Thursday, February 23, 2017

progressive polesmokers and carpetmunchers complain about a phony faggot. news at 11.

Hey morons! 

Hey you!  You!  You, over there, complaining about Richard Spencer the Dallas pillow-biter/bottomy buttboy!

You're an idiot.

Spencer is a faggot who is fagging his way to twitter profile.  He's no more a political leader than Pee Wee Herman. 

He's an Ernst Rohm polesmoker who wants power, power to smite any breeder who won't have sex with him.  He's Tarzie, he's Chalupa, he's Michael J Smith/owen paine/Al Schumann.

He's a limpwristed pansy who floats along in his Ferragamos.

He's not a threat to anyone.

He's not a Montanan and doesn't represent Montana -- unless you count the rich fags who move to Montana to be a Big Daddy who shows all the little farm/ranch twinks how to go Brokeback.

You have been trolled by a faggot who pretends he's not a poochie.

Dude is 100% gay and 100% closeted.

And Whitefish MT?

More rich Texans and Californians there than multi-gen Montanans.

--Paul Behrer, who knows more about Montana, Whitefish, and e-toughguys than anyone, but who doesn't know why faggots always pretend they're not poochies when they want shekels and fame.

his story, it's basically the history of MTB suspension from one POV

Bryson Martin gets huge respect for his candid interview, now found at VitalMTB in a podcast.

You don't find many people who can synthesize so many social & economic factors so adeptly, not in any line of business or entertainment/diversion. 

Bryson Martin's synthesis -- as focused on the development of MTB suspension and the current clusterfuck of standards being introduced willy-nilly, and the resultant MTB rider/consumer confusion and frustration -- that's something you won't find anywhere in MTB journalism.

I assume that's because most MTB publications are run by desperate little dweebs who are beholden to GROWING THE SPORT,** and because such GROWING is defined practically as, "defend every new thing introduced in the industry regardless of its practicality and/or wastefulness."

The world needs people who aren't so afraid of losing access that they lie directly to their audience.

Thanks, Bryson.

--C.F. Oxtrot, ancient athlete


** No, hack journos sustaining their access to ProDeal/wholesale gear pricing isn't related in any way to the sport of MTB.  People will ride MTBs because they like to ride MTBs, regardless of whether some schmuck at pinkbike or even VitalMTB continues to get "access" to HOT GEAR.  The Sport is merely the activity.  The BUSINESS is different from the Sport.  Get that straight & clear in your lying noggins, you 35 year old teenagers.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

attic rattles

A little over 4 years ago, our scrivener Paul Behrer suggested this song/video in response to someone's failed attempt at joining in the UNSF celebratory satire:

When Mr Kidwell's singing begins, he talks about York & Greenmount: two big streets in northern Baltimore.

So if you don't know Baldy-More, you won't get what Ryan's saying -- or will you?


Incidentally, I'm crawling back 4+ years in my background-rummaging for the material that will comprise charlatan Jordan Peterson's downfall.  It's going to crack some heads!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

move aside, Chet. this is more important.

Back in the run-up to the 2016 POTUS election, we had a little jibber-jabber in the comments regarding a hypothesis that our current President, who then was merely the GOP nominee, was an agent of Seis Puntas.

Specifically, I observed the following, in response to a question posed by Hy Lohmann, which is shown below in italics.  The "she" referenced by Hy was/is the YouTube video commentator "Goyim Goddess" a/k/a Sinead McCarthy.

The video I watched today said that she predicts Trump will be elected and after taking the White House will be revealed as a stooge of Seis Puntas. You guys have any thoughts on that?

It would be a very roundabout way to achieve that end. Trump's the least likely of all the POTUS candidate, D or R, to be owned by Volkihar Clan. His independent wealth, even if largely inherited from his father, means he can run a campaign without AIPAC loot dominating the message and agenda. Some say Adelson gave $$ to Trump but Adelson plays every angle with $$ and probably has given $$ to every POTUS candidate in the past 5 POTUS elections. Someone of that wealth level can give directly or not, so you never really know where $$ originates even if the donor lists can be found & published.

On the D side every candidate is owned by AIPAC, including nominal non-D Jill Stein.

But whether McCarthy's prediction rings true? I'm guessing you watched for other reasons. What candidate would McCarthy not say is owned by Seis Puntas? Isn't that sorta her angle? Pretty or not? It's a fair reflection/inverse image of AIPAC and Seis Puntas insisting that every candidate must be a Friend of Israel.

Honeytrap? Not if you just want to be entertained and aren't treating it as verified factual reality.

That's my take on it, Hy.
During the months passed between election day 2016 and the present, Trump's choices of advisors, cabinet heads, etc. have suggested that Ms McCarthy was correct.

The question Hy posed to me recently was this:

"So she was correct, but were you wrong, Karl?  You only talked about McCarthy's angle, and didn't say whether you thought it possible that the GOP nominee was actually working for the neoCons."

In fairness to Hy and to Ms McCarthy, I have to say that I don't often make pointed, blunt political predictions as a matter of serious discourse.

Sometimes I may offer a position that seems completely earnest, when in truth I type it and post it just because, in Pixberg-ese, it needs said.

Needs said -- to make a point, to shine a wee light into a dark corner, blah blah blah... whatever metaphor/simile you prefer should work here I'm sure.

Seriously:  the nearest thing to religion I have is the occasional inspiration of nihil es est floating into my field of view/thought.

Since that's true, how could I ever be so naive as to think any POTUS candidate would not be cattle for Team Volkihar?

I'm not 11 years old.

So, in answer to Hy's recent question:  no, I wasn't wrong.  I didn't believe His Whimsical Tweeting POTUSness, if he actually became POTUS, would be free of the vampire clan's influences.

It was and still is a bit difficult to overlook the fact that vampires are within the First Family already.

*   *   *

This might be a good time for a reminder of what Chet was saying:  this blog always has been about values.

--K.F. Ochstradt, who is sure the nation's path continues to be the ever-shrinking, coiling-while-descending path of a bit of flotsam in a whirlpool.  The Oroville Dam ought to suggest at least that much.

Yeah, history is bullshit, look to the future, "technology" will save us from this neglect.

zoiks! egads! heavens to murgatroyd!

One thing upon which we of the invisible sector can rely is that our observations will get stolen, pilfered, lifted, jacked, etc. for the purpose of repackaging as another's original(s).

Equally reliable is finding this occurrence simultaneously in attendance: credit was/is not, and will/shall not, be given.










The plagiarism might be defended as this bastardization of the semiotic trio mentioned above:




But it wouldn't wash.

Autist knows wrong/right.

Spergie does too.


If you are a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, is plagiarism an issue of honor breach?

Are standards more lax above the USA/CDN border?

When I was thawed out and shown this Gossipy Birds post by one Paul Behrer, late of this blog's authorial roster, he said by way of explanation toward his disturbing my frozen slumber --

"Jordie gots some 'splainin to do."

Pablo said this blog has, at some point within the past two to two-and-a-half years, already offered the ideas and causal/explanatory sequence "originated" by Jordan Peterson in that tweet.

It's my job to go find it.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

--Chet Redweld, out of cryogenic storage for emergent response.

PS to "Professor" Jordan Peterson:  I'm not sure what you think is honorable about taking credit for this blog's work, but if Mr. Behrer is correct, I am sure you are going to learn exactly how much dishonor can be brought down upon you from across your nation's southern border.    //CBR

Thursday, July 28, 2016

bwaaaah hah hah hah hah

You gotta be kidding me.

Vernon Felton as legislative/policy expert?

Jesus popsicle stick K. Riced.


Vernon Felton has no background in law, legislation, legislative policy, land management, governmental operations.

His background is in writing circuitous crap from a position of pseudo expert.

Like here.


Ted Stroll?

Dude may ride a mtn bike once in a while, but that's not the same as having the necessary background for such analysis, policy drafting, legislative conception, or holistic understanding of federal politics and how matters are achieved at the national level.

This is why Ted hired lobbyists.  Because he doesn't know anything about the subjects.


Seriously, pinkbike/STC -- you're really going to sit there and tell me that of all the people who are MTB riders in the USA, you could not find a single well-experienced attorney with a background in policy work, legislative drafting and analysis, lobbying, land management, environmental science and policy?

So you used Vernon Felton, Ted Stroll, and lobbyists instead?

You don't give a damn about getting things done.

You only care about click-generation for more income to help Vernon Felton, Mike Levy, Mike Kazimer and Richard Cunningham continue to get wicked bikes and bike parts for free, and hopefully, to let each of these vampire fucks "upgrade" to a swankier vehicle and bigger "home."


Once upon a time, we of UNSF tried to engage Vernon and the fatBIKE magazine staff on this subject.  Vernon said we were "counter-productive" because we kept pointing out the weaknesses of their strategies and whims.

Dude, if you don't consider EVERY weakness when you advance a position, you're gonna fail.

Good luck, buddy.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who knows at least one lawyer with the requisite background to do the legwork on this important question regarding Wilderness and whether MTBs actually are legally prohibited. 

familiar territory

...the Kayfabe!...
...breaking Kayfabe...

Hey, pipsqueak Chalupa!  Bark bark bark!

Tell us something, Jeff.

How do you discern "kayfabe" from "breaking kayfabe"?

Do you even know?

Or do you just throw those terms around to imply that you know, when you actually do not?

Yeah, figured as much.



...GORGEOUS song...
 Yeah, you're not a poof.

We artistes are not afraid of the feminine.

Maybe not, but you don't seem to have any connection to the masculine.

If the only way you can get a girlfriend, marry her, impregnate her, and raise a little girl with her is to give up all masculinity, can you really say you've grown as a human?  By negating your biological impulses in favor of what Frankfurt School theories tell you, what "leftists" argue, what people who'd like to see every man a cuckold if not fully gay would like you to become?

If your "partnership" (husband/wife) relationship involves you being the doormat/servant, a man without authority or efficacy, and you think that's being a good father to your child, do not be surprised when your child ends up as fucked up as you, Jeff.

No, your child being an artiste is not a sign of success.  You think you'd be proud if your child was Pink, or Miley Cyrus?  Infantile sexuality is progress in your world, Jeff?  Telling 8 year olds to twerk as if they are fucked-up 18 year old porn stars, that's progress?

That stuff is kayfabe, you moron.

Nice to know you define yourself negatively, and have done for 40 years now.

Well done.

-- Harold Caidagh, who knows that a wrist-flopping "but I'm married with a grown daughter" kayfabe can't hide a cuckold poof's real person.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seis Puntas porn stars

This may be the start of a regular category, Seis Puntas penises & pudendas.  Seis Puntas porn stars, in other words.

I think we'll offer "experts" who are in their 20s with high-paying jobs delivering opinion/news on "specialized areas".

Today's coelenterate on the Seis Puntas Pipeline:  Adam Minter.

Look at this bright young talent. 

I know whenever I want to know about any Asian news, I want to ask someone who's 25 and has no global experience in anything but chanting baruch atah this, baruch atah that, at age 13 before the congregation in a Seis Puntas suburb in Minnesota.

Here's your kippah, Adam.

Be sure to put it on before you have carnal relations with a goat.


The last time we had a young, no-experience "genius" in a position requiring lots of life experience was during Slick Willie I, when his Horniness put Georgie-Porgie-Puddin'&Pie Stephanopoulos and Dee Dee Doo Doo Dah Dah Myers in positions of authority.

Apparently Bloomberg News is as measured, wise and thoughtful as Slick Willie, because Adam Minter looks almost as stupid and wet behind the ears as Georgie or Dee Dee did when they got installed.


I remember when I was in my mid-late 20s.  Thought I knew it all.  Thought I deserved to be in a position of great authority, where I would dispense my worldly wisdom to the ignorant filth in my audience.

Ten years later I was embarrassed in retrospect for the lack of humility.

Twenty years later I just laughed howlingly at the naivete of my 20s self.

Thirty years later, I began getting nauseous when I saw people like Adam Minter dispensing THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE when lacking any whatever.

And so here we are today.

-- Charles F. Oxtrot, who had done more notable things than Adam Minter at the same age he is now, but was not given a Global Pulpit because in the 1980s, people still had a slight sense of decorum, a mild grip on detachment, and a respect for the voice of real experience rather than imagined expertise.

you's a dumbfuck blinded by kook-ology

This morning I saw the "Edward Snowden = Hero" notion trumpeted in two different settings.

One was Dmitry Orlov.  For a supposedly intelligent Russian engineer, Orlov is mighty eager to accept a Hollywood B-grade Movie story regarding amaporn twink Fast Eddie Snowjob.

Here's Orlov making the Fast Eddie Snowjob story more dependable/reliable/concrete:

The whole Edward Snowden imbroglio was particularly fun to watch.

There was NO imbroglio actually happening. What happened was theatre. B-movie stuff. If the US Govt felt "Snowden" had damaging documents, "Snowden" would be a rotting corpse now. Instead he was un-catchable, by a Govt that supposedly successfully found Osama bin Laden and killed him.


Another Snowjob was the maybe-satirical twitter account of Ricky Vaughn, quoting some onanist named Jack Goldsmith.

Mr Goldsmith, whose allegiance and fealty to Seis Puntas is beyond question, appears to be a "law professor at Harvard."  Yeah, big deal.  Mark Tushnet is another "Harvard law professor" whose insanity hasn't prevented him from being a "respected" member of the "law professor" caste across America's supposedly best law schools.

Since "cybersecurity" is not really an area of law, but instead an area of business and IT architecture, it's really simple to proclaim yourself as the "expert" in "cybersecurity law."  Because there's no such thing really.  It's a market, not a field of law.  Goldsmith is no more an expert in this area than Glenn Greenwald is an expert in Constitutional law -- he's not an expert at all.  He's just selling himself as one.

Here's Jack Goldsmith, a/k/a Giacomo Geltsmitter, lionizing the mythology of Fast Eddie Snowjob:

4/ The Snowden docs reveal that the U.S. penetrates an unfathomable number of networks worldwide.

No they do not. They reveal nothing. The "Snowden docs" are nothing. They are like the discarded sheets of numerous TicTacToe wars my friends and I had during 1st grade recess on a rain day in elementary school.

Notice how the statement is so vague as to be irrefutable.  What is an "unfathomable number" and how would one vet this claim?  Ask the boys at Ft Meade?  Sure, they always open the doors to random Crimson snowjobs.

Giacomo utters this lie after ID'ing himself as a Crimson Big-Brain in order to sanctify and make granitic the Fast Eddie Snowjob myth. NONE of the documents which ALLEGEDLY came from Fast Eddie Snowjob show ANYTHING of any moment whatever.

NOBODY ever shows these documents when talking about what they "say."

They are Tooth Fairy, coin-under-pillow bullshit.

If you take this stuff seriously, you show what an idiot you are.  You may as well be the dilated anal sphincter who calls himself Tarzie, imagining that everything going on in the world now is about Enn Ess Eh versus See Eye Eh wrangling.  Anyone selling that line of coprolitic distraction is a spookahdookah.  Or a spookahdookah-wannabe.  Most likely on the payroll of Mossy Advertisement, or Shiny Betty.

-- Karl Franz Ochstradt, who is certain that "Jack Goldsmith" is an agent of provocation at least partially paid by Seis Puntas to distract and keep misinformed the American public for the sake of the Volkihar Clan agenda.  Dual loyalty people like Geltsmitter should be forced to repatriate in Israel or be put to death for treason if remaining in the Ooh Ess Eh and continuing to serve Seis Puntas.

por favor. s'il vous plait. prosim. bitte.

We are welcoming commentary and criticism from any tumbleweed.  We invite you to offer your best case against this blog.  Specifically, we would like you to try to establish bigotry of any form, using the words offered here.

When compiling your case, please take special notice of the progress and result in the last such attempt by plaintiffs. That would be the history of the GRH vs Caidagh/UNSF lawsuit. To read that history, simply go to the right margin and read each entry under the margin heading pay-PAH! git yo' pay-PAH!

If you are reading on the mobile version, scroll down the page and click on the "Desktop version" link. The mobile version lacks the formatting and margin content of the desktop version.

Most especially invited are the following fraudsters:

Glenn "Constitutional law expert" Greenwald

Jeffrey "BLCKDGRD" Popovich

Jacob "hurry up and fuck me in the ass already honey" Bacharach

Kevin "kidwoo on TGR, ridemonkey and Vital" Bazar

Wendell "rideit on TGR and ridemonkey" Stam

Joseph "too many handles to list for TGR and ridemonkey" Hanrahan

This blog welcomes the chance to show each of you deluded, smug and self-satisfied morons precisely how wrong you are.

The invitation to Mr Bazar is one which should not be rejected, inasmuch as Mr Bazar has instigated a defamation lawsuit in which he will be defendant. It's quite possible that with enough supplication and apology, Mr Bazar's defamatory works will be forgiven.

Then again, maybe not.

But we'd still like to hear from that wobbly little midget who thinks himself such a badass.

-- The UNSF Collective: Hal Caidagh, Paul Behrer, Karl Ochstradt, Hy Lohmann, Chuck Oxtrot and Chet Redweld

jonathan stuart LIEbowitz

Yeaaaaah... why don't you go ahead and acknowledge your Holodomor urges, Jonny?

You can really tell when Team Hexagon freaks out about the Seis Puntas Pipeline flow being threatened, eh?

-- Harold Caidagh, providing yaw-pitch-roll stabilization in an ever-shifting sea of lies

the silent T

The time lapse between Step 1 and Step 2 is probably 2 hrs max.


Gillespie, that's a Scottish surname.

Walsh, that's an Irish surname.

Suderman, well we know that has (((treble parentheses))) around it.

Wonder what Nick's actual surname is/was. Maybe one of his parents, grandparents, etc. changed it from (((Schechelgraeber))).

Or maybe the Silent T staff are Scottish, Irish, German, etc but are ethnoreligious cuckolds who are proud to take Seis Puntas money in exchange for "fame" as "libertarians."

Good job, twink-trollers and wrist-flappers. Now you've convinced the gay weed-smoking 20something futurists that you are THE SOURCE for political insights.

You gotta love these "intellectuals" who make a tiny step forward in insight -- i.e., "now I see the Tooth Fairy was a parental con job!" -- and think they've grasped all there is to see, know and understand.

Sorta like Chalupa, "whoa! some Democrats aren't trying to implement the First International! I see it all now!"

-- Harold Caidagh, on a bit of a roll with his morning cup of coffee and a sunrise with a waft of Sizzling Vampire in the air.

KILL THE WHITE WORKING CLASS!, says the duped dipshit "progressive"/Leftist

What did I say about the Jews of Missoula and their behavior during the past decade?

Jews like Ben "fucked you over, Goy!" Ferencz.  "Hi I'm Ben, I'll be your Vampire for this leg of the journey!"  Did you know Ben Ferencz screwed over Sam Hall when Sam was running the Ramblumtick custom frame business?  That's what kind of "nice, outgoing, helpful" guy Ben Ferencz is.  Fucks you over and laughs about it.

Jews like Nick "fucked you Goys over with ticket prices!" Checota.  "Change is inevitable and we have changed things for the better by making working class Missoula go broke instead of attending concerts at affordable rates.  At least the Upper Middle Class Jew Transplants from Minneapolis aren't disgusted by the filthy concert locations any more, and that's progress."

Or the fact that the massive growth in "health care" has brought more Fancy Jews from Elsewhere to town, spiraling health care costs out of reach for the Missoula blue collar populace.  "Don't worry, poor people of Missoula.  Obamacare insures EVERYONE!"

Yeah, fuck you Jew transplants to Missoula and fuck your Talmudic values that tell you the fucking-over of working class Missoula is your right and entitlement, and fuck you for thinking that a more expensive and fancier Missoula, with fucked up traffic issues and constant noise and ever-increasing night-time White Man's Fire lighting, is a better Missoula.  Fuck you for turning Snowbowl into Showoff Circus with liftline braggadocio and Last Run Inn rooster strutting being more important than skiing.  Fuck you for dumbing the fuck out of every single MTB trail in the area.

Fuck you for turning Missoula into (((Boulder))).

And fuck you for leaving Missoula after you've drained it of its former lifeblood.  Missoula is just a waypoint on your journey to Zion, isn't it?

-- Harold Caidagh, who would have moved to the Upper West Side of Manhattan if he wanted to live among Talmudic vampires who have bad breath, smell like they don't wipe their ass after a shit, who push and shove every goyim they see, and claim victim status when anyone observes this obnoxious social activity or destructive financial behavior.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

aye, sis. aye aye.


Israeli Scum Instigating Shit.

Ignoble Subterfuge Impelling Shambles.

Isidore Shlomo Irving Shmuel.

Incestuous Shakedown Involving Shekels.

I See InSecurity.

-- H.M. Lohmann, no longer compelled by religious identity to endorse, support or excuse Israeli crimes.


There's a... ummm... "back-story" to this blog's position on BitzyWitzyWarren.

Short version:  we at UNSF agree she's a fraud, while Ds and especially "progressives" think the exact opposite.

The reason for this disparity is UNSF understands Warren's history and actual life doings, whereas the pwogs only pay attention to Warren's soundbites.  Also the pwogs believe Warren when she claims to be "native american" because, being SWPLs, pwogs love to have non-white non-hetero non-______ heroes if not friends.

To our pwogwessive pals, we offer the following:

-- Harold Caidagh, resident Ethnic Identity expert, identifying as Irish in ethnicity and Roman Catholic in religion, and quite clearly able to see BitzyWitzy as the fraud she is -- both on ethnic history and on substantive knowledge/wisdom/experience.