feminist - (1) One who runs around accusing others of being misogynist; one who believes that women never do anything negative and never have any negative emotions or experiences; one who believes that only men do horrible things.  (2) A man who spent much of his life denigrating women, who now feels remorse for that treatment of women, and has over-reacted by blaming all men for the world's evils, and exculpating all women for everything ever done by any woman anywhere.   (3) Anyone who thinks that the behavior and perspective of women such as Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Susan Rice, Susan Power, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin is due solely to the patriarchy, and not due to those women's respective nefarious traits.

Misogynist - one who doesn't differentiate between men and women when criticizing the follies of humanity; one who finds women equally (as compared to men, that is) susceptible to foolishness, selfishness, greed, hubris, ignorance, arrogance, and every other negative human emotion or mindset.

Reactionary - anyone, anywhere, doing anything not approved by The Lord of the PowerNoggins; anyone who doubts the wisdom of turning the operation of America, or of any society, over to the Managerial-Orchestrating-Coordinating-Intellectual Caste; anyone who doesn't worship Glossy Karl's convoluted, self-impressed writings and theories.

on the enlightened "intellectual"

The enlightened "intellectual"FN is impressed with himself.  Or herself.

He struggled mightily to gain precious parchments.  She worked hard to get her bar license or medical board certification.

In these struggles and work, the "intellectual" learned, by way of example, that one should always triangulate and never speak directly to anyone.

This allows the "intellectual" to pontificate from a distance, a safe distance.  The discussion becomes about that thing out there, well beyond arm's length, the academic thing, removed from all humanity, it's just a topic, and hey... it's pretty irrelevant!

Therefore, we should split all kinds of hairs on it, because it's so irrelevant.

When defending his pet issue, the "intellectual" almost never knows anyone who has experienced the negative side of that issue.  Instead, he has read lots about those victims.  He's read so much about them that in order to try to understand their experience, he assumes the best victim stance he knows:  one where he has absolutely no power to do anything, to change anything, to fix anything.

He assumes the fetal position.  In the womb.

Unless we're talking about abortion.  That's when he assumes the stance of the now-pregnant girl.  In this case, he assumes the now-pregnant girl had no opportunity to stop the impregnation while going ahead with the pleasurable (or maybe not-so...) sex that gave rise to the pregnancy.

And to enhance his I'm for the underdog cachet among his fellow "intellectuals" he naturally assumes that the now-pregnant girl doesn't know anything about how to stop pregnancy.  He'll contort himself into various shapes and sizes to gain this perspective, even though most every teenage girl right up through old lady has been to a convenience store or package store where condoms are sold, and most every teenage boy starts talking about condoms and carrying one at some point on or near the 6th grade level. 

Despite this factual background, the "intellectual" assumes both parties in the sex-having couple know absolutely nothing about how to stop a pregnancy before it happens.

This assumption is, ironically, quite pregnant itself -- swollen with revelation about the "intellectual" and his childhood.

Perhaps it was a sequestered, sheltered childhood in which sex was a dirty word and never spoken about, and the parents stopped all access to sex, sexual innuendo, and safe sex tools.

Perhaps it was the other extreme -- super tolerant, and so laissez-faire about sex that the issue of pregnancy wasn't really discussed as the weighty thing it is.

After all, if a teen couple accidentally gets in over their heads and the girl ends up pregnant, abortion is available to bail out the parents from their failure to teach their kids any form of responsibility.

It really is the best birth control method available, abortion.  Sure, there's a pang of guilt if the girl obtaining the abortion is over 13.  She may imagine what that "little life inside me" would have grown up into.  But that's a fleeting thing -- and best considered only in the context of having an abortion.  Never, ever should it be considered when thinking about having sex at age 12.  Never then.  Not ever, not in a million years.  Kids should be free to experiment with sex and fuck their immature brains out!  That's how the Swedes handle it and they're almighty in their liberation about sex, and totally free of guilt.

Why, indeed, should anyone feel guilt at the idea of an abortion?  It's a convenience!  It's a great idea!  It's better than a flexi-fuel vehicle!

In the green economy of the post-Massive DepressionFN2, free abortion clinics will take the place of medical marijuana shops.  Getting an abortion will be as commonplace as filling your Prius with unleaded ethanol-infused 87 octane.

Welcome to the New Enlightenment!FN3


FN - The quotation marks generally indicate euphemism, when not obviously a quote of a person. In this case, they indicate the euphemistic sense AND the quote of the intellectual himself or herself, as he/she is describing him/herself. "I am an intellectual, obviously. Just read the number of syllables in my responses."

FN2 - "Massive Depression" suggests this will be bigger and worse than the "Great Depression" by a long shot.

FN3 - In the New Enlightenment, the Managerial-Orchestrating-Coordinating-Intellectual Caste will lead America, and will be comprised of people whose book-learning is valued higher than life experience on the issue in question. Special exalted status will be given to those who have electronic gadgets and did their "book-learning" on such things as Kindles or iPads, and can "prove" what they have "learned" by showing the number of Vital Documents stored on the Kindle or iPad. Real experience will be negligible, where it holds any value at all. Real knowledge will be an archaic concept, mocked at cocktail parties and dinner functions held and attended by the MOCI caste.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

better than a day at the water park

Sorry Karl's importing his meltdown "discovery" that I'm not a glibertarian or a fan of his vaunted smallholder class of perpetual victim/Uncle fed whiteys to this discussion, folks.
That's my buddy, Mr Crowbar, over at SMBIVA.

Clever of him to use psychological warfare, isn't it?

Clever of him to say I'm "melting down."

Clever of him to suggest I am naive and only now "discovering" something about him not being a "glibertarian" or a fan of "smallholders."

The projection is splendiferously superlatively smashing!

Let me clear it up for you, Jackie... because I'm that kind of generous, truth-seeking guy.

* I never assumed you were a libertarian. Not even for a parsec. Not even close.

* I myself am not a libertarian -- although you enjoy implying that I am, which would be necessary for me having a "meltdown" when "discovering" you're not a libertarian.

* I enjoy the way you puff yourself up with lingo such as "smallholder". As I said at SMBIVA, it's such a caustic, biting wit you use there! "Hey! You! You're a smallholder! You hold small things! That's right! Small! And you hold them!"

Actually, Crowbar old sport, what happened at my end was my disgust with your fumings that "Teap Artiers" need to be rounded up and imprisoned or murdered, that "rednecks" are bad people, and that we need to focus on stuff like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann right now because... well... because apparently they scare you!

Never mind the lack of qualitative or substantive difference between those GOP clowns and the shitbirds of the Donkey party. Please... never, never EVER mind that!

Never! Forever!

And a day!

Confession time:  I am indeed enjoying making fun of your fabricated background, however.

And if that makes you accuse me of "melting down" so that you never have to prove the truth of these various things you allege you've done... well then... accuse away, pallie! Give me the "j'accuse" 24/7/365, prosecutor. Go on with it!

And most of all, more than anything, I really enjoy the implications surrounding my mental health.

That's priceless.

Especially when you've done nothing but lie about yourself on the Toobz, and avoid identifying yourself because... well...


what mental health issues do you have, Jackie-O? Any?

We'll never know.  You're too busy building repeat concrete bunker walls around your myth.

I await the jeers, hisses, catcalls and verbal barbs tossed by your many fans.

And please... don't forget the "misogynist" accusation!

a PowerNoggin publication try-out

The Nothingness of Nothing
by Hiram Pochrisse

Portland, Oregon - August 28, 2011

Just the other day, as I was parking my Prius at Whole Foods, I saw a big redneck pickup truck with a Hippie Hater MX sticker taking up its whole cab rear window. As I passed the redneck tough-guy truck, I noticed the "bleep" of a remote door-unlock, and the flash of the tail-lights, suggesting the owner was on his way to the truck.

Being of a curious, relentlessly thirsty mind, I stopped. I wanted to see what type of person drove this crazy Vehicle of Hate.

I was expecting to see a fat, hulking, mullet-sporting, wife-beater-wearing, toothless redneck with a biker wallet on a chain linked to his jeans' belt loop. But instead, what I saw was striking.

So striking, in fact, that I was oblivious to the 4 vehicles that were blocked behind me in my state of knowledge-pursuit. Of course, they didn't matter -- anyone who is offended by someone else seeking knowledge deserves to be inconvenienced! Besides, not a single one of those 4 blocked-off vehicles was Flexi-Fuel or BioDiesel. So they deserved to be ticketed and towed away, really.

Walking toward the driver's side door of the Redneck Penis Projection Truck was a slender, professional looking woman of perhaps 25 or so. In her left hand was an iPhone held about 2 feet from her face, into which she was describing the wide array of rare foods she'd just seen in Whole Foods. I was curious as to why she'd be doing that, and assumed that she --like me, exactly like me-- is a foodie. I put my Prius in "Park", set the emergency brake, and stepped outside to talk to this curious chimera of a redneck/professional.

"Excuse me, please? Miss? Mizz? Yes, you talking into the iPhone... yes! That's right, I'd like a moment of your time, if you don't mind? Please?"

She stopped dictating into her iPhone and turned to me with a scowl.

"What the fuck do you want, you nosy motherfucker? What are you, some kind of technophilic worshiper of Steve Jobs? What fucking business is it of yours that I use an iPhone? What interest could you possibly have in me, you stupid ...wait... holy shit... is that your car, that stupid little green economy Prius?"


(my block and tackle were retreating into my lower abdomen at this point)

"...that's my vehicle. I just wanted to ask you what that Hippie Hater MX decal is about. I've never seen one before. Are you advocating the injury or death of people you consider hippies?"

"Jesus, you are a fucking retard. Go back into your 4-wheeled emasculation and let me get on with my day. I don't have time for your NPR bullshit."

"Please... miss... I mean, mizzzz... please. I really am interested."

"Yeah, well tough shit. I have things to do, and they don't include talking to some metrosexual Prius driver who wants to know about my truck. Move that little toy before I run it over, asshole."

At this point I feared she was going to break out a shotgun and shoot me.

You know how those rednecks are, I'm sure, if you are anything like me. You know they are hot-tempered, hair-trigger, and looking for a reason to shoot one of their well-loved guns at someone like me.

The ignorance of this woman was not surprising, given her vehicle of choice and the ridiculous decal spanning that rear window. In fact, I'm probably lucky to still be alive and well enough to type this essay.

In closing, I just wanted to say that I don't really know what to do about The Redneck Problem, I only know that we need to do something about it before we all get shot.

Please join me in boycotting Hippie Hater MX.

a sanctified copulation!

Al Cocky:
Obama is a very curious fellow. I don’t think any writer thus far has got the measure of the man.
the editor failed him, or he failed himself while wearing the Editor's Hat, because it should read as this:
Obama is a very curious fellow. I don’t think any writer in the tiny circle of "writers" whom I read --all six of them-- thus far has got the measure of the man.
Of course it would be folly to expect Al Cocky to demean himself by reading outside his Circle of Six Chosen Scriveners, and lower his aim to the levels of scribbler that don't get paid to write, don't have a National Profile, don't enjoy broad readership by robotic consumers of drivel or mindless seekers of vicarious knowledge.

But the truth is, quite a few people have had Obama's number since well before the 2008 elections.

And the fact that Al Cocky believes otherwise merely shows further evidence of his irrelevance as an observer of American circus and as a consumer of American breads.

For this incredible display of word-wrangling warps of wisdomless whack, Al Cocky earns the Joe Isuzu award.

Hell yeah, Al!  You just get better with age!

I love stalkers

They spew nonsense, and in the effluvia are seen bits of evidence showing how long they've been on the stalk.

Creepy... and yet... amusing. In a sad way.

Find your own life, stalker. Find meaning in your own life, stalker.

And rest assured: there is nothing you can "expose" about me, here, or anywhere, that will hurt me in any way. Nothing. But... I'll welcome your attempts at finding something you think will achieve that goal. Please... carry on!

"I'm gonna shit on your blog, Ochstradt!"

The people need a strong leader!

...when you fear having to fend for yourself.

Yellow Kid Weil

Rotting at the moral heart of a future Mussolini....

All I can say about the above sentiment is that it is most convincing, its display most powerfully honest, when the person uttering it is him/herself a future Mussolini in his/her own head, in his/her own mind/psyche, in his/her own habit.

Else he/she is just pot-shotting for no good reason but to rid him/herself of the competition for the future Mussolini spot.

A person who pretends to write from the perspective of caring for other humans but always tells others how to do things and always tells others they're wrong -- when those others disagree with him/her, that is** -- with a clever caveat or three-hundred up the sleeve, waiting to be displayed.  Such caveats are raised artfully, deflecting from the dictatorial impulse. 

This, my friends, is the stuff of Politicians.  The stuff of a Barack Hussein Obama.  The stuff of a Hermann Goering.

Try to pin him/her down on what he/she really wants and you find a desire for centralized authority, held and wielded largely by a person in a leadership position. Who will lead this? The pocket dictator, the Alpha critter who pretends to be abolishing Alpha through Zeta strata of leader and multiple types of follower.

I've watched this happen in my life more times than I can count.  Every person that I've watched seek and obtain power began his or her march to the throne with some brand of populist sentiment worn as a mask to hide the ambition toward power.

Manipulation of others is what lays at the heart of this person.  And it's the coolest, sleekest type of manipulation -- one where the power-seeker feels your pain... but has no qualms increasing your pain once in power.

Such people are quickest discerned by one who has suffered the indignity of having been gulled by a similar Alpha creature pretending at Delta or Zeta status.  Usually the creature gains the confidence of followers by presenting a wise, well-learned countenance if seeking bureaucratic or socio-economic power (a mental or behavioral landscape)... or greater experience or more native skill if seeking leadership in an athletic or military or other predominantly physical landscape.

The person seeking leadership ultimately seeks only to glorify him/herself.  He/she believes strongly in hierarchical systems and therefore aims toward the top position in those systems.

Beware the person who has such aims, yet hides them behind the mask of concern for others.


**Hence, he/she is a pure Alpha creature seeking Zeta followers who do not question but merely obey and imitate.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

noodles for lunch

happy place

I want to live inside this song!

and if you are among the 2 or 3 people who have been reading here for a while you already know this is another song I'd happily dwell within:

Whenever I'm going downhill on my skis or my bike, I do it to feel the way these songs make me feel -- amazed by what humans can do when they're doing something they love, how they express themselves, how you can see it (or hear it) when you witness them doing it.

You can take your academic hairsplitting and shove it up your ass, PowerNoggin. THIS is what life's about. Not some terrified, hiding-behind-words, bad imitation of a pseudo-life.

diggity dog!

Thanks Abonilox for the copy of Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets...!

I'd never listened to it before. I'm on the last song right now, first listen through.

For some reason, the first time I heard or read someone's opinion on this album -- a long time ago, maybe 20 years -- I remember it being described as ambient, atmospheric, and mostly quiet.FN  I was thinking from that description the album would sound a lot different from what I'm listening to this morning. Atmospheric to me would be this.

Maybe what it reminds me of most is Radiohead's Kid A and Amnesiac era music. Anyway, it's awesome listening. Thanks Abonilox!


FN - It may well be that what I'm remembering is the review of this album instead.

the short version

This may be entertaining to anyone who tries to read through six paragraphs of murk and, having read them, finds them not educating, enlightening, embiggening, excellently erudite... but instead, inherently contradicting or simply, in bad cases, going nowhere.

Friday, August 26, 2011

dumb jocks and jock-wannabes

I've written before about the problem of athletes lacking a good competitive outlet for their competitive instincts.

Just a few minutes ago I was reading today's links at John Robb's blog and saw a reference to Ran Prieur, whose blog I used to read a few years back. I went over there for the first time today in a few years. On Ran's blog was a link to an essay about Jock Culture and I found some parallels to my prior discussion about the issues of competitiveness in athletes and athlete-wannabe people, how it works negative effects in our society.

tales from an ancient spouse

Two things I've heard over my lifetime that I still can't understand how they could possibly be true.

1) If you fill an ice tray with hot water, it will freeze faster.

2) If you drink through a straw, you will get drunk faster.

Now, I'm no chemist, not an expert in physical chemistry therefore, and not an expert in human physiology either. I took inorganic chem, organic chem and biochem, as well as anatomy and physiology (lecture and lab both) when I chased my first parchment in birds&bees... but still I can't fathom how these two tales work.

1) Doesn't freezing require removal of all heat, and therefore hot water will take longer to freeze than cold water?

2) This one just baffles me. I mean... what the...?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

escaped from the pound

A few comments left a couple days ago gave me the impression that at least one person reading this blog thinks I'm a preppy/yuppie guy masquerading as a mountain dirtbag. I should set the record straight: my family wanted me to be a preppy guy and a yuppie, indeed they did. They put me on a path designed to produce that end result. But at nearly every turn, I rejected much of the prep and yup, and kept the parts I found fun.

The truth is that for several generations before me, nobody in my family got past high school. Nor did my mother or father. My aunt (my mother's sister) went to college and set the record for being first. That made me 2d and my little brother 3d and I have no doubt whatever that my niece will go on to college as well as many other storied things.

In any case, no matter how much parchment-chasing I've done, I grew up mainly in apartment complexes containing lower-middle and lower-class people. My friends throughout childhood were mostly kids of those people. Even in college and grad school, I preferred to hang around kids from similar background, not the prepsters.

Oh sure, Ochstradt. You're a skier. That's prep. You played lacrosse. That's prep.

Yeah I said I took what I liked and had fun with it. Plenty of working class skiers in Montana. Plenty of working class kids played lacrosse in Baltimore, and on Long Island. Deal with it, accuser.

As a lawyer I hated the "professional" image and never owned a briefcase, and only reluctantly bought a topcoat because the partners I worked for insisted on that bit of clothing for client relations and firm image. My office had no diplomas on the wall -- all my diplomas, bar certificates, etc remain in the mailing tubes they arrived in. All of them. None ever has been hung or displayed anywhere, ever.

What does all this mean, Ochstradt?

It is a prelude to the following dog sayings that I like.

If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
The dog is man's best friend.
That dog is all bark, no bite.
and my favorite,

Only the lead dog gets a change of scenery.

And now, I'm gonna go pee on something to mark my territory.

let us...

from paul simon's research files

not E.T.

smokey the bare

Yesterday the orthopod said I can get back on the bike, mellow-style.  I can also remove the bionic arm apparatus for regular daily activity, but need to use it on the bike.  In honor of the 2d Amendment, I am going to implement my right to bare (left) arms!

Also newsworthy this week is Missoula's return to its standard historic pattern of fire season smoke engulfing the town.  Two fires just outside town have rendered our air hazy with smoke.  My house smelled like a campfire when I woke this morning, after a night of open windows and fans forcing air around and through the house.

We haven't had a smoky summer for 5 years.  It's good that I'm not cleared to ride MTB yet.  The worst part of the smoke is how it wreaks havoc on your lungs and makes cardio exercise really annoying.  Sore throat, constant coughing and hacking, with a major bonus of extra phlegm production.

Hawk and spit, dude.

Nearest fire is about 7 miles from my house, this was taken Monday evening about 4-5 hrs after it started:

The other fire is a good bit further away, it started over in ID and crept over this way earlier this week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Nearly all of the "respected" journalists and pundits are full of shit, either primarily engaged in apologist propaganda, or to the extent they may be sincere, powerfully fettered by mistaken assumptions about the world they live in and the topics they write about or voice opinions on.

If you have a token hero among them, you should spend a lot of time being fully skeptical about everything that person says or writes.  Ask yourself, "who benefits from this perspective being true?"  Which, of course, implies that you must ask whether the pundit him/herself benefits from it.  Most of them benefit monetarily, which is its own form of thought-pollution and rhetoric-distortion. 

Those who defend their profiteering by saying "we live in a capitalist society" are dodging the question, my friends.

I don't trust anyone who writes or speaks for a buck.  You shouldn't either.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hey come on... stop wasting my time!

You got something.  You didn't take delivery of it.

If you want someone to be polite, say that.  Don't say you want them to act professional.

If there's a fire at some location, the firemen go there.  They don't respond to the scene.  They go there.

When you go to the grocery store, at the checkout you are buying.  Not purchasing.

If Dave and Cathy agreed on something, they agreed.  They didn't come to an agreement on it.

If you're talking about the methods used in an experiment, you don't make the experiment more valid or more important by calling them methodologies.

If you need to call someone, call them.  Don't reach out to them.

...and finally,

The guy or lady who does the talking during the weather section of the "news" is not a meteorologist.  He or she is a liar.

now let it be said...

...that if a man (or, the blogging semblance of one) should gain a base of admiring consumers of his schizoid now-scholarly, now-violent, now-confessionally-almost-contrite bluster, and should enhance his zeta-critter grouping by plinking Christers and Teap Artiers and rednecks and such,

...and if such a man (or, the blogging semblance of one) should ever be criticized by yet some other blogging semblance of a hyoo-man, with citation to the former's fabrications of life-legend, which doubtless were done to enhance the former's cachet and prestige among the zeta-critters, who live lives of bland nothingness and have their secret-est political wishes fulfilled vicariously through the former's supposedly hardscrabble merit-stuffed rise from head-kicker to GOP brainboy to noble Feminist defender of a strange transgendered she-man's desire to fuck his/her "partner" in the anal orifice with a Strap-On 3000 and brag about it, verily, on the InterWebToobz... should, therefore, now be obvious that the former, being of all-encompassing acceptance (as long as the pilgrim seeking acceptance be not Christer, redneck, primitivist, abortion foe, heterosexual, not-head-kicking, et cetera), is highly deserving of deference, praise, worship, sanctification and canonization as Lord of the PowerNoggins...

thus, let it now be said,

that any who should impugn the tastes, interests, stories, defenses, harangues, pot-shots, snarks, passive-aggressive-demonstrations-of-a-belief-in-superiority, windy-and-prose-pregnant blatherings designed to show impressive pedantry of all things philosophic and wise...

...should be consigned to death,** preferably at the hands of one who worships the Lord of the PowerNoggins, and not by the boot-equipped foot of such Lord, given the Lord's renouncement of such tactics in favor of braintrusting servitude of interests which he now disdains as serving Christers, rednecks, and foes of abortion.

So say we all.


**Albeit, a symbolic death as indicated by The Gautama Himself in cryptic parable, and related to all by the Lord in his defense of a call for murder of two persons whose writings provoked and prompted the Lord to vicious feelings of irrepressable violence reminding him of his boot-to-the-head days, which he seeks now to forget forever unless the head belongs to a Christer, abortion foe, redneck, primitivist, or critic of the Lord.

it's only fitting

circa 1996:

given their name, it's appropriate --expected even-- for another band to rip off their video images... in a cold, clinical fashion exactly 10 years later:

but let us return to the boys from Memphis:

and a great live version of "Holmes" from Maxwell's:

"...Spaceship..." from the same YouTube poster, not sure if from the same show... a little blown-out at the top end:

cue card

Have you ever really thought about the title of this blog?

If you come here looking for an OCL-styled pseudo-academic treatment of subjects, just skip off to the nearest PowerNoggin blog.

If you come here looking for grave, deep analysis from a progressive perspective that satiates your NPR/PBS appetites and palliates your gnawing hatred of Christers and Evil Rethuglicans, just mosey on down the e-block to the nearest PowerNoggin blog.

If you come here thinking Yrs Trly fancies himself a wizard of philosophic worldviews and possessor of a broad-spectrum compendium of global history, you're definitely in the wrong place, and I really want you to sprint your little legs over to the nearest PowerNoggin blog.

The mission here has been the same since I started:  I mock, I ridicule, I sneer, I curse, I argue, I provoke.

Don't go trying to lecture me for not being what you want me to be.  Simply put, I do not care about your wants or wishes for me and my blog's content.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Godwin's Law proving inaccurate where USA is concerned

No matter whether you agree with Justin Raimondo and the rest of the gang on their Austrian economics, you ought to realize that merely working on essays which cover an anti-war perspective is not treasonous behavior, and does not suggest Raimondo is working on behalf of a foreign nation who is an "enemy" of the USA.

You ought to... unless you are Uncle Sam.

My rash prediction:  we are no more than 2 years away from closed borders and regular arrest of dissidents.

juvenile serendipity

playing with phonetics, homonyms and childish taunts, I discover:

Matt Yglesias ------> Fat Pig Lazy-Ass

it's like the Baby Jesus wanted me to discover that, or something.

an un-gentle reminder... those out there in blogtopia:


If you're going to be "funny," at least work some humor into your entry.  More specifically, if you think you're doing satire but you're not also satirizing yourself in at least some small way, you're not including the necessary humor.

Satire is not the practice of stating your own honestly-held view in a mildly exaggerated way.  That practice, dear pine-riding, never-gonna-play-in-the-game, glorified-waterboy hacker, is known as humorless mild hyperbole.

In order to succeed at satire, your mockery of the target must actually explore the target's weaknesses in a funny way.  And you should share that weakness, if not in some identical way, then at least in some analogous or parallel way.  Otherwise, as I said -- it's just humorless.  Your only hope at this point is to get an Emily Littella sort of laugh, or a Michael Scott sort of laugh.


If you're going to try to lay a rhetorical trap to catch someone who's put a burr under your saddle, please remember to (a) be clever about it; (b) be entertaining about it; and (c) actually end up catching that person.

This means, of course, that your rhetorical trap has to be rhetorically clever, moderately entertaining, and actually capable of ensnarement.

Using an obscure reference that contains a "gotcha" which goes right over the head of your target as well as the rest of your audience... that's a flop, a failure, an un-inflated balloon.  You want the balloon to inflate, and then pop.  And you want the pop to surprise your target.

If you're the only one doing a "gotcha!" in your mind, you end up sorta like Wile E. Coyote, and not like the Road Runner.


This one is unrelated to humor/comedy.

Please do the blog-reading world a favor and drop the convoluted metaphors, complex analogies, and vague & indirect parables.  Sure, you can impress a PowerNoggin or two with bizarre arcana.  But are the PowerNoggins really the best caliber of reader?

Well, maybe they are -- if you're aiming for a legion of zeta-critters who will play "me too!" to your alpha-critter schtick.  So if that's your gig, please ignore this third callous reminder.


Apparently it's more than a timeless fragrance... by Calvin Klein.

Apparently, it's whatever I choose to write about when I'm bored and blogging.

Recently I have been "obsessed with":

Tom Verlaine and Television
UCI Men's Elite DH World Cup series
a fictional conversation between two prepster Sons of Privilege
some essays by John Michael Greer
some thoughts on Primitivism
four chickens that inhabited my yard for most of a day
Polly Harvey and QOTSA
Modest Mouse
Noam Chomsky's heroic gatekeeping
a few of Jack Crow's recent entries

Yet somehow, of all these recent topics, my only true "obsession" is the last-listed one.  That particular topic renders me "obsessed" and, implicitly, psychologically imbalanced.

I wonder if those who accuse me of such "obsession" have the balance, or balls, to label themselves as "obsessed" when they focus on a subject.  I wonder if they, too, are psychologically imbalanced, mentally unhealthy, perhaps psychotic.

No, not really.

I don't really wonder about that.

indefinitely defined

PowerNoggin (noun; colloquial or informal) -- one whose thinking processes and products thereof resemble power brakes (i.e., vacuum assisted); one who cannot or does not think or process for him/herself and instead derivatively thinks or processes information by making reference to, or using heavy reliance upon, "experts" of various types.

synonyms:  merit-baby, progressive, liberal democrat, self-styled intellectual, Marxist, Democrat, Republican

antonyms:  innovator, inventor

uses in sentence:

(1) The PowerNoggin responded to his adversary's criticisms of the Obama Administration by citing Glenn Greenwald, smugly believing that by citing Greenwald, he had offered a conclusively withering, devastating reply.

(2) The PowerNoggin offered a defense of public schools by suggesting that home-schooling was conducted mainly by Christers, and by referencing the Montgomery County MD school system's placements in "Ivy League universities."

(3) The PowerNoggin viewed the data on unemployment and underemployment in America, and referenced Paul Krugman and Matt Yglesias while claiming that a New Deal-like federal "jobs" spending program would rescue America from its ongoing collapse.

(4) PowerNoggins can be found gathering at websites such as hullaballoo, Daily Kos, firedoglake, Corrente, Lawyers Guns & Money, naked capitalism, Lenin's Tomb, The unrepentant Marxist, Reason, democratic underground, Talk Left... and at almost any cocktail party or kegger-BBQ in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

see also, related:  Frilly Blouse Brigade; fake ironists (and/or bad satirists); really shitty Hill Rat gossip

a moronic diversion allegedly regarding "education"

Congressional dipshit Jan Schakowsky is promoting a bill to spend more money on schools -- but not on the actual education that happens in those schools... not on teaching children useful skills and knowledge for participating in American society... but instead, construction money.

That's right, she's trying to re-inflate the housing bubble.

No doubt this will get support from the PowerNoggins who praise "public schools" uncritically, never examining the waste or uselessness of modern "public education" in the vast majority of settings.

A smarter bill would repeal "No Child Left Behind" and remake schools in a Socratic image.  Or, at least, a Waldorf Schools image.

But the PowerNoggins don't want that.  They earned their precious parchments by jumping through hoops and filling in little ovals with a No. 2 pencil, and by gum, they're gonna make you and everyone else put your kids through the same.

And don't even mention vouchers, even if your local public school sucks donkey dick.  The PowerNoggins HATE vouchers.  They're convinced it's a Christer scheme to put God first.

Fucking morons.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ya gotta wonder

...why Jack Crow gets so fucking PISSED OFF!!!!!!! RED FACED ANGER!!!!! SPITTLE FLYING!!!! at the mere mention of John Zerzan or Derrick Jensen.

Off into a tirade he flies, arguing that Zerzan and Jensen are "death cultists," further suggesting that their approach -- withdraw from industrial society, live on their own -- is somehow worthy of being murdered.

One might think Jack's insane.

Or, provocative in the lamest way.

I mean, at least someone showing intelligent provocation would be able to balance his own hysterical nirvana of social progress (read: _________________; or whatever is Jack's ideal society) against the withdrawal and simplification of Zerzan and Jensen and those who agree with either or both of those writers.

Instead, Jack's best shot is to call for the murder of Luddites.




Apparently, somewhere in Mr Crow's storied past, there must have been some fucked-up narcissistic injury of some inexplicable kind.


It should have been unsurprising for me to read this sentiment about Jensen and Zerzan, since about 3 or 4 weeks ago, he insisted that I was obligated to participate in Jack's Ideal Revolution -- as is everyone in America -- or be branded as a coward, or as a corrosive influence in society.  Translated: if you're alive today in America, it's your obligation to help Jack achieve Jack's Ideal Revolution, and if you opt out, he'll call you names and then call for your death.

Excuse me?

We're all entitled to live our own lives as we prefer.

Nothing obligates any human to technophilia.

And certainly nothing obligates me, nor anyone else, to support Jack's Ideal Revolution.

If you want John Zerzan or Derrick Jensen dead, Mister Jack-the-Ideal-Revolutionary, then I suggest you make the effort to kill them yourself.

With a boot to the head, probably.

You know, like you have bragged you have done in your youth.

Back when you were a supposed "hardass" who would kill someone for simply laughing at your supposed "poverty."


Wasn't that right before you immediately switched careers into managing a million dollar capital fund?

Which preceded your expert strategizing for the NH Republican Party?

Do I have that legendary lifestyle timeline correctly stated, Sir?


But, you know, reader... this insane and un-tethered hyperbole is standard fare from The Crow's Eye for the last 3 months or so.

Very standard.

And interestingly... it appears to be a winning formula:  he's got a new comment cadre of pseudo-intellectuals who appear to hang on his every word like Glenn Greenwald's fans hang on Wee Glennie's ...uh... scrotum.  These smugly self-impressed PowerNoggins angle and argue for some nirvana of techno-wonder, where Not Republicans will rule America with a technocratic meritworld in which everyone has a Kindle and an iPad and a FlexiFuel vehicle, where Teap Artiers are led to mass graves and sprayed with napalm until they roast like the "pigs" they supposedly are.

This, good friends, is "progress" in the eyes of the PowerNoggins.  The murder of anyone who stands in their way; the death of all who don't share their views.

If that's not a death cult, I don't know what is.

Someone ought to help Jack (and his bizarre fanboys) find the haldol.

a conversation

"Hey bud! Long time no see! Whatchu been up to?"

"The usual. Hanging around the house, writing a blog."

"Blogging huh? Man. I could never do that. Of course, I've never been much of a writer."

"Well, that doesn't stop many bloggers, to be honest. Most bloggers can't write. I don't know whether I'd say I'm a good writer, but I would say that my regular blogging has improved my writing."

"So what do you blog about?"

"Various things. Mostly social observations, but sometimes things about my own life."

"You mean like writing a diary, but you make it public?"

"Well, sort of. I don't write under my own name."

"That's smart. I mean, you're a pretty well-known guy and your status in your social circles might be in jeopardy if you did an honest diary entry under your own name, and made it public on a blog. Wouldn't it?"

"Probably. You make a good argument for using a pen-name."

"I think there's a lot of history behind the use of pen-names to protect a person's position, or privacy, or whatever."

"I agree."

"So what's your blog like?"

"Well, I started out with a pretty humble and, in retrospect, fairly drab blog. But then I stumbled across a few bloggers who had a more outspoken approach. Their approach piqued my curiosity -- how can someone write like that? It was like they were giving a voice to those inner thoughts most of us have, but never speak openly. Social harmony, good manners, avoiding arguments -- all these things make us stay silent on some of our most disturbing thoughts, don't they? And you know how it is -- when someone is running for public office and has a microphone un-knowingly near him when he utters "go fuck yourself" to an obnoxious reporter or heckler, that gets put into history. Remember how it worked for Dick Cheney?"

"Sure do. Lucky for him he wasn't facing re-election pressures when he uttered that."

"Exactly. So there's obviously some value in hiding behind a pen-name if you want to give a voice to your most impolite thoughts."

"I suppose I'd probably have to use a pen-name if I ever had a blog and had the urge to offer some of my controversial private thoughts."

"Of course you would. Like me, you travel in social circles where everyone is very formal and polite. You can't risk being ostracized. It will have a ripple effect on your social status as well as your income. You know how business works in our layer of American society. So much of it depends on who you know, who you went to prep school with, who was in your dining club at Princeton. Alienate your sources of business and you may as well go live in the slums, because that's where you're going to be in short order, unless your holdings are well-diversified and your trust fund intact. And let's face it -- all of us are suffering in this lousy economy under Obama. If it weren't for those bailouts, you and I might actually have to hold a job where we actually expend some physical effort. Can you imagine that? Labor? I'd probably have a heart attack AND a stroke. In the same hour."

"You'd better have good life insurance, and a good estates lawyer."

"Yes, you have been a very wise counsel, my friend. My estate is in tip-top shape thanks to you, and my life insurance is in good standing, thanks to your son Chip's firm. Please thank him for me when you speak to him."

"I will. So... tell me more about this blog of yours."

"In just a moment. I want to know how your summer has been. What have you and Bitsy been doing?"

"Well, she's been playing a lot of tennis, organizing garden tours, planning luncheons, sending invitations for cocktail parties. It's hard work. I'd never want to do those things."

"You created an excellent partnership when you married her. And your kids? How's Spencer? How's Muffin?"

"Muffin went to a NOLS camp in New Mexico. Spencer did a week-long sailing trip in Antigua. Otherwise they've spent their time at the club, as usual."

"I envy Spencer. I got out on the boat only seven or eight times this summer. It's strange how I find myself drawn to blog even when the weather is perfect for sailing."

"Well, I'm guessing you are getting something more out of the blog than simple writing practice, or exorcising those demons that normally you wouldn't allow to speak."

"To be honest, I think it's doing great things for the Party. I encouraged a lot of radicals to come read me, by using a very radical perspective. Once I got them into regular readership, I began talking about how the radical perspective is dangerous for everyone. I subtly moved into a view where I began favoring capitalism, after criticizing it for a few years."

"Long view work."

"Precisely. It's easy to do. Most people are fixated on today, this week, or in really rare cases, this month or this quarter. They don't remember what you wrote six months ago, let alone a year ago. They don't go back and check, either. You can really pull them into a new mindset if you do it subtly enough."

"So, it's been working?"

"Like a charm. I have a new group of readers who are fully supportive of the Party. I've never had to mention the Party once. Not once. All I had to do was talk about our adversary a few times."


"I tell you, I was reluctant to believe Chip when he told me electronic media was the future. I've been a Journal reader my whole life... until a couple years ago, that is. But I really believe that the Party will be strengthened with more people doing what I'm doing. It won't be long before we can convince the public that law firms like yours need to be bailed out, to save integral portions of the economy."

"Well, it's a good thing you inherited so much wealth, and have so much time to devote to this project. Maybe I'll get myself a PC and spend some time reading your blog."

"Don't bother. You have better things to do, like helping Chip expand his firm's business."

"A man's got to provide for his family."

whores doovers

Men who pretend at "feminism" are the most patriarchal of all. They presume to hold the position of protecting women, which implies that women need men to protect them. Which implies women are 2d class citizens, unable to stand up for themselves.

Pretty funny.

fabricated existence

It's a pity when someone makes up huge fucking lies about his past to seem earthy and one of the lower classes, when he's actually a preppy motherfucker who has known nothing but privilege his whole life.

done did it. done busted damned record.

Aaron Gwin of Temecula CA has broken a long-standing record in UCI Men's Elite DH racing. He won the DH at Val di Sole, which gives him 5 wins in the 7 races of the 2011 season. The previous record of 4 wins in a season was held by France's Nicolas Vouilloz, who dominated Men's Elite DH racing during his active years with several seasons in which he won 4 races.

Photos and videos haven't been posted yet, but when they are, I'll put up a few.

The UCI World Championship, a stand-alone race, is next weekend in two weeks at Champery, Switzerland. If Gwin wins that, it will definitely make a lot of people compare him to Vouilloz in his dominance.

Gwin has been heard thanking his team (Trek World Racing) and God after his wins, but his trainers and skills coaches are probably the ones who really helped him do this. Way to go, Rich Houseman and John Tomac!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


prove it!

The present era of American culture and society is one where people refuse to believe what they can see with their own eyes, and therefore when they encounter something which is obvious to some but contrary to their own personal mythology, they demand proof! They want facts! They want citations to legal or academic or intellectual authority(ies) and they're not going to believe anything, no matter how obvious, unless the experts agree!

These insecure noggins fail to see something else quite obvious: the factitious approach is highly susceptible to fraud. Statistics are used in pseudo-profound, fake-factual ways in order to lend some form of helium-filled gravitas to the endeavor.

facts are simple and facts are straight
facts are lazy and facts are late

As I like to say in chiding tone, these insecure noggins who constantly defer to "experts" and facticity would demand that someone "prove" the sky is blue and the sun is yellow. They probably look in the mirror in the morning and demand of the reflected image, "prove that you are who you pretend to be!" They have lost all self-confidence, because our society has told them that "the experts" know best.

You don't believe me, huh? Look at the types of "career" that have proliferated in my adult lifetime:

Life skills coach. Holy fuckin' frijole! If you need a life skills coach, maybe you're not really alive.

Closet organizer. No... seriously? You need someone to tell you how to organize your closet?

Personal shopper. Dude, if your life is so fucking hectic that you need someone to "shop" for you, I think you need something more than a surrogate shopper. And more than a closet organizer and life skills coach combined. Really, dude... you need a fucking clue!

Probably because I've never used a life skills coach, I don't have the patience to continue listing these absurd "jobs" or "careers" available to help people that simply cannot do what is obvious.

I mean, we've got to the point where people can't just go outside and look at the weather playing in their environment... they need to consult their computer or TeeVee to see what a "meteorologist" has to say about things.

I don't know about you, but I can step outside my front or rear house door and know what the weather is like. If I look up at the sky, I can see the extent of cloudiness. If I breathe in some air, I can tell whether the air is humid or dry. If it is humid, and it was dry yesterday, there's a moist front ("low pressure") moving in and it may well rain or snow. If it was moist yesterday and dry today, there's a dry front ("high pressure") moving in and it will probably not rain or snow unless the moist, wet air has been sitting stagnant for several days and the new dry air is coming in with powerful winds... setting up for a violent clash of the two fronts. I don't have a degree in "meteorology" and don't need one to know this stuff. I know it because I spend time outdoors and I pay attention to how weather shapes up. If I'm really concerned about what it's going to do later today, I can take a rain shell or warmer jacket with me to be prepared. I definitely don't need to consult a "meteorologist" to see what I should do or how I should prepare. The possibilities are fairly limited and the signals for what is possible are right there in the past few days' weather events and conditions.

Nonetheless, some people won't do a damned thing without consulting "the weather." Look at how much time the TeeVee stations put into their "weather" portion of the "news" broadcast. Talk about inane belaboring of the obvious! And the "meteorologist" is very highly paid! Shit, I'd like to be paid that well for being wrong more than half the time. Every other job I've worked, if I was wrong more than 10-15% of the time, I'd be sacked!


Whenever I've pointed my critical aim at OCL, I've been rebuked by those who demand that I "prove" OCL spent a lot of years stumping for more, better Democrats. They demand citation to past posts, they demand quotation of OCL text.

Apparently these pseudo-intellectual fanboys forget that reading comprehension is a basic skill for humans that work in the brain trades. It's a basic function of lawyering, reading comprehension. You read contracts, or cases, or insurance policy language, and you interpret the meanings contained within. Or you interview a witness, and assess his or her credibility.


One of the ways you assess a person's credibility --and IMO the most useful way-- is to look for inconsistencies. They can arise in the form of telling the same story 4 or 5 different ways, with significant differences in the main flow of the story and the primary details thereof. Or they can arise in the form of saying one thing, while doing another.

When I defended public entities in lawsuits concerning their alleged liability for personal injuries, I frequently encountered liars. A common way to expose a liar is to have a private investigator take video footage of the allegedly injured person doing something he claimed the alleged injury now prevented him from doing.

A classic case was a young man who was injured in football practice, but refused to tell the coaches that he was injured or in pain, and this caused him to make the initial injury worse. He blamed the consequent worsening of the injury on the coach and the school, alleging that the school's lax attitude toward injury caused his shoulder to have permanent damage of a structural type (limited articulation) and neurological type (severe pain).

From interviews and deposition testimony we determined that he withheld the truth of the second injury mainly because he wanted to hold his first-string position on the team. As a typical teenage boy, his "manhood" and stature within the school's social strata was dependent on his football heroism. He wasn't ready to admit to injury; he wanted to be responsible for making big tackles and "saving the game." So he lied about the extent of the pain from the first injury, kept practicing, and re-injured the shoulder.

The injury occurred during his sophomore year and the lawsuit was filed in the spring of that year.

In deposition, he said he couldn't raise his arm above parallel to the ground. He said it had ruined his ability to throw a football or baseball, and destroyed his ability to shoot a basketball.

After learning in discovery that he was going to work on a commercial fishing boat for the summer, we dispatched a private investigator to videotape him. The video showed him throwing a football, swinging from horizontal pipes above his head as if to prepare for a pullup or a trapeze move, and otherwise showed him having full range of motion. No facial wincing was evident, and sometimes he was actually smiling while doing these things.

During his deposition, however, he was grim-faced while describing the horrible restrictions on his use of the injured arm and shoulder. His mother, whom we also deposed, broke into tears describing the loss of her son's collegiate football scholarship promise, which she felt sure to lead to a professional slot, given his immense talents on the field. The two of them, mother and son, painted a very sympathetic picture.

Unfortunately, the video showed it to be a lie.

When re-deposed, the young man tried to bob and weave around the video footage, saying it was a few rare occasions when the shoulder miraculously gained a range of pain-free motion. The mother resorted to tears and sobs, playing the emotional card.

Which "proof" would control here, if you were a juror?


To me, the mere inconsistency of one's statements about one's self and one's acts in contravention of those statements is sufficient to call into question the person's credibility. When I'm reading someone regularly, and he shows a pattern of arguing for one position, but by regular omission of something betraying the sincerity of the argument, I begin to question his veracity, his dependability, his intentions.

I don't take notes on this stuff. I don't create a log of hyperlinked text so that I may later "prove" this inconsistency pattern. I simply note it as a pattern, and when it happens often enough, I determine the person is not credible.

And I either stop reading him, or stop taking him seriously even if I continue reading him.

I may do the latter if his writing style is engaging, or if other aspects of his content are useful to me.

But in either case, once the credibility threshold is crossed, I find it very tough to get my way back across the veracity chasm.


Recently on ICH I alleged that Ray McGovern is a stooge for the Democrats. In response, someone said "I helped on Cindy Sheehan's campaign to unseat Nancy Pelosi, and met McGovern there, and he was trying to unseat Pelosi."

This, my critic suggested, was "proof" that McGovern doesn't shill for the Donkle.

I rejoined the "proof" by noting that it only "proved" McGovern was anti-Pelosi -- which is something any other Democrat seeking Pelosi's seat would be.

I added that in every McGovern essay I've read, he busied himself blaming Republicans.

In those readings, I have noted that McGovern does this even in cases where the "evil deed" was being furthered by Democrat complicity -- or in some cases, where the "evil deed" is being conducted outright by the Obama Administration. In each case, McGovern chose to look only at the Republicans.

This omission of equal-time guilt-blaming is another, albeit indirect, way of advancing Democrats.

It's a rhetorical trick.

You can't "prove" he's trying to promote Democrats only. You can only "prove" he doesn't often enough blame them.

Credibility isn't really about direct "proof." It's about what the circumstances suggest.

Prove it!

here's the mental crowbar to use when prying those ties

JM Greer:

A couple of years ago, in a discussion on this blog that touched on this same point, I made the mistake of referring to those narratives by their proper name, which is myth. Those of you who know how Americans think know exactly what happened next: plenty of readers flatly insisted on taking the word in its debased modern sense of “a story that isn’t true,” and insisted in tones ranging from bafflement to injured pride that they didn’t believe in any myths, and what was I talking about?

The myths you really believe in, of course, are the ones you don’t notice that you believe. The myth of progress is still like that for most people. Even those who insist that they no longer believe in progress very often claim that we can have a better world for everybody if we do whatever they think we ought to do. In the same way, quite a few of the people who claim that they’ve renounced religion and all its works still believe, as devoutly as any other fundamentalist, that it’s essential to save everybody else in the world from false beliefs; the central myth of evangelical religion, which centers on salvation through having the right opinions, remains welded into place even among those who most angrily reject the original religious context of that myth.

The 2d paragraph I find very useful and hopefully especially so for those who spend energy hating on religion broad-brush, and "Christers" or the like in specific. Scratch one of these anti-religionists below their epidermal layers and you'll find subcutaneous mental fat protecting their own religion.

Physician, heal thyself.


The myth that almost every single one of my friends believes, almost to a person, is that of technological progress solving all our present problems. I'm not going to hazard any close-inspection guesses at the whys on this myth's endurance and power. I just know it's comforting to them, psychologically, to so believe -- or else they would not believe it, and would see it as I do, or as Greer does.

Try using the crowbar. Pry loose the ties that bind you to your preferred myth, and use that lump of grey matter up there in your noggin, for purposes better than frightened cowering under the umbrella of a myth.


And now, for the alarm bell's ring.

You should go read Greer's full essay, and try to wade through the comments afterward.  Some of them are just aimless, some just looking for tribal communal "belonging," but a few have some good insights.

Here's one such insight, from someone who is just starting to hear the first keenings of the alarm:

Perhaps the rentier class realizes, at least in some vague sense, that the game is up due to the convergence of peak oil, climate change, topsoil loss, etc. etc. and is merely wringing every last drop out of the system before it implodes. In doing so, of course, they increase the rate of collapse, but at least they’ll go out on top!

That is EXACTLY what is happening.FN

Make your adjustments accordingly, now, and you will be prepared for what may (will) come.


FN - So you may ask, "how do you know that's what's happening? where's your proof?" And I will reply: if you need proof, then you aren't going to be capable of surviving what's happening now. You're too interested in deferring to an "expert" and have been so for far too long -- maybe your entire life. Most of the problems afoot now are quite obvious, if you know how to look at things without a myth fettering your view, and if you know how to have confidence in what you observe, and if you know how to synthesize various data points. Sadly, many self-styled "intellectuals" are nothing but consumers of brand-name punditry, and their "intellectual" status is limited to knowing what names to drop in the appropriate conversational moments, or on the suitable comment threads around the Toobz. The few people who are capable of seeing and synthesizing without reference to an "expert" are rare. For example, Glenn Greenwald is not such a capable person -- his view is derived from his mythology, limited to his mythology, completely lacking in self-confidence. Same could be said for a number of people whose blogs I used to list on my right margin, but whose perspective slowly became clear to me -- derived from brand-name consumption of a pseudo-intellectual variety. At the present time, I think it's not at all impressive to be an "intellectual" in America, because more than anything, such status reveals fraudulence. See, e.g., Naomi Klein and her legion of followers.

pry... your... ties!

You may think the best thing you can do for yourself and loved ones/dependents is to make barrels o' cash, to build a big money cushion, to stave off poverty.

What makes you think this?  Have you ever been poor?  What about that experience frightened you, or made you uncomfortable?

Was it looking at your neighbor's new SUV and feeling envious?  Seriously?

Maybe visiting a friend, and seeing his new plasma TV and watching The Big Game on it?

Or is it the commercials and advertisements which pummel you from all sides when you step out into public and see billboards, magazines, placards, corporate-named buildings and arenas?

Have you internalized that theme of "success" which depends nearly entirely on monetary wealth?

Are you aware that there are other forms of wealth that do not involve money?

Oh, yeah, you smug fucker... you can say this with your nest egg of money from being a corporate lawyer for a decade, can't you?

Hey, douche-nozzle... I don't have a nest egg any more. I spent the whole thing trying to learn how to be poor, trying to learn new ways of living. And I don't regret spending the whole thing... though I deeply regret spending two decades of my life aiming toward monetary riches, yes I do.

Just stop, and think about things.

Just stop making money.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Uncle Sam is terrified

Sammy says:  please assume everyone is a domestic terrorist!

flown the coop

Lardies & germs,

I present to you the perils of Urban Chicken Ranching:

These are not my fowl.  And I have no idea whose they are.  Apparently they like my slum better than the coop they were supposed to keep.  They're new to my yard this A.M.  As soon as my dog discovers them in the back yard, she's going to have some fun.

pj harvey + QOTSA on jools holland

In 1980 I got a copy of this album and first learned of Jools Holland. 25 years later I started finding YouTube music videos from his TV show, which always seem to be high-quality audio... like this one:

Thanks to Jools Holland for getting PJ Harvey and QOTSA together for this one!

val di sole practice video

courtesy of MPORA... you can be rid of the opening ad, just click the little X top right corner when the ad pops up... do the same for the ads that pop up on the lower 1/4.

weak-assed Rise Against emo shit music should be replaced with some QOTSA but that would probably alienate the teenage boys who watch these vids for the wicked Rise Against emo shit.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

when mould's anger was sharp, not sappy

not some teen angst drama

...they sleep in the back of a feminist bookstore...

...the door is always open wide

not a car in the house

valley of the sun

Last stop of the official UCI World Cup DH race series is Val di Sole in Italy.  I'm happy to see a track that is steep and gnarly, not full of man-made berms and jumps.  Check these pictures from Colin Meagher at pinkbike, and be sure to click on them to get a good perspective:

That's what every round of the series should look like.  The race should be intense!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

this'll make a few boo-hoos...

...and maybe even more than a few.

Bob Black, Technophilia

Kirkpatrick Sale, 5 Facets to the Myth of "Progress"

John Zerzan, Youth and Regression in an Infantile Society

...hell, why not just link the main page, Ochstradt?

Well then.

If you insist.

Then I will.


and here's your hanky

and a whole truckload of kleenex

for those watery eyes

I'm black... no I'm white... no I'm grey

taken several weeks before the elbow dislocation injury:

excellent adventure without bill OR ted

Matt Hunter's wild adventure

Into The Wild with Matt Hunter. from on Vimeo.

I met Matt several years back when he, Joe Schwartz and Mitchell Scott were in Missoula working up an article for BIKE magazine. Mellow, laid-back dude who rips on a bike!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

do you read jad?

If you don't, you should.

Pity the Party Hacks

The Mythology of Police "Service"

motherfucker, YOU LIE.

I suggested in that conversation that the trend of progressive criticism of Obama would be expressed by an inverted "U": it would continuously increase as the Real Obama revealed himself in more and more areas of prime importance to progressives, and then would decline precipitously -- more or less back to its original levels -- as the 2012 election approached. I think that's being roughly borne out.
Dude, you were on Obama's cock, swallowing hard, begging for more cock, until only recently.

You made excuses for him.


Not the progressives.


Don't go pretending like you saw this coming all along.

You did not.

You're changing your tune now to seem like you've always been savvy.


You need to admit your mistakes, you craven, unctuous, lying motherfucker.

You need to admit them because then your readers will be free to admit the same.

But your ego's in the way, isn't it.

You motherfucking putz.

quiet rodent

Abonilox and I traded some music CDs recently; one of the CDs he sent me was the digital version of what is probably my all-time favorite album, Remain in Light. He added a few cuts to the standard version of the album and one of the bonus cuts is a live version of Born Under Punches.

The live version sounds a bit slower and more open, and as I was listening to it just now for the first time, I realized that Modest Mouse completely ripped it off for one of their songs. I can't remember what song exactly, but it'll come to me eventually this evening, and when it does, I'll update this post to identify it.

Meanwhile here's some of my favorite Modest Mouse songs:

all-time favorite:

a few others: