Sunday, July 31, 2011

I dig the textures

familiars, plural

you - generic
youse - Irish immigrant esp. NYC
y'all - the South
yinz - Ohio Valley and Pittsburgh
you guys - generic and not sexist, except when criticized by whacked-out feminists
all y'all - double-South
vosotros - archaic Espan~ol

holy fucking fucking FUCK

Easily blowing all others out of the water before the day's barely begun, today's Joe Isuzu award goes to Truth(sic)-out's H. Patricia Hynes, angry man-hating, man-envyingFN vagina.

The "Tragedy of the Commons," Garrett Hardin's 1968 controversial essay published in Science, essentially targeted overpopulation (read: poor women) as the prime threat to sustainable life on our finite earth. Hardin, and many who consumed this thesis, failed to single out the very small, but politically powerful, population responsible for a mammoth environmental impact - the military. Per capita, the military complex (read: powerful men) is the most polluting human population.


it's about carrying capacity, not pollution. Since war kills people it reduces negative impacts on carrying capacity... it increases carrying capacity.

You're fucking wrong, Hynie.

Garrett Hardin was NOT blaming women while excusing war's detrital pollution.

He was talking about whether the planet could support endless population growth. He was NOT issuing a screed of misogyny.


You're a fucking idiot polemicist of no merit.

Nice lying, Hynie!  Better than me!


FN - Before this, I thought the convention "K. Franz Ochstradt" was for asshole men who wanted to seem upper-class.  Hynie sure showed those pompous assholes, eh?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

lush windowpanes

I suggest listening to the whole fucking album, as I'm doing right now.

and after Quebec, for a secret surprise...

a golden country great

and a jape on Becker & Fagen

gotta go huff some scotchgard!

ADDENDUM for Abonilox:

Ween wikipedia entry

Ween band webpage

today's Joe Isuzu award

goes to Semenville (Balloon Juice)FN
[Elizabeth] Warren points to a shallow vase full of stones given to her this morning at Nancy Pelosi’s regular breakfast for new congressional Democrats, who would love to see her live to fight another day. “On Monday, when someone asked what I was going to do,” Warren explains, “I said, ‘Look, I’ve always done three things: I’ve taught school. I’ve worked on middle-class economic issues. And I’ve thrown rocks.’ ”

And now? She smiles, nudging her new ammunition. “I plan to go back, teach school, work on middle-class economic issues, and throw rocks.”
The poor middle class! She'll help them get a good investment portfolio, better leveraged McMansion or Beemer loans, and a true labelling of "green" consumer goods.

Fighting the good fight!

Way to protect that exalted social consumerist status, Betty!


FN- when I was in college, if a guy sat down while going commando and exposed his knute-sack to others, my friend J Fell would say, "your weather balloons are showing." this old joke caused me to think John Cole's site name wasn't talking about "hot air" but rather, the "juice" from one's "weather balloons."

Strunz and Farah - Amazonas, live in 1993

french poodle

newest hypocritical irony re OCL -

The sad truth, as shown by Glenn Greenwald, is that Obama had arrived at the White House looking to make cuts in benefits to the elderly. Two weeks before his inauguration, Obama echoed conservative scares about Social Security and Medicare by talking of “red ink as far as the eye can see.” He opened his doors to Social Security/Medicare cutters -- first trying to get Republican Senator Judd Gregg (“a leading voice for reining in entitlement spending,” wrote Politico) into his cabinet, and later appointing entitlement-foe Alan Simpson to co-chair his “Deficit Commission.” Obama’s top economic advisor, Larry Summers, came to the White House publicly telling Time magazine of needed Social Security cuts.

Greenwald urged support for Obama in 2008.

Remember that when you "admire" his cute word-poodling.

"Please forget that I loves me some Democrats and supported Obama in 2008"


don't look in the mirror

instead, pick a scapegoat to blame

Broke! 10 Facts About The Financial Condition Of American Families That Will Blow Your Mind


Wayne Kasper.

my comment:

not a fan, admirer or any other positivist re: Zizek -- and yet I too tire of privileged whiteys and their feminization impulse on the "left."

guilty identity politics has value only in a posture of ethical superiority, IMO.

his response:

So tell me, what exactly is this "feminization impulse on the Left"? Do you feel it threatens your right to slap your girlfriend around? Does it bug you that you didn't get the chance to grow up to be Clint Eastwood? Are all those rad-femmies (or indeed angry gays) scuppering your chances for a no-strings blow-job?

(EDITING NOTE - more psychotic projection and scarecrow-attacking in the comment; I snipped it)
Truly, a great mind on Kasper.

Here's where I talked about the feminization issue. Note Cuneyt and I have bridged the gulf that arose between us on that issue. But I still wonder about Kasper. Will he cling to "leftist" identity politics even while criticizing them where "the right" is concerned?

yoo kay day

Friday, July 29, 2011

danish darkness

Fear Me Not / Den Du Frygter I found interesting and very human.

points for casting as the young hitch-hiker a girl who looks like the teenaged version of Paprika Steen, which added a creepy dimension.

Marxists, wesson oil, and nakedness

...equals multiple gangbang orgasms of ass-sex

we're gay Marxists, and if you disagree with us, we'll spew groupcum at you!

it's Boh Grove for lefties!

or, it's an inverse Night of the Long Knives, and Proyect is like the enantiomer to Ernst Rohm

gay men + power fetish + tribal hate = lethal mix, whether "right" or "left"

oh... I forgot... Proyect is a serious intellectual and thus I should "respect" him.



tales of the tactless; apparent bigotry; pointless provocation; and...
...the post that made me some enemies!


here's why we are in war mode

on the blaming of ideologies for acts of violence

If you have the ability to read Lew Rockwell without reflexive dismissal, this one is worth reading.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bruce Dixon's tough love for his readers

Obama & the Fake Debt Ceiling Crisis: This President Is Really Just Smarter Than You Are

the mid-essay nugget:
The truth is that Barack Obama's actions are entirely rational, understandable and even predictable if you suppose him to have been a vicious, vacuous and cynical right wing operative from the very beginning.
read the whole thing!

blessed pork chop...

...and holy meatball... praise the FSM!

orthopod views MRI and confirms, worst case scenario averted!

no soft tissue damage, no microfractures... a "mere" dislocated elbow is the full extent of wing injury.

truly, touched by His noodly appendage

Cynthia McKinney: How Can A Black President Bomb Africans in Africa in Our Names?

Cynthia McKinney: How Can A Black President Bomb Africans in Africa in Our Names?

always triggered by an OCL essay

please also see:

Zappa at 22 on Steve Allen show parts 1 2 and 3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

no hate

nuthin' but luv fer Oneida

wingin' it

current busted wing tally:

ortho visit 1 = $260  (not incl xrays)
MRI = $1400 (possible upward adjustment)

2 mos of mtge shot

RELATED:  Skookum - Survival

the preen

i'm fucking well past sick-and-tired of The Fancy.

what is The Fancy?

it's that obnoxious tendency to look down one's enlightened nose at "rednecks" while pretending to give half-a-shit about societal power disparity (example)

it's the admiration for "urban planners" who were provocatively clever while assuming entitlement to run the rabble's lives for them (example)

it's the urge to find inferiority in others, rather than seeing commonality of strife (see most every "cracker"-hater, "redneck"-disparager, "teaparty"-denigrator among your friends)

fuck you and your pseudo-exalted status, misstah 'n' mizz Fancy

just fuck right the fuck off


thx to BDR for bldg matls here

(oh and pee ess, comment moderation again turned off, so "Chris" can look down his/her nose at me)

working vacation

so the blogging vacation that was...

reminds me of my old big firm days and "vacations" I spent mentally tethered to my work no matter my physical locus!

born to write as I think, I think.  guess the vacation is from lengthy posts.  miss my 2-handed typing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

to "Chris"

nice try but you missed the target

it's a very sad tune!

since you have tried to leave no fewer than 7 ad hominem and/or Church Lady chastisement comments** in under 30 mins time, comment moderation now is on.

spam away, "Chris."  spam away.


**which implies this identity could apply... if so... Go, O-Bot!

brokenness news

orthopod asks "how fast were you going when this happened?" and congratulates me on the damage done... bicep detachment suspected as well as microfractures... so MRI tomorrow... and orthopod again on Wed

today"s visit = $260... 's okay, I like the bread & water diet

nice bill ahead... uninsured = nudged toward bankruptcy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

forced blog vacation

dislocated elbow in freak crash at about 7 pm, just got back from ER.  carry on!


this is what I was watching shortly before the crash, which happened on the road to/from the race venue... congratulations to Sam Schultz, who dished out the hurt in impressive style.

Photo: © Dave McElwaine/

Friday, July 22, 2011

today's Joe Isuzu award goes to...

my bestest buddy and the world's smartestestest lawyer,

Glenn "Pinot grigio and a silk cravat, honey" Greenwald!

This time, OCL is "angry" that "Democratic principles" are being undone by Obama.

Too busy shopping for a new european or south american boyfriend to actually investigate American political history, Greenwald flatly assumes that there used to be a noble Democratic party, but it's been undone by Obama.

For lying through his ass in order to protect his fanbase and hopefully gain a new lover in the effort, Glenn "Glory Hole" Greenwald wins today's Joe Isuzu award.

Way to suck Donkey cock, Glenn!

earn your purple heart

If you liked this, head on over to nyctaper and catch the recording from a few days ago at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ.

And I'll remind my handful of readers: I watched my mother's cousin Billy Barnes get psychologically destroyed by the Vietnam War. And I'm crying as I type this.

Fuck you, liberals, progressives, "security" goons, imperialists, warmongers.

Fuck you all. I hope you die a violent death.

"he's always been like that... we don't understand him!"

...that's how my family sees me, anyway.

My friends seem to know better!  One friend -- Rez, a cartoonist, graphic artist and tattoo artist -- understood pretty quickly.  Around 2004, he gave a group of his friends each a customized wooden spoon as an Xmas gift.

Here's the relevant portion of mine::

The text speaks for itself.

Note the basic paint color is human flesh colored, and there's an assortment of sutured wounds scattered about the spoon's surfaces.  The wounds reflect my numerous orthopaedic injuries suffered thanks to my somewhat aggressive athleticism.

Rez also is responsible for the ink on my body that scares people like Jim Kunstler.

a winning thumbnail sketch

from Airport Through the Trees:
If you are exhausted with a world of vain and superficial attempts at self-differentiation. If you feel that buying green is still buying. If you will never feel magically self-actualized by a higher level of job satisfaction, but rather are already counting the days until you don't have to work for someone else anymore, then the progressive dream has to be a nightmare. The progressive dream is one in which middle class people fight for more people to live the same lives as them. Fifty hours a week to pay off the college loan and the mortgage on the house that shelters the kids you never see. But with added patchouli and sanctimony.
(emphasis added by yrs trly)

Progressives suffer a very flawed existential/political assumption:  that upper-middle-class life is optimal for EVERYONE.  They're prepared to force it down your throat if you give them power.

Don't believe me?

Go down to the prior entry discussing the Joe Isuzu award and hop to the Lane Kenworthy linked page, and read the entry there.

Holy fuck.

They think they're masters of the universe, entitled to dictate for all.


THAT is the "progressive" dream, people -- enlightened fancy upscale consumerism, and not much more.

FUCK progressives.

Fuck 'em dead.

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Thursday, July 21, 2011
11:52PM EST

constructive destruction announces new daily award

Approximately one month ago, constructive destruction added a new phrase to its "insider lingo" post labeling scheme: Joe Isuzu.

For those of you who are too young, who have suffered too many concussions or have smoked too much pot or hashish, who didn't have a television or didn't often use one between 1986 and 1990, or who never worked for Jerry Della Femina's ad agency, Joe Isuzu was an iconic faux-spokesman for the Isuzu motor vehicle company between 1986 and 1990. He was portrayed by David Leisure.

The essence of Joe Isuzu's character was that of an obviously sleazy, lying guy who would tell big lies about an Isuzu in a smarmy, stereotypical used car salesman type of pitch. Leisure played the role perfectly. What made the ads catchy was the hyperbolic lies Leisure would tell with a big grin. You'd almost expect him to give one of those overblown winks to the camera, as if to let the viewer in on a secret handshake sort of insiderness... "yep, I'm lying here, and you're smart enough to catch me."

During the period of Joe Isuzu's use, I found his name a great shorthand for "obvious con man," and many of my friends and I regularly used that shorthand.

Starting today, I"ll be giving a Joe Isuzu award daily, to the writer / pundit / blogger / politician / media personality who best embodies, on that day, the spirit of Joe Isuzu.

Today's reciptient:

Lane Kenworthy

Way to go, Lane!  Proud of ya, bud!

mike flugennock's latest - the spirit of guy fawkes!

...and the text that accompanies it, quoted verbatim:
This past week the FBI, in a nationwide sweep, arrested 16 members of Anonymous in connection with the famous DDoS of PayPal (yeah, fuck PayPal) in solidarity with Wikileaks — including a 13 year-old boy whose family was terrorized at gunpoint while agents searched their house and siezed computer equipment. Shortly after the arrests, the National Lawyers Guild responded with an offer of defense and other legal resources to the arrested Anons.

This cartoon is in solidarity with the arrested Anons in the USA and with Anons worldwide… because ideas are bulletproof.

Thanks, Mike. I'm going to watch V for Vendetta tonight!

GO HERE to visit Mike's page where the above image and text are found.

As an aside: I'd note that the NLG is far more useful in such situations than the ACLU, which is too embedded in the present collapsing system of justice.

cashing in on old work

You know how an out-of-the-spotlight artist often will re-issue a "greatest hits" album to revive cash flows during a dead period?

We're all about that strategy here at the House of Ochstradt. We're proud of our former tenant, Charles F. Oxtrot, and his satiric Xtranormal videos. In fact, because we're so proud of them, and find them still very relevant to the present political landscape, we're going to re-run one of them right now!

news flash!

Announcer:  "I'm here with Pat Riarchi, public works supervisor for the town of Veuer, California (Orange County), who is cutting the ribbon on a brand new public park in his town.  Take it away, Pat!"

"Thanks, Jim.  Today we're dedicating this park to all the glorious women who have helped make Veuer what it is today.  But before I cut this translucent nylon garter... uh... I mean, ribbon... I'd like to make sure your photographers have a good shot of the park's sign.  Let me show the photographer where to stand to best frame the sign.  There.  Okay, now as soon as I cut the garter... uh... I mean, ribbon, I'll get out of the way and the photographer can snap the image.  What a beautiful day for this dedication, huh?  Simply fantastic!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

know where you been

...and that song always reminds me of this one:

puttin' on the ritz

Jay Taber talks here about the have/have not gap widening in San Francisco and how it's affecting him and his S.O.

When I read the entry, I noticed that the description he offers could equally apply to Missoula, where the poor are being pushed out in favor of yuppies, trustafarians, "green" developers, and nest-eggers.

These sorts of pinches and squeezes are irrelevant to the progressive, the yuppie, the professional, the liberal because such people tend to have a nice financial cushion, whether of their own or due to inheritance.  It's tough to crack open the wall of resistance built up by a nice financial cushion.  Empathy is something they can't afford, despite their monetary and possession-based wealth.


I noticed earlier today that some blogger I read occasionally (can't remember whom) said (s)he was dropping his(her) Zuckerpuke account in favor of Twitter.

I played around on Zuckerpuke for several months beginning about 2 yrs ago.  I smelt in the air the wafting aroma of Zuckergreed and Zuckerlying and Zuckerprofiteering on everyone else's "Zuckerinfo" without their approval.

I sniffed out the arrogant sense of entitlement bound up in Wee Zucky's Little Puddle of Vomitus.

And I got the fuck out of there, expecting it would become somehow a domestic spying apparatus.

Pleased to say that I'm now outpacing Nostradamus for predicting clusterfucks on the American landscape!

steely dan

from a discussion thread at that absurd publication, "Reason," where the titular quality is nearly always in short supply:

If it wasn't a stupid waste of money, I would love to get every paper book I have as an e-book downloaded to my Kindle (and a spare) and then get rid of the paper books for good. Then I would have everything at my fingertips at all times, and no meatspace shit clogging up my shelves.

You can put 3500 books on a Kindle. What do I need paper for?

Your wife / girlfriend / partner / boyfriend / husband has a dildo and a vibrator, both of which

(1) never come prematurely

(2) never get whiskey dick

(3) never have limpness issues due to stress etc

(4) never have a post-come downtime

(5) always are handy when the desire strikes

So, why does he/she need your cock?

in good health

If you want to know how your enemies (those who compete in all walks of life; those who see other humans as obstacles to personal power and "greatness" (or whatever)) think, then you should get to know people who have strong competitive urges BUT who know how to apply those urges in healthy ways.

We competitive people do not think like pacifists. Not at all.

The saner, better grounded among us know how to redirect the urge so that we're not going about our daily lives treating others as our enemies in every setting.

The more insane, poorer grounded among us treat every encounter as life-or-death competition. Compete for a parking spot. Compete for a spot in the grocery checkout. Compete for a job. Compete for the best pre-school. Compete compete compete in every setting except the one that's healthy.

Athletic competition.

the spirit of Peter Green!

Lisher and Immergluck on fire!

The Lion of Lebanon trips over his lion-dick

Ralph Nader has issued an essay chastising Obama for the appointment of a Wall Street goon-thug in Elizabeth Warren's "consumer protection" entity.

Poor Ralph. He goes on to laud Warren as a savior and feigns mystery and confusion at how Warren's Heroic Bureaucratic Entity will be run by Wall Street.

Ralphie seems to think Warren wasn't friendly with Wall Street. Ralphie needs to retire from public pronouncement, like another "lion," Noam Chomsky. He's tired and old and too entrenched in the system to be a real motor for evolution or revolution. His blind spots are bigger now than when he wrote "Unsafe at Any Speed."

It's easy to be a curmudgeonly semi-obstacle when you're well-off and have held prestigious positions, like Ralphie has.

It's also easy to miss the real tragic flaws when you live comfortably, because they just are not affecting you personally.

Stand down, Ralph.

Stand down.


Robert Scheer on the same damned naive conclusions

Yrs trly on Warren... and again... and again.

pretty it up, show your buying power!

I awoke this morning to the sounds of a house being dismantled in my neighborhood. Someone has bought a structure and is razing it to build a Dream Home.

The gentrification urge in this town is obnoxious. Push out the poor! Make it a Yuppie Paradise!

Fucking yuppies.

another treat, another gift

This one has to do with music, from Randal:

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A kind word for my well-meaning friends who consider themselves "progressive."

To all my progressive friends, fans of NPR/PBS, voters for Obama, haters of "evil Rethuglicans" --

I have a gift for you. No, it's not Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa in my world. And no, this isn't an early or late birthday gift.

It's simply me, being a kind and generous friend.

My gift to you is the pleasure of reading some well-written words.

Hit the link, read the essay, and remember: it's impolite to reject or return a gift, and you're very concerned with politeness, good manners, and proper social process.

Here is the gift:

Dear Progressives


In my meagre opinion, the toughest part of descending quickly and smoothly on a MTB in alpine settings -- trails or race courses -- is the steep, off-camber turn. I discovered this shortly after moving out here, where the mountains are much steeper and the off-camber steep turn much more frequent.

Originally a friend and I built a trail that had a pair of such turns and we both found them fun, but frustrating. I got to the point where I could stay on the bike, but it was always a slow turn I was doing.

By the mid-2000s I had gone from someone who liked riding technical trails to someone who wanted to excel at descending quickly. I remained frustrated by the off-camber steep turn while trying to improve my descending skills. I got so frustrated by them that I decided to go build my own trail that was almost exclusively turning steeply and off-camber when it turned. I wanted to get a lot of practice at the turns. I built the trail narrow, to make me be precise and give little room for error.

You don't have to take my word for how tough a steep off-camber turn is. Here are some of the world's best DH riders trying to do some steep off-camber turning.

When I finally finished my trail, I rode it a number of times on a few different bikes ranging from a big "freeride" bike with 8" travel at front and rear, to a hardtail singlespeed 29er. I wanted to make sure it was rideable, basically. I took some friends on it.

None of them liked it. They all said things like: "too steep! death wish!" and none asked to ride it again.

I kept riding it through the summer of 2008, but gasoline prices and poverty kept me from going back since the end of 08. It's a 30 minute drive from my house to the bottom of the trail.

I have the trail building bug again. I can either go back and clear out the many deadfall that are guaranteed to obscure my trail's old path, or go build something new. Whatever I do, I'm sure it will include lots of Humbler Turns!

diggity dog!

first time I heard this song was during the Wade Simmons segment of The Collective... a perfect song for the incredibly smooth riding style of Simmons!

listening to it again reminds me of Tipsy, so I must offer this:

and reminds me somewhat, but more faintly, of Machine Head and specifically the song L.A. Gothic.

Monday, July 18, 2011

signs of life and death in the alpine

Saints be praised!  First big ride of the year yesterday, 7.5 hours!

Click on images, you need to see them scaled up.

It may have been mid-90s in the valley but it was low 80s/high 70s up where we were.

We flirted with Montana, we flirted with Idaho...

We found the gold, the 12" wide ribbon.

Plenty of big cats up here.

for scale, here's my size 10.5 US shoe

that's not the shit of an ordinary house cat, is it?  I counted at least 5 territorial shits on our ride.  Here's another:

No satnav/GPS for us.  Paper maps, bro-heem!

Wild alpine flora.

hairier than my legs:

Moss and Lichen, LLP -- attorneys-in-biotic-fact.

Flora-fauna symbiosis:

This sneaky little thing was about the size of a quarter:

seriously... here's another less than a foot away from the one above:

First big ride in the 1x9 (34t x 11-34t) setup.  Didn't walk as much as I thought I would, though I did walk a bit here, a bit there, a bit again over there.  And first big ride on 26" wheeled hardtail since probably 2004. Surprisingly I don't feel beat up or overworked.  Here's my trusty horse catching a breather:

Despite big solar gain yesterday, house interior was at only 77 deg F when I got back home at 9:45pm.  I think that's because we haven't had several 90deg plus days in a row yet.  The window a/c units aren't in or turned on yet.

Not sure of the mileage.  Total vert climbed was about 4800 feet.  One 100oz bladder plus 2 fills of a 22oz water bottle for 144 oz total water consumption.  Food = 4 Clif bars, some black mission figs, 2 sleeves of Clif Shots, some beef jerky, some yogurt-covered pretzels, and a ginger chew.  No saddle sores but the callouses on my hands were aching.  The descent was full of rocks and roots and aggressive unweighting of the bike was required unless you wanted to go very slow and very choppy on the descent.

While we were tired at the end, none of us looked like this little fella:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Karl, I'd like you to meet Hiram.

"Hiram is a brilliant Marxist scholar and economist.  He's spent the last 30 years studying the works of Karl Marx and teaching Marxism to undergraduate and graduate students at one of America's prestigious small liberal arts colleges serving the children of the elite."

"Ah.  Yes.  Hiram.  How's it hangin', bro?"

"Excuse me?  'Bro'?  You didn't hear your friend say that I'm a professor?"

"Sorry, bro.  But I did hear that.  It's a living, I guess."

"I'd appreciate it if you'd call me Professor."

"Whatever you say, Prof.  What's your last name?"

"Pochrissie.  It's old highland Scots."

"You and Christopher Lambert and your undead swordsmanship.  I remember that.  You toss cabers, too?"

"Sorry, Karl.  I'm not following you."

"Highland games, prof.  Highland games."

"Well I can't say I'm familiar with that subject."

"I guess not.  Marx didn't talk much about the life of the highlanders, did he?"

"Funny you should say that.  I'd say Marx talked a lot about metaphoric highlanders."

"If you say so."

"I do.  Marx was emphatic about the role of religion in more intellectually primitive humans and cultures.  He disdained religion."

"Yes, I'm sure he did.  A right rebellious teen rejecting his Jewish parents, he was."

"I hardly think Marx's impressive scope of scholarship was simply teen rebellion writ large."

"Of course.  I'm sorry.  You're a Marx expert.  Who am I to tell you anything about Marx?"

"Precisely.  What I'm stressing here is that religion is bad and it is one of the primary reasons why we do not have socialism in America.  Religion.  Religion is the obstacle.  Especially the religious upswing we've seen in the past 10-15 years.  The teabaggers are a fine example."

"Fine example of what, prof?"

"A fine example of how religion blinds people to reality.  They get so caught up in what they imagine are the teachings of their deity.  But very few of them ponder individually what the deity actually said or wanted.  The most important thing in any system of thought is the structure, the framework of the system.  Christians are famous for ignoring what Jesus of Nazareth taught, while professing to be living a Christian life."

"You mean to say they're really Pharisees?"

"That's precisely what I'm saying.  You know a bit about Christianity, do you?"

"A bit."

( be continued)

donkey dinero

Mike Flugennock's latest:

Friday, July 15, 2011

good Dmitry Orlov conversation

In a recent C-Realm podcast, Dmitry Orlov, Richard Heinberg, and host KMO discuss Heinberg's idea of being in a post-economic-growth era.

KMO's hosting style will seem familiar to those who listened to NPR 30 years ago.  The discussion isn't constantly on-point, so if you're not patient you may cut it off early.  I just set time aside for when I can spend an hour without impatience or guilt.

tie 'em up in paperwork knots, jump 'em through hoops

Please go read Jay Taber's latest entry, Portents of Proxy Process.

fuck yeah!

I just learned that one of my friends, Ingrid Lovitt, is the new National Champion in Women's Cat 2 XC for the Masters 30-39 age group, she just won in Sun Valley.

photo by Tom Robertson
Hell yeah, Ingrid! Way to kick ass!

Ingrid's an awesome skier too... smooth and fast.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

come on baby, you know I think men are evil

they're the evilest beings on earth. so evil that we ought to feminize the lot of 'em, take 'em beyond metrosexual into the realm of completely feminizing everything about them.

except their penis and testes. I mean, we need those things to make new little feminized male babies.

come on, baby. you know I love women and hate men.

let me in those pants, baby. I'll love you and hate myself and my maleness forever, I promise.

just let me help you experience first-hand why men are so patriarchally obnoxious.


damn, what got into Al Cocky?

He actually allowed this to be published! Maybe he was high?

Fred Gardner -- How Cannabis Works

the bit on terpenes reminds me of my early 90s work on ground-level ozone reduction, specifically the photochemically reactive ozone precursors. EPA guidance suggested reducing terpene emissions wherever possible.


Much more relevant counter-point, via Jay Taber's recent post:

Obama's Drug Czar Report Debunks Medical Marijuana, Feds Are on a Pot-Hating Roll

table tennis

the strange, the bizarre, the deluded

Every so often I spend time reading essays at ICH because they're often the type of essay usually difficult to find elsewhere.

The essay-reading leads me to curiously check out the comments afterward.

And the comment-reading almost always leads to me starting to ignore ICH for another chunk of time.


The comments are chock-full of Jew-hating bigots who trace every single problem to Jews.

Even when I've pointed out that most of the people benefiting from domestic and international shenanigans are WASPs or other goyim, someone comes back and says the usual, which runs something like this:

1) international bankers run everything

2) international bankers are owned by the Rothschilds


3) Meyer Rothschild once said "give me control over the money and I don't care who makes the laws"


4) evil Jews run the world

I remember hearing similar sentiments regarding Black folks from bigoted kids I knew in jr high and high school. Most of these kids were children of blue-collar parents and I assumed their parents were pissed off that a non-white person might work in their field of employment. I've known bigots who think their under- or un-employment is due to "niggers" -- the assumption being that white folks are entitled to jobs, but black folks are not, and if a black woman or man is working, that's one white person who isn't working.

It pretends to be logical and sensible, this line of argument. Clearly it's convincing to its advocate! But it's also quite false.

At ICH, the common comment theme is that Israel runs the world and the USA is just Israel's lapdog. The "logic" behind this is eloquent: since Israel is Jewish, and since Jews are evil manipulators, then Israel must run the world. Right?

To say that I shake my head in disbelief would be to understate things grossly. A part of me wants to kill people who are so bigoted, to wipe them from the planet, to prevent them from having kids and teaching their kids the same bigotry.

However, as a person who grew up in an anti-Semitic household, I know it's possible to transcend what your family tries to teach you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the long con... constantly at work since 1787

This is flawed.

The whole purpose of economics and economists in America is simple: make excuses for the destructive effects of a capitalist system.

Thus, Mr Pivarunas mistakenly assumes the problems in America now are due to the "wrong" economists, or "incompetent" economists, or "naive" economists.

Even if we put in the economists of Pivarunas's choice, we'd get nothing but excuses for why America's capitalist system leaves too many poor, bankrupt, unemployed, underemployed, without health care, without food, without shelter, without any sense of existential security.

Economics and its witch-doctors, the economists, are engaged in apology. That's the whole of their game. They make apologies for the destruction wrought by capitalism.

And they ignore as "externalities" any unwanted thing that exists or happens in a capitalist system.

It's time for America to wake up to the fraud of economics and the supposed "expertise" of economists. They are no better than televangelists.

The reasons the American system of property and commerce are so screwed up right now?

Capitalism, materialism, consumerism.

Worship of the dollar as a God.

Worship of material possessions.

Believing that riches makes one superior, more valued.

Believing that poverty makes one discardable, dismissible, and killable or destroyable.

broken records, scratched and pitted CDs

As always, when things get especially shitty in American Federal Government (i.e., like Obama saying he's gutting SocSec and Medicare/-aid), the "left" turns its sights on the "right" and effuses pure crap, blasting "tea partiers" and "teabaggers" as if it's their fault that Herobama is not behaving as the Obamessiah.

Clearly, Barockstar is just cowing under pressure from the "right" and therefore it's time to blame the "right" for everything.

First stop: mocking Michelle Bachmann!

These supposedly enlightened "leftists" continue and perpetuate the Us vs Them divide, even when they pretend they are "outside R vs D". When someone pretends to be criticizing the system of govt as a whole, but picks on one side and one side only, there's a lie at work, an operative lying perspective.

Those who point out the lie are accused of smoking too much weed, or living in a state where everyone's batshit crazy.

Except those wonderful merit-babies who move to the state with nest eggs in hand and lifestyle in mind. They're not batshit crazy because they work to take over the governmental entities and direct govt spending toward "progressive" and "leftist" agenda points. And that has to be a good thing, right? I mean, it's countering the Evil Rethuglicans who might hate Obama and the Democrats, so it must be a good thing!

Lloyd Lleft, a prominent "radical journalist" plumbing the adhesive (or not) quality of Marxism among youthful professionals, was recently heard to say:

The Democrats aren't my friend, but I'll never tire of mocking the Republicans and giving the Democrats a free pass.

Monday, July 11, 2011

a major quake

Yesterday's 5th entry in the 2011 UCI Men's Elite DH race series was won by Aaron Gwin. That's 4 out of 5 races he's won.

The USA hasn't ever had a DH racer who dominated a season like this.  The last great US talent in Men's Elite DH was probably Myles Rockwell about a decade ago, and the most dominant US talents in my recent memory have been Shaun Palmer and John Tomac, both of whom raced before Rockwell's era.

According to a Rich Houseman post at Ridemonkey, Tomac started helping Gwin some time after last season ended. Since Tomac was a very competitive rider in several cycling disciplines (BMX, XC, DH, road), I'm wagering that Tomac's assistance was the thing that helped Gwin move from a top-ten rider last year to a dominant force this year.

That, and realizing that flat pedals don't cut the mustard when pedaling is a part of the course.

...and probably a healthy amount of moto too. Getting used to moving at moto speeds through rough terrain helps tons for DH racing.

Whatever the explanation, Gwin's performance this year is stellar. It's enough to be sending shockwaves through the Men's Elite DH field. Last year's dominant riders aren't really pressing Gwin.

More Mountain Biking Videos

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hell's gonna freeze over, I tells ya!

OCL has his silk fedora in his hand, and is showing remorse in that very understated way known only to egomaniacs:
When I first began writing about politics in late 2005, the standard liberal blogosphere critique -- one I naively believed back then -- was that Democrats were capitulating so continuously to the Bush agenda because they "lacked spine" and were inept political strategists: i.e., they found those policies so very offensive but were simply unwilling or unable to resist them. It became apparent to me that this was little more than a self-soothing conceit: Democrats continuously voted for Bush policies because they were either indifferent to their enactment or actively supported them, and were owned and controlled by the same factions as the GOP.
Bravo on minimizing your own weakness and naivete and maximizing The Other's fault.

But at least you are letting your stupidfuck fawning slavering Greenwald Gobbler fanbase know that you aren't the "expert" they all believe you to be.

The question is, in your pinot-grigio-and-silk-cravat heart, do you realize that you write and analyze well out of your own depths most of the time?

Elizabeth Warren and her ilk

this is a comment I left at SMBIVA moments ago.


Whether you call it "regulatory capture" (what others say) or "affirmative regulation" (what I call it), the result is the same and the reason for its operation is simple.

Pwoggies, Lib-wools, and all goo-goos of whatever stripe (one might say Barry Goldwater and John Chaffee were GOP goo-goos) tend to argue for the necessity of regulation, and their analysis of what constitutes regulation is rather childish, about what I'd expect from an 8th grader. They see the news of a regulatory scheme being established and they're happy. They read about a supermerit wonderhuman with numerous Ivy degrees being tapped as Head Regulator and they are ecstatic.

They never examine how the regulatory practice works. To them, the existence of "regulation" is proof the government can be a force for good if staffed by meritful wonderhumans, and commonly that means Ivy-educated Democrat loyalists with a "pragmatic" approach that won't piss off the regulated industry(ies) in question.

The post-Vietnam boom of regulatory capture / affirmative regulation was accompanied by the pattern I just described. Ivy donkey undertakers led the FDA, EPA, SEC to clusterfuck after clusterfuck of private industry favoritism, social and ecological costs be damned!

As long as people analyze problems in their 8th grader manner, this will continue, as will the imagery of Obama as noble struggler against the pugilistic profit-pursuers of the Evil Rethuglican party.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

congratulations!... those who voted for or otherwise helped Barack Hussein Obama become our 44th POTUS.

It is remarkable how mistaken I was about the beneficence residing in the corpus and mind of The Almighty Obamessiah. I'm now approaching you, reader, with hat in hand, begging your forgiveness.

I was wrong.

He's not just a Lawn Jockey on the front verdant apron of the glorious Georgian antebellum mansion known as The USA.

No sir. No, madam. Unh-unh, missy.

He's a genuine Black Vampire. He is, quite honestly, Blacula.

I will suck your blood, then throw you under the bus!
I am... BLACULA!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

let's do business, boys!

the drinks are on me!


...that we think it's a virtue
to simply survive


For musical archaeologists, here's CVB doing Jack Ruby live in NYC in January 2011, 22 years after the release of Key Lime Pie. Lowery's lost the snarl of angry youth and the song doesn't have quite the same punch without the snarl in his voice. Lisher's guitar still moans and keens though.

reel too real

In realworld news, I'm trying to help my friend Dave Evans with a few of his business projects, one of which is a tool for musicians to present their work to the world, via the Toobz. For that project I'll be doing some music reviews and other writing. Meantime here's a few of the satellites in this particular friend's work-world. Visit them if you're curious about how non-OLIE dirtbags try to scrape by, monetarily, using their native talents. Dave's a hell of a skier and MTB rider, and a great musician too.

Beerfarmer on facebook

Soundcloud of Dave's music

Beerfarmer on twitter

Beerfarmer profile on indabamusic

A review of Dave's album Audio and the Earthling.

salutations to OLIEs!

OLIEs of the world... yeah, not just OLIEs of Missoula... I salute you with my favorite salutation!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more on OLIEs

I realize that I did a lot of leapfrogging and clustering when I described the OLIEs. I collapsed two major subcategories of OLIE into one description and it got kinda bizarre and ping-pongy to me when I re-read it.

Basically there are two categories of OLIE in Missoula. The longer-standing OLIEs tend to be young adults from rich families, folks who moved here for college or grad school, or shortly after either one, to have a little adventure in their 20s. They stayed and married fellow OLIEs and decided that they were strategically located to Aspen-ize their town, to raise their kids in the town they wish they'd grown up in. Being rich kids, they prefer the Aspen fantasy to the Missoula reality. And this preference tends to show their wealth as nouveau, garish and essentially the worst kind of rich person, the worst kind of money to have in a town. It's bossy, know-it-all money that is very demanding.

From this first, or Primary OLIE category ("POLIE"), we saw Missoula's push for a semi-pro baseball "riverfront stadium", which the POLIEs saw as a great way to "bring shopping business traffic to Missoula." They wanted this sort of shopping traffic to come to Missoula because they had fantasies about running boutiques -- at least the XX and gay XY POLIEs did. The result of this little flush of POLIE-politicking and "investment" was an absurd gentrification of what used to be a cool, laid back town. In came a Harvard educated lawyer with an obnoxious Noam Chomsky-esque presentation, which Missoula's throngs of NPR/PBS worshiping young adults lapped up, basically canonizing then deifying this fuckstick mayor, who went by the name Mike Kadas. The Kadas Philosophy was "growth is inevitable so we need to encourage it and plan for it wisely." Nice progressive pablum, eh? Theory stated as fact, disputable yes, but he obviated the dispute by stating it factually and authoritatively. And the manner of speech, the syntax and the cadence of his voice, were mini-Chomsky.

People ate that shit up. So the town began spending absurd amounts of money on fancy, upper-middle-class-worthy public housing. And when I say upper-middle-class-worthy, I'm not kidding. Well fancier than any apartment I could afford on $40k/year. Worlds apart from what I could afford on $20k/year. And to qualify, you couldn't make more than $14k/year.

Some trustafarian college kids had creative accountants and were living in these swanky apartments. It should have been an egg-faced joke on the city when this was discovered, but instead it was not even a blip on the radar.

In addition to the absurd public housing was a major re-invention of the most troubled intersection in town, "malfunction junction." When I bought my house, it was pre-re-route. The re-route turned my neighborhood into the preferred method of short-cutting the newly rerouted still-malfunctioning junction. At this point the quality of my life here took a nose dive. This was around the same time I entered the under-employment phase.

Not deterred by the Harvardian expertise of Kadas, the next mayor --who is our current mayor-- decided the town really needed to move into the 24th Century. As over-indulgent in his spending and gentrification desires as he is in his gustatorial pursuits, John "Falstaff" Engen wasted no time trying to out-progressive Mike "mini-Chomsky" Kadas. In an early decision breaking a city council vote tie, Falstaff nudged the cell phone ban into the ether, saying it was "bad for business" to ban the use of cell phones while driving in Missoula city limits.

Rumor has it that Falstaff likes to insert cell phones in his arse, for pleasure. I hear he got a gross of pure chocolate cell phones from Verizon too, and ate through them in a week. Such is the life of a ceaseless hedonist and Pontiff of the Public.

Falstaff quickly decided that the first SuperYuppie "public" housing could be out-done, and ordered the construction of many more "public" housing buildings which, if sold as condominium units, would be worth more than my house. Again these were open only to people who make below $20k/year. Some of them are "green" spec, to "prove" that Missoula is a "progressive" town. This, again, pleases the POLIEs something fierce.

Of all the clusterfucks overseen and/or pushed through by Falstaff, though, I think the Aquatic Center, the Russell Street widening project, the cell phone OK, the YupPublic Housing and the downtown "bike lane experiment" have to be his shittiest moments or plans.

But that's because I'm not an OLIE or POLIE. The OLIEs like the very things I complain about. To them, that's what makes Missoula "special," and supposedly that's why such OLIEs will drive a $75,000 Humvee with a "keep missoula weird" bumper sticker on it.


The next installment will discuss the other OLIE category.

you better not dig it it EYES-lee?

...or is it IZZ-lee?

heh heh heh

and more from the Ochstradt Memory Banks...

vote Democrat! we don't want another Bush-Cheney!

No matter what Obama's done, at least it's not McCain and Palin running things. Those Evil Rethuglicans used the government for private gain! Why, look at all the business Dick Cheney directed toward Halliburton-KBR, an entity in which he was a significant shareholder!

So I'm really, really grateful that Obama and the Democrats are running things now. No more buddy-buddy deals with unscrupulous, greedy, profiteering businesses that are run by Evil Rethuglicans. No more favors for the companies that Dick Cheney preferred, or the ones whose profits make Dick Cheney rich.

No more of that! Ever!


...until now.  Via UPI, nod to RZ --
KBR wins new CENTCOM contract

HOUSTON, July 5 (UPI) -- Texas company KBR will support construction project in 20 countries under a new contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The countries are all in the U.S. Central Command's area of responsibility and include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

new phrase and acronym

Originating here, with yours truly.

The acronym is pronounced as:


sorta like the Minnesota "Sven and Ole" jokes and their "Ole" character's name.

The acronym itself is:


and stands for:





and refers to:

people who move to mountain towns to fabricate an "outdoor lifestyle" consisting largely of consumer display, with no regard for what the real practitioners of mountain athletic living are engaged in.

The earmarks of an OLIE:

+ Expensive, trendy SUV or SUV-ish vehicle.

+ Fancy and expensive house, built to "green" spec.  Note the spec and the performance do not need to be consistent here.  The label, the ability to call the house "green" and hopefully get it in the local "news" media, is the key here.

+ Very expensive, "top-of-the-line" outdoor gear, typically including whitewater kayak(s), mountain bike(s), and for the most oh-lee of OLIEs, telemark ski gear with NTN bindings and boots.

+ Elaborate "sport rack" setup on the fancy SUV, with lots of stickers on the "rocket box" to "prove" how many impressive locales the OLIE has visited for kayaking, MTBing or skiing.

+ For documentary "proof" of the adventures taken, a GoPro or other ego-camera device is used routinely.

+ Regularly works up GPS plotting of every single route taken on those "outdoor adventures", with facebook and blog posting of every sortie's details, including detailed directions on how to get there and what turns to take en route, what food was consumed before, during and after the adventure, and which hip new trend in the sport-in-question was followed by the adventurer on this particular sortie.FN

+ Holds --and in a rare thoughts/deeds consistency, lives-- a belief that every mountain town should be more like Aspen, and less like Libby.

+ Demand that upscale restaurants, boutiques and tchotchke-vendors need to be created and encouraged in the town.

+ More laws and regulations on every aspect of local behavior that they don't like, regardless of how long-standing or well-established the custom behind the behavior. Remember, in OLIE-land, it's their town now, so... if you don't like it -- leave!

+ The local government must emulate the "progressive beacon" of Portland OR because it's assumed that if Portland does it, it's best for everyone everywhere.

+ The local ski hill must get new, high-speed detachable 6-pack chairlifts and multi-million-dollar grooming equipment, to render the mountain safe and tame and easy to manage. If necessary, rocks and trees should be removed wherever the terrain scares the Mayor's (or her neighbor's) 6-year-old daughter.

+ All navigable roadways should be covered in pristine asphalt, 4 lanes wide, with high-powered streetlights every 20 yards. Every intersection should have modern "Cross Now!" crosswalk signals like seen in the movie Blade Runner.


If you or anyone you know fits into, or adheres to, 3 or more of the above traits or outlook-points, chances are, we're talking about an OLIE here.

OLIE-ness typically breaks down as 25% meaningful activity, 75% "lifestyle" or pose.  The OLIE's outdoor gear is some of the best 2d hand stuff you can buy since it's rarely used for more than mounting to the SUV roof rack for a drive to the local organic foods outlet.

The OLIE usually works 50 or more hours per week, and has a lot of pent-up frustration, anger and competitiveness.  When encountering a real mountain athlete dirtbag, the OLIE will begin lecturing the dirtbag on his/her "laziness" or "not contributing to society."  Naturally, even though he adopts "irony" as his favorite form of humor but doesn't really understand what irony is, the OLIE cannot tell you how his or her "job" or "career" in any way contributes meaningfully to society.  Oftentimes the OLIE's "job" is running an absurd boutique business selling services or trinkets of the type bought only by other OLIEs.

You wouldn't find an OLIE working as a bike mechanic or ski instructor.  Instead, the OLIE would have a "job" running a commercial cat-skiing operation with 5-star dining.  The OLIE usually paid for this business with family money (a/k/a "trust fund").  The 50 hrs/week spent "working" on the business would not be the kinds of work the local roofer knows.  Mostly, the OLIE is about "networking" and maximizing his/her profitability in the new image economy.

A typical OLIE would have many of the traits of the hobbyist climbers involved in Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air -- believing their business savvy, their consumerist taste, or their social "success" hubristically trumps actually preparing for something in a self-reliant manner.  The "guide" would be a dumb schnook, in their eyes, for living a mountain dirtbag lifestyle -- and this condescension and its attendant superior attitudes would typically yield the kinds of deaths and injuries recounted by Krakauer, mainly due to the hubris and the superficiality of the hobbyist climbers' involvement in climbing.  To them, it's all about a new way to stroke the ego, and has almost nothing to do with learning mountain safety, survival and recreation fundamentals.  Almost nothing.

OLIEs gravitate toward local politics because they have so many wants, which they categorize in all instances as "needs" -- as in, "this town NEEDS __________."  The ultimate OLIE move is to get elected to the town or city council, and then arrange city contracts with the OLIE's own business.  After all, it works for Rahm Emanuel and Mike Chertoff!

Legal fine-print:

OLIE may not be used without permission of Karl Franz Ochstradt, who may be contacted through his agent.


FN - Being mostly city-bred or flatland-rural people by background and outlook, OLIEs have a vastly different view on what is an "outdoor adventure" than, say, yours truly. Usually they want a system of trails that are flat and wide with no indication that nature ever existed unmolested by mankind. Regular trail signage is expected. Nice bathrooms at the trailhead are desired. A trailhead Starbucks is expected, but its absence is tolerated, with a vow to lobby the Forest Service to allow one. (This is a great business opportunity!, thinks the OLIE.) The sortie is described as being something like surviving against death-defying odds, risking corporal safety with every step, draw of the paddle, or turn of the crankset. But when examined by the natural mountain athlete, the OLIE's sortie is little more than a non-adventure in sterile man-made un-natural conditions. The OLIE would dismiss such criticisms with talk like,"I don't have a death wish, and I want to be around to raise my kids!" -- but there's no indication that some other sortie of a more rigorous and genuine nature would be courting death, not really. The problem is rooted in the OLIE's view of life: it must be sterilized and made safe in every way possible, and the the more rugged and natural stuff, that's just for catalog cover photos. Nobody really does that stuff, thinks the OLIE -- nobody who isn't suicidal!

OCL tries to polish away the Democrats' complicity

OCL's latest essay found at ICH makes a big deal of the "Bush era" torture program being hidden.

Hey, you sucker of donkey dicks: it's a Fed Govt torture program, currently run and controlled by Obama and The Democrats.

There's nothing "Bush-era" about it.

And don't try your lawyer-esque "but I'm just commenting on what the lawsuit is: focused on the Bush Era". That's bullshit, and you know it -- or if you don't know it, you should know it. I am imputing the knowledge by dint of your pretense at wisdom, scholarship, and political acumen.

Emphasis, there, on pretense. But imputed nonetheless.

Clearly, you'll never remove that Donkey tattoo from your secret, pampered, silk-tie-and-pinot-grigio-with-my-Euro-partner heart.

You're so refined!

you won't find PCR on NPR

...because his kind of truth-telling is not the kind Pwoggies and Lib-Wools want to hear... and besides, he's an Evil Rethuglican!

I'm not saddled with an idiotic "ooh, I need to fit in with the COOL KIDS!" urge that has me constantly hating on the Evil Rethuglicans and constantly defending the acts of Our Glorious Obamessiah.

So I am free to see Roberts as he is today, rather than continuing to hate on him for being Don Regan's right-hand-man at Treasury during the Reagan years.

His latest essay at ICH talks about the socio-economic-political commenter's use of the phrase "conspiracy theory" to degrade and render illegitimate any notion the commenter finds unpalatable. He goes on to show a few examples of actual conspiracies at work.

What I'd add to his discussion is the simple point that is even easier for most male Americans to grasp:

every single team sport requires a conspiracy

Did you catch that? They require a conspiracy.

That's the essence of team play: conspiracy.

A better way to understand conspiracies is this: more than one person, working toward a common goal.

"Conspiracies" do not require elaborate micro-management of an impossible sort. Anyone who's played a team sport at a reasonably competitive level can tell you: micro-management is the death of team play.

Party politics are another conspiracy. "Let's all vote Democrat, we can elect America's first Black president!"

Voila, conspiracy perfected!

shut up, old man. you're a fucking hypocrite.

Every pwoggie's hero, the academic semiotician and rhetorician with corporate panache, the symbol of bland remote meritocratic perspectives... ladies and gentlemen, Noam Chomsky!

"Professor" Chomsky is a multi-millionaire thanks to fat salaries etc gained working for one of America's largest weapons research facilities: MIT. The only difference between Chomsky being a Chief Information Officer for Rocketdyne, Litton Industries, McDonnell-Douglas, Martin-Marietta, General Dynamics or Sikorsky-Grumman and being a "professor" at MIT is the subterfuge of academic learning interposed.

Ever a master of "do as I say, not as I do," the esteemed "professor" recently chided Hugo Chavez for not being sufficiently egalitarian.

Say, Noam-ie... how about egalitarian practice for you, too? I could use some work, or some money. How about tossing some my way?

What's that?

You're telling me that you're just "working in the system we have," eh? So that allows you to be a greedy fuck who pretends at representing Joe Sixpack's interests, while being a master equivocator on behalf of American Empire?

I'd offer you the chance to explain yourself, but given your mastery of slippery rhetorical turns and evasions, I'm sure of what I'd get in return: something that excuses you while pointing fingers elsewhere, blandly and without emotion.

Head-To-Head: Gwin vs Bryceland at Mont Saint Anne | Vital MTB

UCI Men's Elite DH series leader and winner at Mt Ste Anne, Aaron Gwin, in a side-by-side race run comparison with 2d place finisher Josh Bryceland.

Watch Gwin's smoothness through the woods section, especially the rock-and-hole riddled lower woods. It's easy to see how he gained time there.

Santa Cruz Head-To-Head: Gwin vs Bryceland at Mont Saint Anne | Vital MTB

the test of patience

8 AM I drove the dog to the park for a walk, then to the grocery for supplies.  Mid-dog-walk she went under some trees and was eating some discarded food or other dog's shit, couldn't tell what.  Just saw her chomping.  I called her over as soon as I saw the eating display, knowing it could be something that will give her the shits.  She does this occasionally, eats something that makes her sick 2 hrs later, as if she hasn't learned that eating random crap frequently leads to liquid anal effluent.

I'm always hoping, like a proud parent of a precocious child, that she'll show another bit of learning capacity on this point.  That's why her human gives her food 2x per day, I imagine the canine noggin thinking.

It's all puffery.  Wishful thinking.

I got back from my 10 mins inside the grocery to find her sitting on my seat, which she rarely does.  She was wet from going in the creek at the park so now my drive home will be swamp-assed.  At least it's a short drive home.

The dog is acting nervous and uncomfortable as I open the door.  I greet her through the open window as usual but she still seems odd.  I notice a bit of an off odor and assume she just farted.  That may mean a brown stream of poo-goo is trying to get out of her, so it's lucky it's only 5 mins back home.

4 mins into the drive I see out of the corner of my eye that she's hunched-over and retching.  I look to my right in time to see some evil brown sulfurous crap coming from her throat.  It's not much.  I can clean that when I get home, no problem.  But then the smell hits me.  That's where and when I got the "sulfurous" bit.

The smell is one of the worst I've ever encountered.  I'm nearly driven to puke myself.  Both windows of the truck are down and there's a cross-breeze and still it smells heinous.  I pull into the driveway saying "FUCK!  FUCK!" at the evilness of the smell.  I park the truck and get out and go around to open the other door and see a huge puddle of that brown goo, it's got chunks of human food and human trash in it.  And holy ratfuck does it smell.  I am now cursing loudly FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK then in a prouder moment STUPID FUCKING DOG IDIOT FUCKING DOG WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EAT YOU IDIOT?

She's seen me angry before and knows I have a 5 minute poppet valve reset period.  She trots off to the SE corner of the back yard and lays down in the shade.

I go around back and get the spray gun attachment for the hose, attach it to the side hose, and open both truck doors wide.  I spray the passenger footwell's carpet piece and the brown goo is barely moving.  It's got some tenacity and heft to it.  I go back inside and get a bucket and scrub brush.  Fill the bucket with warm water.  Go back to the truck to get the brown goo out and as soon as I get near enough to reach it with the brush, I nearly start puking again.  Holy crap!  Hijo de Dios!  It's a Superfund site.  I peel away from the truck, dry heaving for several retches.  I run back to the other side of the truck, grab the hose's water gun, and blast away.  Then sweep/scrub it out with the brush.  I'm barely able to do this:  I hold my breath, work a bit, take a few steps away to breathe, return.

This was all before morning yerba mate or food.  I was hungry -- growling stomach & all.  But now, no appetite -- about diametrically opposite that, actually.

I scrub a bit longer then leave the truck open for Nature's Dryer to take over.

Come back inside to start the computer, and realize:  I've left the groceries in the truck.  Go back to get them, come inside, unload the bag, and get my water going for the mate.

Get the mate press prepared.  Return to computer and get it Toob'd.

That was 15 mins ago.  My mate is now ready.  I've calmed down.  Time to feed the dog.


There was a time when this would have moved me to hit the dog.  I have struck her twice in anger.  And as with all such situations in the human experience, my "anger" was actually fear:  fear that something could have happened to her that I did not stop; fear that I've done something to injure her -- the anger, in truth, is with myself.  This was true each of the two times I hit her.

Sometimes I tell myself the "hits" aren't as bad as what some people do to their animals.  You know, a "lesser evil," like voting for Obama instead of McCain.

But the truth that is, and the truth I know, is that it's wrong no matter in what degree or shape it takes form.  And therefore I proceed to berate myself inside my noggin for several hours, which turns into an oscillating self-abusing over a period of days.  Or weeks.  I rail against myself, then stop.  But not for long.  I've screwed up and must be corrected!  So the self-critical internal harangue begins anew.


Anyone who has met my dog knows she does not deserve to be struck -- by anyone.  Though she looks like a wolf, she is not as feral.  She likes humans.  She's a bit odd about being touched, it's on her terms always.

And when I first got her, she would skitter and jump if she heard the crush of something under foot behind her.

This all makes me wonder what she suffered before I got her.  When I got her she was already at least a year old, fully grown, adult teeth, etc.  Full of juice, too.  She would jump the fence of my yard (3 feet) and go exploring. Once on a MTB ride she wandered off and I couldn't find her.  I rode home, grabbed a snack, got in my truck and drove back to where I'd been riding.  She was ambling up the road and got in the truck when I called her.

2 winters ago she nearly froze up in her back half, her rear legs seemed very stiff and she obviously was guarding against something painful.  It was bad and sudden, so I went to the emergency vet.  The vet examined and x-rayed her and discovered she'd suffered hip trauma at an earlier age, and the right hip was very rough and arthritic.

She's never had any hip injuries in the 8 years I've had her.  In 2006, she blew out her dog-ACL playing fetch, and that got repaired by a great vet surgeon in Spokane.  Otherwise she's had no types of bump, bruise, scrape, cut or injury since I've had her.  And if you are wondering about the two times I've hit her, they have been slaps on the snout.

So obviously, something happened to her as a young'n and as a result she has the hip problem and some dog-psychological issues.

The dog-mind stuff doesn't bother me.  I have human-mind stuff myself.  I know what it's like to be unpredictable because of shit that happened in youth, stuff I wish never happened to anyone, things that no human child should endure.  Ever.

And when I think that her own youth could have been likewise, I start to cry.


What's missing in the American social landscape right now is empathy.  More than any other time in my life, I am watching and hearing friends who are normally calm, docile people speak in angry, nearly violent tones about the Others that they do not like.  In my town, among my friends, "Others" tend to be the rural, Republican-voting people who surround the town.  And Republicans.

I think they'd like to hit the Others. I presume this is because people are so damned frightened at the prospects visible on the socioeconomic/governmental horizon domestically and abroad.

I wonder if they have the capacity to feel shame afterward.


The bit of patience-testing mentioned in the title is this:

For the first time in a while, I am feeling productive. I got up hoping to scoot over to Grizville's law library to do some research and writing. I was eager to get the day started after running the morning errands.

And now my day is completely shot, because I've got a sick dog and a truck that needs more cleaning. What I got done earlier was just the emergency care, the immediate get-the-shit-and-puke-out-of-there effort. It's not over. I have more Superfund site cleanup ahead of me.

I've also got to monitor the dog and repair some nervousness that arose from my barking and growling at her this morning.

Monday, July 4, 2011


People who whinge about, and get worked up over, and focus obsessively on gay marriage and abortion legality are about as sensible or useful to social reform as the person who is concerned with the unaffordability of "health care" -- but only for a chosen procedure like saline/silicon tit implants.

fuck yeah!

uh MARE ick UH

SoCal BMXer turned MXer turned DHer, Aaron Gwin, wins yet another round of the 2011 UCI Men's Elite DH race series.

Thus far:  4 races, 3 wins.  Upcoming round is in uh MARE ick UH, FUCK YEAH!  Windham NY.  Good thing they picked a place in the USA where the mountains are old and round.  Wouldn't want riders to have to ride their DOWNHILL bicycles -- MOUNTAIN bicycles -- on any real alpine terrain, would we?  No.  We'd be better off having them ride the Adirondacks, a bunch of equivalents to the little mounds that fill out training bras.

And in other cycling news:  "freerider" and/or "slopestyler," Alex Prochazka, has been dropped from many different companies' sponsorship rolls because in the wake of the recent Stanley Cup playoffs, young Mr Pro engaged in some stupidfuck hooliganism -- tipping over someone's pickup truck, then lighting it on fire.

Alex Prochazka, tongue out, celebrates something

Apparently, this was to "celebrate" a Canadian team's play in the Stanley Cup.

No indication that the destroyed pickup truck belonged to the Adversarial Team's fan base.  Therefore no indication that the mayhem was retributive in spirit.

Instead it appears to be just stupidfuck troggo knuckledragging Tribalism.

Sorta like those idiots who still think we should support Democrats because... well... because they're not Republicans.

Way to go, Alex Pro!



1) Alex Prochazka is a Canuckian, not an uh MARE ick UN.  Therefore I am not implying that his hooliganism reflects on uh MARE ick UH.  Instead I am saying it's plain evidence of how stupid people become when they think their Tribal Gathering insulates them from responsibility for their actions.  One person present at the hooliganism tried to stop Alex Pro and his band of True Mayhem Pros, and got mobbed violently for trying to stop the destruction of a person's vehicle.  The whole thing reminds me of stupid Donklebots circling their wagons to protect The Obamessiah while His Obamessiahness commits remote murder in countless places around the world, or while The Glorious Post-Racial Obameessiah tramples even more millions of poor uh MARE ick UHNS by "bailing out" non-troubled Leaders of the National Economy.

2) As to Aaron Gwin, anyone following the DH race circuit will note there is some fucked-up jingoism afoot in the cheering for Gwin among American "fans" -- who behave as though Gwin's success somehow reflects greatly on them, presumably because Gwin is uh MARE ick UHN and therefore his wins "prove" uh MARE ick UH is "great."  Or something like that.